Canon EOS R100 Review: Compact, Lightweight, and Affordable

Canon EOS R100 Review: Compact, Lightweight, and Affordable

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Camera, Published On
November 25, 2023

The arrival of Canon, EOS R 100 in the market takes the EOS R series, another step further by presenting a neat and light version at the same time reasonable price rate. The smallest and lightest camera in the EOS R series is designed to define on-the-go photography that does not involve sacrifices of image quality and/or performance. Now, it is time to explore some of its major advantages and disadvantages that will help a consumer choose whether or not to buy this camera.

Specifications for Canon EOS R100 Camera

Brand Canon
Model Name Canon EOS R100
Maximum Webcam Image Resolution 24.1 MP
Photo Sensor Size APS-C
Form Factor Compact
Effective Still Resolution 24.1 MP
Special Feature Lightweight
Color Black
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB
Screen Size 3 Inches

Design and Image Quality

Canon EOS R100 Review

The EOS R100 boasts a 24.1 MP APS-C size CMOS image sensor with a DIGIC 8 processor. These combine for great picture quality and a highly effective still image setup. It offers a light but powerful design that makes it an ideal travel partner for users expecting nothing less than superior images.

Autofocus Capabilities

The camera features dual pixel CMOS AF which covers up to 143 zones for auto subject detection and Eye Detection AF which ensures high accuracy for focusing on eyes. It improves the general picture and movie shooting standards.

Video Capabilities

Canon EOS R100 Review

EOS R100 provides for capturing movies in full HD (60 fps) and high-quality 4k from the very center of a matrix sensor. Although its video functions are not top-of-the-line, it provides basic requirements that can work well for both hobbyists and starters.

Connectivity Options

The EOS R100 supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity technologies for easy pairing with other compatible devices. The Canon Camera Connect application allows remote control, transmission, and live viewing features offering the users a set of wireless solutions aimed at adding extra convenience.

Additional Features

An addition of silent mode is also available thus facilitating secretive capturing without shutter sounds, perfect in moments that call for quietness. Furthermore, the embedded Bluetooth feature ensures the battery life is lengthened by providing instantaneous GPS tracking data for Geotagging connected Smartphones.

Pros and Cons of Canon EOS R100 Camera

Canon EOS R100 Review

Pros Cons
Compact and lightweight design for easy portability No internal charger for on-the-go charging
Clear and crisp viewfinder for accurate framing and composition Non-touch fixed LCD screen limits flexibility
Reliable wide-focus coverage for high-quality auto-focus in various lighting conditions Pets in some cases do not feature the presence of face or eye detection
Inclusion of built-in flash for low-light photography Older video functionality when compared to competing products

Verdict for Canon EOS R100 Camera

Without any doubt, it is the affordability that makes Canon EOS R100 distinguished among all entry-level cameras. Nonetheless, this business is challenged by rival products in the market including both in and out of the canon system. Though Canon is coming up with the same compact version in its EOS R50 camera, it will feature a swing-out touch screen plus the latest imaging technology but at a higher price. At higher prices, an entry-level R10 body becomes a favorite within Canon’s line of beginner models with an emphasis on mid-range positioning.

Alternatively, some people may want to consider Fuji’s X-T30 II, Nikon’s Z 50, or Sony a6100, which will cost them a little more but come with extra bells and whistles.


  1. Is EOS R100 good for beginner photographers and videographers?

Absolutely. As a beginner camera, the EOS R100 has lightweight features, which are easy to use and can produce good images.

  1. Is it possible to use the EOS R100 for business?

Although it’s mainly targeted at users who are enthusiasts and beginners, its high-quality output means that it could be appropriate in certain professional settings where a small, lightweight setup would be desirable.

  1. Do people consider the lack of touch support on the LCD as an interface problem?

Although it may limit some functionalities, the camera is still easy to operate due to a user-friendly interface and physical controls which compensate it for lacking any kind of touch support.

  1. What is the difference between the EOS R100 and other cameras with the issue of battery power?

The battery of the camera may not be as impressive as other competing cameras, but generally, it is reasonably good. On the contrary, having Bluetooth for energy-saving communication somewhat makes up for that.

  1. Can aspiring videographers afford to overlook the absence of important video characteristics?

The EOS R100 may not be the latest in video capabilities, but does well for the basics. Nevertheless, the ones aiming at video could try out the other models that include better video features.

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