What are the Risks of a Covid Patient Due to Lack of Oxygen?

What are the Risks of a Covid Patient Due to Lack of Oxygen?

Written by Alison Lurie, In Health, Published On
November 14, 2021

Most of the corona patients in the country are being treated at home. After receiving the Covid report, the doctors understood the condition and advised him to be treated at home or admitted to the hospital. The number of patients in home isolation is huge in this country, and they take the help of a nursing home care BD.

Although many are corona positive, there are no symptoms of Covid in the body. Many people do not have shortness of breath, even if they have a slight fever. That said, they are not out of danger at all. At any time, the physical condition can get worse. Then you have to be admitted to the hospital without delay. What symptoms can be fatal in patients who do not stay at home?

What are the Risks of a Covid Patient Due to Lack of Oxygen?

  • Check If There is a Lack of Oxygen

The first thing you need to buy is a good quality pulse oximeter. But how do you know which one is right for you from a chemist or a sub pulse oximeter available online? According to doctors, whenever you buy an oximeter for your own use. First of all, take a look at the reviews. Also, look for good brands and certifications.

After turning on your pulse oximeter, check to see if you have enough battery. If not, then read-only with a new battery. If not, the oxygen level may be incorrect. The device looks like a clip. Place your index finger on its pad. Be careful not to put any nail polish on your fingers. Place the nail on the top and the skin on the top of the pad. After waiting a few seconds, your body’s oxygen level will be reflected in the oximeter display.

If you see that the oxygen level in the display is lower than normal, you must arrange an oxygen cylinder or concentrator at home. If the oxygen cylinder price in BD is out of your budget, you can rent it on a weekly or monthly contract.

  • Symptoms that Can be Fatal

There are many cases in Corona patients when the patient does not realize that the oxygen level in his body is decreasing at a severe rate. This condition is called ‘happy hypoxia’ in medical language. When the level of oxygen in the body decreases, it does not let it know. Breathing problems do not occur in the first place. But suddenly it was seen that the level of oxygen in the body went down to 88. That’s when the shortness of breath starts, and it doesn’t take long for it to take a serious shape.

  • To avoid this situation, you have to measure the oxygen level in the body with an oximeter twice a day. If the oximeter reading drops below 95, you have to be admitted to the hospital without thinking twice.

  • How to understand the lack of oxygen in the body? If you suddenly feel more tired after being infected with corona, suddenly start to feel dizzy, feel extra tired, feel drowsy, then you should be careful not to delay.

  • Many asthma patients with COPD have a normal oxygen level of 94, while a reading below 90 is dangerous.

  • Fever, whooping cough, diarrhea, breathing problems, sore hands and feet, odorless ness are all corona symptoms. But if any of them is too much, it is important to go to the hospital without any risk.

  • In the case of the elderly, it can be deadly if the conversation starts to become incoherent. This symptom is very noticeable. At this time, there is a tendency to fall head over heels. Therefore, special care should be taken in the case of the elderly. Ignoring the symptoms can be fatal. Many people are worried that they will be admitted to the hospital when they have difficulty breathing, leading to death. Decreased urination due to the effect of the corona is also a very common problem. So it is better to keep a sugar or blood pressure measuring device at home.

  • In the case of adults, young people often do not pay attention to their physical problems in the beginning. As a result, the danger continues to grow. If the corona is infected, there must be someone to take care of the patient. Also, there should be regular contact with a doctor. It can be seen that many times taking paracetamol does not reduce the fever. In that case, you must be careful.

Final Words

Doctors say that in the case of covid infection, the level of oxygen in the blood suddenly decreases. If the patient is not given immediate oxygen support from outside, it can lead to death. No one knows when the danger will come! If a covid patient suddenly has difficulty breathing, no one can be sure whether a hospital bed will be available! So in this moment of crisis, the demand for portable oxygen cylinders has increased.

In the case of the corona, sufferers need an uninterrupted oxygen supply and take the help of a 24 hour home care service in Dhaka. Experts say that the time it takes for an oxygen cylinder to run out and the time it takes to replace another cylinder can be fatal in a coronary heart attack. The patient may die of cardiac arrest. There is no way out of the hospital without oxygen.

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