A Detailed Guide On MOT Certificate

A Detailed Guide On MOT Certificate

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March 16, 2022

The health of the vehicle you are using on the roads is as important as your health is. If your vehicle is not well maintained enough to be used on the roads, it would not be hazardous and destructive for you only but many innocents around you. Unfortunately, according to a report, about 4 million drivers drive on the road with invalid MOT in the UK, risking many human lives.

A Detailed Guide On MOT Certificate

Your vehicle will serve you until you master it. Otherwise, it will take no time in becoming a monster of destruction. Besides legal responsibility, it must be considered an ethical rule to keep your vehicle safe and in good condition. There are so many car and van MOT test centers located in the UK for providing testing services.

 About MOT

MOT stands for Ministry Of Transport. A government organization keeps attention to the active vehicles being used on the roads. Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency is an agency that conducts some criteria for vehicles to be declared in good condition, well maintained, and roadworthy.

There are almost 23,000 stations in the UK which provide verified MOT testing facilities for different types of automobiles accordingly. In most simple terms, MOT is a kind of inspection in which vehicles are thoroughly examined to decide whether they are worthy of being used on the roads by maintaining safety measures or not.

For that purpose, a test is conducted by the centers. In case of any fault, 10 days are given for the vehicle’s maintenance. The owner must repair and fix the problem; otherwise, consequences could harm the reputation.

What Happens If You Don’t Have an MOT Certificate?

Your vehicle’s MOT certificate is like a medical report that shows how healthy it is. If there is any defect, it will be highlighted to repair it. If you don’t bother about maintenance of your vehicle or instructions given by the center, they will not give you a pass MOT test certificate. Without a certificate, you will be caught by the police fine will be charged. There are so many cameras and active police officers tracking your vehicles on the roads. 11,000 Automobile Number Plate Recognition cameras are active across the state, covering 50 million vehicle records daily. In such situations, chances of escaping from the authorities are very low.

In case of any road accident, the first thing you will be asked in the investigation is your updated MOT certificate. If you don’t have it, your punishment will increase.

In addition to these restrictions, a person driving without an MOT certificate is not eligible to park the vehicle in any public parking or roadside. For parking, one option is to park by paying the rent in safety stores until the test or park in a private space.

How can you drive a car without MOT?

If caught while driving to the MOT test centers, you will have to provide sufficient proof, such as a pre-booking form. You will be considered guilty of driving vehicles without an invalid MOT certificate without any proof. There are different car and van MOT test centers everywhere in the UK, so finding one is not a hurdle. Also, a reasonable distance is allowed if you need to go to a garage or MOT center for repairing or testing purposes.

If you are found taking long routes to reach any center or garage, again, it would be your duty to prove the reason for taking that route.

There is a facility where you can book an MOT service one month before the expiry date. This test is valid for 12 months. Still, if you get in trouble for not having valid certificates, it will be your fault.

Conditions when you can drive the vehicle without MOT certificate;

  • When you go to the center, have solid proof of your booking.
  • The First 3 years of any new vehicle don’t need a certificate.

Penalties for Not Having MOT Certificate

Penalties for not having an MOT certificate will charge you more finely than the actual expenses of whole testing procedures. If you get caught while driving without a certificate, £1000 will be charged, and if your vehicle has any defect, you will be paying £2500. Besides, if anyone is convicted of driving a poorly conditioned automobile for 3 years, the driving license could be suspended for 6 months along with harsh fines.

This law is not strict if followed regularly. Special applications are available for reminders of MOT testing services to prevent any unwanted situations. MOT services or testing is required for people’s safety. If they don’t show any responsible attitude towards your duty, they will harm themselves and others.

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