Caroline Olivia Manning: Net Worth, Education, Bio and More

Caroline Olivia Manning: Net Worth, Education, Bio and More

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November 12, 2023

Caroline Olivia Manning is the daughter of two famous personalities, namely Elisha Manning, who is a famous football quarterback in America, and Abby Mcgrew, a philanthropist and fashion designer. Caroline was born on January 29, in the year 2015, in Louisiana, United States. She has three siblings, which consist of two sisters and a brother. The names of her sisters are Ava Frances Manning and Lucy Thomas Manning, whereas the name of her brother is Charles Elisha Manning. Caroline is the granddaughter of Archie Manning and Olivia Williams Manning.

About Caroline Olivia Manning

Name Caroline Olivia Manning
Born In United States
Siblings Catherine
DOB March 23, 2004
Father Elisha Manning
Sisters Lucy Thomas Manning and Ava Frances Manning
Charles Elisha Manning

Education and social media

There is not sufficient information available regarding the education of Caroline. All that is known is, she is a student. Elisha Manning, the father of Caroline has kept the personal life of his kid private and the kid is probably not on social media platforms, such as Instagram.

Caroline Olivia Manning’s father

Caroline Olivia Manning

Caroline Manning’s father was a famous football quarterback in America, who played for New York Giants for sixteen seasons in the National Football League. The Manning family has a history in football, and this is the reason people had huge expectations from Caroline Manning’s father. Elisha Manning struggled most of the time in his career. Despite of the struggles, he led his team, the New York Giants twice into underdog Super Bowl victories against the New England Patriots dynasty. He was named as the most valuable player in both championships. Caroline Manning’s father held the records for most touchdown passes, passing yards, and completions, during his time in the New York Giants. Her father was unable to miss a game due to injury.

Moreover, Elisha Manning completed his high school at Isidore Newman in New Orleans. He did play basketball and football in high school for the Greenies. For college, he joined the University of Mississippi, and here is decided that he needed to focus on football, as that was his passion.

Net worth, social media of Caroline Olivia Manning’s father

Elisha Manning, the father of Caroline Manning was regarded as the most earning player in the history of the NFL, until the date of his retirement. He retired in the year 2020. The net worth of Caroline Manning’s father can be estimated at around 150 million dollars.

Elisha Manning actively uses social media platforms. His username on Instagram is eli.manning10, and has near around 5862 followers, but has a very limited following list with few posts. He is even a Twitter user, with around 461k followers.

Caroline Olivia Manning’s mother

Caroline Olivia Manning

Abby Mcgrew, a philanthropist and fashion designer is the mother of Caroline Manning. She completed her high school at Brentwood Academy, which was a local high school. She then joined the University of Mississippi, and there she completed her graduation and earned a degree in the field of family and consumer sciences.

The wedding of her parents

Caroline Olivia Manning

The parents of Caroline Manning first time met in college in the year 2022. They soon became friends and started to date each other. The two love birds got engaged in the year 2007, and after a year, they got married to each other at a private or closed ceremony in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Caroline Manning’s parents are blessed with a total of four kids.


  1. What is the name of Caroline Manning’s mother?

Abby Mcgrew is the name of Caroline Manning’s mother, who is a philanthropist and fashion designer.

  1. Is Caroline Manning on social media platforms?

No, Caroline Manning is not active on social media platforms.

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