Top Use Cases of Document Verification Online to Reduce Fraud

Top Use Cases of Document Verification Online to Reduce Fraud

Written by Alison Lurie, In Business, Published On
October 9, 2023

The government allocates verifiable and approved papers, such as bank statements, driver’s licenses, and other federal or local documents. Document verification online authenticates characteristics such as watermarks, transport material, stamps, and typefaces.  Moreover, these document verification systems compare the current ID image to the previously provided through a Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ). That’s why applicants don’t have to be physically present to validate their documents or the facial recognition of their image ID due to digital onboarding. The applicants must upload their government-issued ID image and a selfie using an image app on their smartphone to get a valid online identity check.

Document Verification Classifications

Document Verification Online
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The online identity check criteria rely upon the various forms to validate the applicant’s details and academic qualifications for the educational credential.

Education Certificates Verification

It investigates an individual’s abilities and academic details according to their credentials.

Details include: 

  • Graduation Year
  • Grade Sheet Copy
  • Earned Grades and Percentage
  • Attendance Dates
  • Registration or Roll Number/Hall Ticket

Professional Licences

Analyze the Licence or Certification period, such as LLB, CA, CFA, CPA, or the license’s present state.

Preliminary Background Investigation

It investigates a user’s certifications and details about prior employment. It consists of the next steps:

  • Reasons for departure
  • Holding positions
  • Evaluating and tracking performance
  • Employment period
  • Remuneration
  • Rehiring status
  • Applicant’s honesty
  • User mindset
  • Personal qualities
  • Success rate

Professional References Verification

Professional connections provide practical data about applicant’s workplace behavior. This information will be useful:

  • Client’s strength
  • User weaknesses
  • Team player characteristics
  • Leadership qualities
  • User honesty and individual reputation
  • Client’s prior work duties

Criminal Record Verification

A criminal record investigation analyzes if the user has an illegal past in their surroundings. Then, the provincial police department investigates the prospective criminal background.

Online Verification Documents Working

Verifying a document is accomplished by validating checks when investigating the ID image and confirming its genuineness by contrasting it to the prior data known by the system. Following are a few identity document fraud detection examples:

Fraud Detection

It is crucial to have methods that review papers for critical data, such as ID barcodes, to bind that data to system details.

Facial Detection

Image ID documents have essential details for document verification online. These systems extract image facts from ID and contrast them to the formerly provided photographs.

Data Correlation

Many government identifications comprise related information of ID on both sides.  Therefore, identification services can attach the details to analyze whether the provided ID is genuine and indicate it to an exact person.

Database Verification

ID scanning needs validation through verification systems and authorized datasets with access to numerous data sets to validate these documents.

ID Inspections and Image Liveness

These systems conduct image checks with smartphone selfies as part of the upgraded biometrics and verification approach. This technique aids quick picture comparison with IDs to integrate document validation and biometrics. Furthermore, integrating liveness testing is a way to ensure that the same user is there to avoid fraud.

Use Cases of Document Verification Online

Shun Fraudulent Activities

Online identity checks reduce fraud by investigating suspected criminals before they do something wrong. Any illegal activity or outdated data quickly shows concerns requiring more investigation. Few standards raise a bar for criminals, such as comparing various data pieces and sources they can’t encounter. Additionally, relying on the threat relief plan is a segmented strategy for identity verification that can further lower the fraud rate.

Achieve Compliance

Compliance standards guarantee companies have schemes to defend themselves against monetary crimes such as terrorist financing. In rare cases, attaining compliance requests authenticates enterprise clients. Documents verification comprehends that the details used to create an account are authentic. Afterward, they compare the data against credible and authentic references to notify the company regarding its user’s particulars. These details retain who the applicants are, letting them satisfy compliance needs and control administrative penalties.

Improve Internet Safety

With the help of online document check favors, people can trust outsiders in other markets. Thus, protecting businesses and buyers is the prior feature of document verification firms.

Fraud Detection

Document verification online allows businesses to determine and mitigate fraud styles, such as phishing attempts and account creation fraud.

Age Verification

Institutions with age-restricted services typically leverage online identity document checks to verify the new user’s age. So, these services or goods contain tobacco, alcohol, adult entertainment, prescription drugs, and online gambling.


With document verification online, companies are now efficient in checking online data. Users instantly register authentic clients using automated validation technology and easy image capture.  Hence, successful document verification also understands if the used image is fake, expired, captured, or pirated. Moreover, online verification documents vary by country, according to customer attitudes and anticipations regarding efficiency, solitude, and security.

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