Top 7 Features Of an Online Booking System?

Top 7 Features Of an Online Booking System?

Written by Alison Lurie, In Software, Published On
August 31, 2021

Even in business or in life, everyone encounters several appointments. It could be a Salon appointment, business meeting, or job interview, or simply meeting old good friends.

Indeed, managing the appointments is a chaotic task. Adopting a solution that streamlines handling operations is a must. The statistics have revealed that the Online Booking System has benefitted various industries and its market is regularly expanding. It is estimated that it will undergo 15.1% compound annual growth and the market will reach $360 million by 2024.

With the appointment booking system and calendar system help, the businesses assuredly will accomplish the major management goals. Rest, make you use that valuable time in fulfilling other important business tasks.

What is an Online Booking System?

The appointment management software is a solution that enables potential customers to book themselves. However, they can schedule, reschedule or cancel it at their convenience. In addition, customers can pay for their services or purchased products from the website itself, however, giving you the best system and tools to manage the operations from one place only.

The online booking software assists you to do more than only accepting the payments and appointments online. The scheduling system has been involved to the point that it is now the central hub for controlling every business aspect, from operations to distribution to marketing.

Top 7 Features Of an Online Booking System?

  • Online appointments

The first and foremost advantage of an online booking system is that the clients do not need to enquire. Or wait for the revert, or make your process the tasks in a manual way. Preferably, the clients can check the staff availability and secure their booking accordingly. When there is availability on the same day, then, this will get blocked in real-time for preventing further bookings.

  • Different languages and currencies

Many businesses tend to reach or approach international customers. Hence, for them, it is essential to book their appointments in English at least, and the best possibility is if they will be able to book in their native language. And, yes, pay in their own currency only.

Certainly, there is a risk when the customers are not able to understand how or what to book as of the language barrier. This will make them book their appointments from the competitors. Here, the scheduling software comes into play. It detects the currency and the language from the customer’s IP address and hence, proceeds.

  • Coupon generation and management

For every business, coupons are essential. It corporates not just the gift vouchers, yet the special promotions which have a stimulating influence on the marketing as per your experience. Despite the type of coupon you are using, it has to be managed and generated efficiently in a recognizable way in the booking solution. It must be feasible for the coupons from the different voucher portals to be entered, this makes customers redeem the coupons while booking online.

  • Payment via PayPal or Stripe

It is important for the business to include those payment gateways that make the customers pay conveniently. Paypal and Stripe are the general ways of online paying, hence, they are improving at a higher frequency. Also, by the clients all around the globe. It depicts the privacy and security are valued; that obviously assures customer’s loyalty towards your brand. PayPal and Stripe are the payment gateways that are, therefore, not missing by the smart online scheduling software.

  • Smart calendar

An easily accessible and smart booking or calendar gives the user the summary of every booking, turnover, or capacity for some specific time period. It will explain resource planning greatly. Hence, to get rid of the redundant work, it should be feasible for the booking calendar to get synchronized with the calendar, or digital diaries, like Gmail or outlook.

  • Online assistance

While starting using the software (Sooner or later), there comes a point when assistance is required. At that very time period, nothing more irritating than not getting assistance from the support or from the developers. Usually, the comprehensive “Help” or “Support” is enough for you to know the solution to the issues related to reservations or booking, etc. So, if this is not the case, then you must approach customer care support either online or by phone.

  • Sending automated emails

Sending the standard emails, like, cancellations or alerts of a reservation, or booking confirmations, etc wastes a lot of time. It is tiring or tedious work, that is, of course, automated by the online booking software. This way the customer gets surety that the appointment has been booked. The solution not only sends the confirmation email to the customer, however, also provides the option to get informed.

  • Appointment management from Tablet or Smartphone

Those indulged in outdoor activities cannot use a personal computer all day, and they operate their business on the move from the tablet or the smartphone. That is the reason that the online appointment management system should operate on the cloud. This makes its accessibility not only globally, but it can also be updated or maintained automatically.

  • Integrated various marketing platforms

While picking the right solution for your business, assure that it includes different reliable marketing platforms. The booking portal improves the accessibility for the new customer and yes, makes some bookings. It is also essential that these appointments are synchronized automatically from the appointment booking solution. This way, you can have overall control over the prices, dates, and quotas.

Concluding Remarks

So, do you find the booking solution worth your Business? While examining the software, it is advisable to consider the first investment, both money and time, and if it is right for the business or not. The aim of the article lies in showing you the features that most of the booking software contains.

Now, it is up to you to pick the best according to your business requirements. Do share your thoughts about this article. In case of any query, comment below. Thanks for reading!

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