English to Multi-Language Translation Apps for Indian Android Users

English to Multi-Language Translation Apps for Indian Android Users

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January 5, 2022

For most Indian android users, the facility of language translation has made life easy. No doubt, India is the second country with the largest number of English speakers. But, there are still many Indians that cannot even understand and read English properly. It is a real fact, as the coin always has two sides. But, the invention of translation apps has made it really easy to read and send texts in regional languages. There are powerful transliteration apps that are available online to use for Android phones seamlessly. So, let’s know them closely by reading below.

English to Multi-Language Translation Apps for Indian Android Users

ISM Malayalam

A Powerful app that was primarily developed for windows-based operating systems. Now, you can also use it on Android by simply downloading from the play store. It is programmed and developed by C-DAC. You can use it for typing in Indian languages by selecting the preferred script.

The foremost use of this app is for typing or converting text into Malayalam. So, if you live in the Kerala region, this would be the best app for you. ISM Malayalam is an absolutely free tool to use for English to Malayalam text conversion. You can write in Malayalam using the default keypad. It converts text into preferred lingo automatically. You can send normal texts, emails, and social media messages using this app. Make sure to keep check of networking issues.

Google Indic Hindi

Every Indian loves the mother tongue Hindi. There are numerous people that use Hindi as a primary language rather than English. So, if you are among them and have a desire to use Hindi text, you have better solutions. Google Indic Hindi is the best app that is available for Android users. It is a remarkable application that makes Hindi typing fast. You simply need to type in English to convert it into Hindi quickly. Along with text translation, it also provides you with Hindi emojis and stickers. You can use this tool for personal and business use without any failings.

Marathi input tool

Whether you have an average typing speed you can use this tool for Marathi texting. The Marathi input tool is available on the web for download. You can gain multiple features of this tool. It is fast, accurate, and free for Marathi typing. It delivers hassle-free results by converting English text into Marathi. The developers of this app have also programmed it with voice-to-text conversion. So, simply speak in your local idiom and leave the rest on this amazing app.

Telugu keyboard

Do you want to write text in Telugu, but don’t have the right tool? No worries! Telugu keyboard has the ability to eradicate your difficulty. It is a self-translation app that can flawlessly change the text from English into Telugu. The best thing about this app is that it comes with colorful keypad themes. So, for the stylish English to Telugu typing, you can use this app. It enables you as an android user to write Telugu text in numerous fonts. You can also use emojis with typing.

Amar Bangla

Best app that you can use for Bengali text typing in your android or Mac mobile as well. You can download it with simple steps and convert English text into Bangla. It offers 39 free Bengali fonts to use for typing. It features flawless typing for texts, emails, social media, and even mobile gaming apps. Amar Bangla comes with a key feature to write text using the QWERTY keypad. You do not need an additional keypad to use this app. It is absolutely free to use and available for OS, Mac, Android, and Vista featured devices.


For the Punjabi fonts and scripts, you can download Lipikaar. It is available for Android users and has the ability to do automated transliteration. The app is also helpful for other languages but it is commonly useful for a limited trial period. Though, if you have a recurrent need for English to Punjabi conversion, then you can buy it. It comes with a simple interface, genuine prices, and is safe to use. Simply go to your play store and get its trial mode to use for proper understanding. After completion of the trial, you can switch to its paid version as per your need. You can also use it on the GetInsta app.

The Bottom Line

Now, you can break all the hurdles that come your way to use the preferred language in your mobile. With the advent of these smart tools, android text typing has become really easy. You can show your love and resilience to use your regional language.

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