Amazon Echo Buds With Active Noise Cancellation (2021 Release, 2nd Gen): The New Generation Ear Buds

Amazon Echo Buds With Active Noise Cancellation (2021 Release, 2nd Gen): The New Generation Ear Buds

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December 4, 2023

These are small rounded short cylinders with angled nozzles meant for the ear tips. The newer model has shorter nozzles for greater ear comfort. In addition, it is 21% smaller compared to the previous one as stated in Amazon. The back surfaces of the earpieces include large touch-sensitive panels made out of matte black or white plastic casing.

Specifications for Amazon Echo Buds With Active Noise Cancellation (2021 Release, 2nd Gen)

Specifications Details
Product Type Ear Buds
Product Name Amazon Echo Ear Buds
Noise Cancellation Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Additional feature Customised ear tips
Wireless Yes
Weight of earbuds 5.7 x 2
Waterproof IPX4 rating
Alexa access Yes
Wireless charging case Yes
Battery 5 hours
Battery (with charging case) 15 hours
Color Charcoal Black, Glacier white

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Amazon Echo Buds

Enhanced ANC, Amazon Echo Buds two G are new, more effective ANC than its predecessors, able to block outside noise when enjoying music, a podcast, or an audiobook. This is a system that uses two microphones to reject undesirable sounds like the rumble of planes, noise from an air conditioner, and office buzz, among others.

A compact and lighter design

The real Eco buds are small, short cones fitted with nozzles projecting at an acute angle onto ear tips. Amazon states that they have shorter nozzles for better ear comfort, and these speakers are now 21 percent smaller compared to older models. The backs of the earpieces have large, touch-sensitive surfaces covered with matte black or white plastic casing.

Tailored to all ear types

Amazon Echo Buds

The Echo Buds are very comfortable, coming with a fitting kit meaning they fit every type of ear comfortably. It also includes several versions of the fit kit and four pairs of ear tips. Moreover, you can as well determine your fit type through the Alexa fit test app.

Excellent battery life

With Alexa and noise cancelling enabled, Echo Buds’ max battery is 5 hours, and with them turned off; it goes up to 6.5 hours. When with Alexa on and noise cancelling, the charging case has an additional 15 hours of battery life; 19.5 otherwise.


Amazon Echo Buds

Just like its ancestor, the second generation of Echo Buds is IPX4-rated. This means that there cannot be washing away of them or being submerged in water. They, therefore, have splash-proof ability but are not full-proof.

Pros & Cons of Amazon Echo Buds With Active Noise Cancellation (2021 Release, 2nd Gen)

Pros Cons
Active noise cancellation in Amazon Echo Buds will provide you with a much better listening experience. Amazon Echo Buds have an average sound stage for passive listening. Compared with some of the high-end models. some low-end models
These earphones have good quality hands-free calls and make calling an easy task. Touch controls on Amazon Echo can sometimes be overly sensitive, so you may have to be very explicit to avoid incorrect responses as a result of accidental bumps or pushes.
Besides, you also get free Alexa access for these Amazon earbuds. Microphone placement: It often makes noise in windy environments.
They have excellent water-resist properties and are very sweatproof.
Echo buds offer comfort and are tailored only to fit every size and shape of ears.
Moreover, Echo Buds give up to 15 hours of runtime.

Verdict of Amazon Echo Buds With Active Noise Cancellation (2021 Release, 2nd Gen)

Amazon Echo Buds with active noise cancellation 2021 release, 2nd generation provides a great mix of features, sound quality, and pocket-friendliness cost. Active noise cancelling earphones, improved call quality plus hands-free Alexa command. In general, Amazon Echo Buds with Active Noise Cancelling, (2021 Release, 2nd gen.) is a good alternative for casual listeners who need good budget versatile headphones.


Do Amazon Echo Buds have moisture or water resistance features?

 Indeed, Amazon Echo Buds has a rating of IPX4 which makes it waterproof.

Are Amazon Echo Buds included with Alexa Voice?

 The second-generation Echo Buds also have Alexa voice control that can be used hands-free. Amazon’s voice assistant has various other functionalities that include checking your emails, making reminders, responding to simple queries, notifying you of upcoming appointments, and controlling compatible devices in your home among many others.

Do Amazon Echo buds have external noise cancelling?

 Indeed, the Amazon Buds include ANC that allows one to tune out other sounds and sing along.

Does the Amazon Echo Buds have good bass quality?

 Unfortunately, Amazo Buds do not have high bass, however are an excellent option with extraordinary noise cancelling for your music lover.

Are the Amazon Echo Buds’ touch panels any good?

 Yes but the touch panel is fragile hence may take a bit of getting accustomed to.

How long does Amazon Echo Bud’s battery last?

It comes with fifty hours’ worth of battery life for the Amazon Echo Buds which includes the charging case.

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