How to Apply for a Job – Top Ten Tips Revealed by Career Coaches

How to Apply for a Job – Top Ten Tips Revealed by Career Coaches

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August 21, 2021

Finding a job may turn out to be one of the most daunting and stressful phases of your life. You may find yourself a lot disappointed and stuck at one point as the job market is very down since the pandemic.

Even if there are some jobs that are available in different sectors, they have massive competition over one open position and this makes it difficult for the candidates to make their way through. Since the pandemic, things have changed among every sector and now the recruiters are also using advanced techniques to hire the employees.

Now the recruiters use the ATS- Applicant Tracking System that searches down the resumes and finds the best ones that could reach the table of the hiring manager. The software of ATS identifies the best resumes with the help of correct keyword incorporation and a powerful-summarized personal statement.

Landing a job could be one of the most difficult processes- we agree!

Tired Of Finding A Job – Here Is a Quick Guide

Apply for a Job

The pandemic has got everything on hold and a lot of people have lost their jobs since the outbreak of COVID-19. Remote working has become a new norm but is this enough? The career coaches and the experts from professional cv writing emphasized upon the idea, candidates should look upon their resumes that if it is created effectively and impressively.

We understand you rightly; searching for a job may leave you in utter disappointment a couple of times. Since the pandemic, the rules for finding a job have gone completely 180 degrees. The business things are being watched and presented online. Even the interviews of the candidates are also being taken remotely since it is the new norm.

In these crucial times, this is very important for job seekers to consider the new ways of searching for a new job, applying, networking, and interviewing for any newly opened position. This is the high time when an individual should start considering the barriers as golden opportunities.

The HR departments and their strategies of hiring are now tossed up, a couple of them have turned too old to use in this digital era.

A report was published last year that reflected, a lot of the successful people whom you hire for your company do not actually do the task for which you have hired for them. This was also revealed that hiring people who are overqualified can cause great damage to your business.

This indirectly stresses the idea of hiring fresh graduates and inexperienced newbies. But even the fresh graduates are not able to land jobs so easily. There are several things for which the newbies must look out before applying for a job.

Top 10 Tips Revealed By The Career Coaches To Apply For A Job

Apply for a Job

Job applications or resumes? Among these two, what would inspire and convince the hiring manager more, what do you think? The experts from cover letter writing service uk believe that a good and keenly submitted job application along with a compelling resume would work wonders in landing you to your dream job.

Below we have broken down 10 excellent tips that were revealed by career coaches. It can help job searchers in the process of applying for a job. If you are the one who is looking out for a job then reading these revealing tips may help you in finding your perfect fit job! So, are you ready to dive into the study?

  • Showcase the best of your abilities:

Make sure to showcase your excellent abilities via your personal statement and resume. Even if you have landed the interview then it is your responsibility to prove yourself. Make sure not to fall out at painting the best of yourself.

  • Seek the best roles for yourself:

Applying for each and every job is not at all an appreciable move. Look in the job market with deep understanding and knowledge. Apply for the jobs where you must be considered. Do not get yourself exploit in the name of the search.

  • Talk about your skills and get professional:

You can move ahead with the professional email and can drop it at your favorite organization’s email address. Make sure to craft an excellent curriculum vitae. Furthermore, you can add samples and a portfolio as well.

  • Don’t expect from the recruiters only:

You can reach out to the company on professional platforms as well and can provide them with an insight into your achievements. The recruiters are not the only ones who would hire you, you can get online clients as well. Ask for follow-ups from the companies after sending the email.

  • Let your talent speak for you:

Let your skills and talent be your guardian angel. You must be skilled and professional enough while showing your talent and achievements. After landing the interview, you must speak confidently for yourself.

  • Join the groups and online communities:

Join hands with the corporate world community to connect and network with the professionals of your industry. This is important to stay updated with the current ongoing affairs of the industry.

  • Follow the format for the emails:

Follow the format of adding 6 bullet points in your professional email along with the resume. This would help the recruiter understand you at first glance.

  • Make a great financial plan:

Maintaining a financial plan is also highly recommended by the experts. This is important in order to maintain discipline in the future professional life.

  • Focus on your mental health:

Do not ever get disheartened with your failures. These disappointments are the first step towards your real success. Tailor your job application and resume again and get into the process.

  • Keep going with consistency:

One must always keep going with consistency and motivation. Search out the industry thoroughly and then apply for the job after learning all the ups and downs of the industry.


With the help of these top 10 tips, you would surely be able to land the job of your choice. All you need is great effort and consistency in your work. With the passage of time, you will learn to apply for great jobs and will definitely manage to land one of your choices!

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