The Only Kareo EHR Guide You’ll Ever Need In 2022

The Only Kareo EHR Guide You’ll Ever Need In 2022

Written by Ryannolan, In Software, Published On
November 25, 2021

Kareo EHR has expanded by 200 percent in the previous two years and is on its way to becoming a significant player in the field ( as reported by the company ). Kareo EHR is an appealing option for independent solo practices that require an EHR system with a sophisticated practice management feature. But that isn’t all.

If you’re considering shifting to Kareo EHR, then you should be mindful of a lot of things. Not all of them are bad, and most are surprisingly pleasant. However, first, you should be very clear about your expectations from the software. Kareo is very user-friendly and intuitive to use, but every software has a learning curve, and Kareo EHR is no exception. Going through user reviews is very useful as it will help you imagine what your experience with Kareo EHR will look like.

Moreover, before you request a quote, make a list of all the features you’ll need. Don’t become too excited here and only pick the features you regularly use on your current EHR system. Then, select the features that your existing EHR solution lacks, and you feel would make a difference in productivity.

This step is crucial as Kareo EHR is priced based on the features you require. Therefore, picking every feature available, even those you won’t ever use, will drive up Kareo EHR’s cost.

Kareo EHR Software Features

Perhaps the most essential aspect of Kareo EHR is its feature set and how it can streamline your workflow. However, Kareo EHR has not experienced its drastic growth only because of its feature set; after all, many other EHR solutions have almost identical features.

The actual reason behind Kareo EHR’s growth is its incredible usability. However, you can not just purchase Kareo EHR and expect an increase in productivity. The program is highly customizable, and you’ll have to modify it appropriately in a way that compliments your existing workflow. Then, as time passes, you can make minor tweaks, which will slowly streamline your workflow.

EHR Dashboard

The EHR dashboard is the most attractive feature of Kareo Clinical. It’s incredibly well-organized, simple to use, and intuitive. With all of the crucial information, you’ll need in one location, presented in a way that makes even the busiest schedules appear manageable. It’s also customizable. This configurability is the key to unleashing previously unseen levels of productivity.

I strongly advise you to take the time to configure your dashboard, making sure that the tabs you use the most are highlighted on your screen.

Kareo EMR also works with mobile devices. For example, using an iPad may make documenting information during patient encounters much more straightforward. In addition, you can simply carry it with you when changing exam rooms, much like a notepad or clipboard.

Patient Engagement

In 2021, patient engagement technologies are a must-have for all practices. The advantage you receive is incomparable, and engagement tools will aid in the growth of your practice. But that’s not all with Kareo EMR’s patient engagement; when you connect Kareo EMR’s patient engagement with your Billing and Clinical procedures, you get the full benefit of end-to-end patient experience management.

Your front-office staff can stay on top of crucial patient communications, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. Satisfied patients are more likely to provide positive feedback, refer friends, and return.

Furthermore, you will see a considerable reduction in human error-prone data entry, making life much easier for your billing staff. Online patient intake, insurance capture, and eligibility checks contribute to collecting accurate and complete patient data for future appointments. This saves time for your team and eliminates patient payment misunderstandings.


Analytics has always been an integral part of any business strategy, and in recent times medical practices have started to utilize them as well. So why should your practice lag behind? With Kareo’s inbuilt business analytics engine, you can take your practice to the next level. With meaningful insights, you can make better-informed decisions while making the best use of your resources.

Kareo analytics not only presents demographic information and gaps in care delivery but also gives you information that can help your practice grow. For example, imagine a situation where you have the resources to upgrade only one part of your practice; which region do you focus on?

These are the sort of questions that can be solved by analytics. Kareo’s business analytics engine can help you identify growth opportunities by providing metrics like revenue lost due to defective equipment or double booking ( which won’t happen with the help of Kareo’s online patient portal ).

Kareo EHR Demo and Pricing

Kareo Software demos are readily available, and you can request a live demo without asking for a quote. Generally speaking, the demos do an excellent job of walking you through the features and how you can customize them. Moreover, they’re moderately paced, and the instructors also do an excellent job explaining even the most intricate details and answering almost any question.

Kareo does not publicly reveal pricing as is standard practice amongst EHR vendors. However, you should expect to pay somewhere around 100 to 400 dollars per month per provider, depending on the features you ask for.

Final Words

Kareo EHR is attractively priced considering its features, and the demos do a good job of explaining the software. User reviews are mostly positive, with the only recurring problem being a cumbersome customer support experience.

Overall, Kareo Clinical is an excellent EHR solution, especially for small practices and solo practitioners. It has all the features that we expect from an EHR system in 2021, and it goes above and beyond in usability, and the interface is one of the best in the industry.

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