ITISHREE MURMU: Bio, Professional Life, and More

ITISHREE MURMU: Bio, Professional Life, and More

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November 29, 2023

Droupadi Murmu’s daughter Ishtishri Murmu is known as an eminent banker from Jharkhand. She has risen above with a strong family background having made tremendous achievements in her career is now an officer at UCO Bank in Bhubaneswar. However, she is a good practitioner, a loving mother, and a reading enthusiast. Her details are therefore worth knowing.

Itishree Murmu Profile Details

Full name Itishree Murmu
Gender Female
Date of birth 1972
Age Not known
Place of birth Rairangpur, Odisha
Current residence Bhubaneswar
Nationality Indian
College Suryadatta Institute of Management & Mass Communication (SIMMC), College in Pune
Parents Droupadi Murmu

Shyam Charan Murmu

Spouse Ganesh Chandra Hembram
Children One daughter
Profession Banker

Early life

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Ishtri Murmu is always talking about her happy experiences in life where she relates closely with her mother, father, and brother. She grew up in Jharkhand India where she holds fond memories of childhood play and exploration alongside her siblings. Education was highly valued and she was brought up surrounded by love and support. Having started her schooling in Jharkhand and later higher education in Finance.

She went into banking after finishing her education. She soon rose the corporate ladder with her willpower and diligence.

In all the hustles, she never fails to visit her home. They constitute her pillar of strength and source of inspiration. She particularly likes to visit Kashmir, Rajasthan, and Goa which have beautiful scenery, cultural inheritances, and peaceful coasts respectively. She goes to these places to relax and revive. Her early years, and upbringing for that matter, have been influential on how Ishtree has become the self-assured woman that she is today.

Family Background


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Her household directly shapes her background and attitudes, something one can realize about both the way she lives and what she does. Born in an assertive and vocal family, she had conversations on societal aspects, leadership, as well as politics at a tender age. She was raised on the principles of rightness, honesty, effort, diligence, and devotion, by her parents. This has kept these values for guiding her in her personal and career life.

Itishree’s career

People working in the banking industry should have high analytical skills and clear financial market knowledge. It is a dynamic sector with many challenges and advantages of development. In the banking sector, one core problem to be addressed constantly is the requirement to remain responsive to varying statutes and circumstances within the industry. However, three still manages to be one of the most accomplished women at her workplace today.

About Itishri Murmur’s mother’s political career:

Itishri Murmur's mother’s

Itishri’s mother has had many obstacles in his way about his political career. Resiliency and persistence are seen on her through the tough times like negotiating the complexities of partisan politics as well as the hardships posed by the media.

Achievements and milestones in her political career: The political life of Draupadi Murmu can be traced with the help of numerous significant episodes. It is worth noting that among other noteworthy milestones, she had been selected as a BJP presidential candidate and also received a personal phone call from Prime Minister Narendra Modi concerning her candidature.

Influence of her mother’s career on Itishri’s aspirations:

Shishan’s mother’s profession has had some impact on Ishtishri’s dreams and wishes when she was young. Seeing her mom’s sacrifice in serving the community makes Itishri consider public service through politics for herself.

Dedicated and skilled, Itishree Murmu’s journey in banking. Despite being born into a politically driven family, she is making strides as an individual and that counts too. In addition to her stellar professional life, she considers her role of being a good caring mother important as well. Itishree’s zeal for reading and adventure keeps her happy outside her work. This accomplished person also boasts that her mother has a remarkable political career.


1- How has her education life in Itishree Murmu been?

Itshree Murmu holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Bu Xi Jaga Bandhu Bidyaptak, Bhubaneswar.

2- What does Itishree do in her career?

Itishree Murmu has served in this capacity for more than ten years. G It does not stop at that as she takes part in other social activities that promote education and empowering of women.

3- How does Itishree Murmu relate to Droupadi Murmu?

Droupadi Murmu’s daughter Thishari Murmu. She has always been fond of her mother, who had enjoyed her support during her job all the years.

4- How has Itishree Murmu evolved today?

The “Young Achiever Award” has been conferred upon Itishree Murmu for her dedication and efforts in propagating education and uplifting women.

5- Where does Itishree Murmu go from here?

At present, Itishree Murnu has been working as an official at the Bank and as a Social Movement Activist. She is also aiming at getting into the political arena.

6- Tell me some interesting facts about Itishree Murmu.

Itishree Murmu has proved herself as an excellent singer and dancer. At last, she has excellent drawing skills as well as being an enthusiastic photographer.

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