IGO Launchpads – Paving the Way to a Different Gaming Experience

IGO Launchpads – Paving the Way to a Different Gaming Experience

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June 21, 2022

Since the first video game came out in the early 1970s, the number of people playing games at home has grown significantly. No matter what happens in the real world, the domain keeps growing. After much academic and professional research, blockchain technology is now accurate, and game companies are already looking into making games that use blockchains or similar products.

This led to the creation of blockchain games you can play to earn money. These games are popular in many developing countries. Some people have said that the money they win from these games is the only way they make money. As these games became more popular, it was time for another change. This was when launchpads came into play.

Launchpads used strict vetting processes to reduce the number of projects that were scams. Later, the gaming industry made its launchpads called initial game offering (IGO) launchpads. As they are just starting, there aren’t many launchpads yet, and we don’t know how people will react to them on a large scale. This blog will learn more about initial game offerings and IGO launchpads that work for these offerings.

What does “Initial Game Offering” mean?

Initial Game Offerings are ways for people to buy in-game currency or other NFT-based assets from a blockchain-based game project before the game comes out. Investing in a contest through an IGO could be a good idea because the returns on investments tend to be higher (ROIs). This is possible if the game is launched on a popular crypto exchange, giving early access to advanced in-game props that would excite the gaming community.

What do IGO Launchpads stand for?

An IGO launchpad is where games can make their first sales to investors and raise money. The offerings can be in-game currency or in-game items like weapons or accessories that can be used once the game is open to everyone. These platforms are a new addition to the space of blockchains, which are growing all the time. Some of them have already gotten enough attention to gain from starting early. At the moment, Gamefi ($GAFI), Enjinstarter ($ENJINSTARTER), Gamestarter ($GAME), and Seedify.fund ($SFUND) are all popular IGO launchpad platforms.

IGO Launchpads User Flow

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  • First, a user/investor looks on the NFT gaming launchpad for a gaming project they like. Once they find a game like this, they can look at the project’s details, such as its whitepaper, and decide.
  • It’s important to remember that the investor would sometimes need the launchpad’s native token to make a purchase.
  • Once the investor decides to put money into a specific gaming project, they should go to the IGO Launchpad Development and buy the tokens they want.
  • The tokens on offer can be anything from in-game money to valuable in-game items like new weapons or unique skins.
  • Sometimes, the developers of a gaming project might ask investors to stake the tokens they bought for a certain amount of time to figure out how much the project is worth. The platform could give investors a reason to put their money at risk.
  • After the staking period, the investor can sell their NFT gaming tokens on popular marketplaces or in the game’s marketplace.

IGO Launchpads Have Several Important Features

IGO Launchpad Development | Initial Game Offering | Initial Game Offering Launchpad Development| IGO Launchpad Development Services

  • No Wait Trading: A user doesn’t have to wait long between transactions on a good NFT gaming launchpad platform. As transactions can happen at the same time without any need for a break.
  • Fast Liquidity: It wouldn’t be hard to sell NFT gaming assets because a blockchain gaming launchpad works with well-known platforms to host NFT items in games.
  • Multi-Chain Capabilities: An IGO launchpad can work as a platform for multiple chains. So that people in the blockchain community can buy game assets, which will make the game popular.
  • Cross-chain functionality: Cross-chain functionality means that a launchpad for gaming token offerings can also work across blockchain networks. Once the staking period is over, anyone can trade game assets across blockchains. This makes the game more popular among gamers.
  • KYC Protocols: Blockchains promise their users privacy, but an IGO launchpad would have a know your customer (KYC) protocol.
  • Transparent enough to check: A blockchain gaming launchpad is by definition decentralized, which is clear from how transparent the platform is. Every transaction that has taken place on the platform is easy to see by anyone.

Things to be Aware of While Investing Through an IGO Launchpads

IGO Launchpad Development | Initial Game Offering | Initial Game Offering Launchpad Development| IGO Launchpad Development Services

  • Check out what the game’s native tokens can do for the person who owns them. Compare the percentage of benefits to those of other IGOs. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is.
  • Check the blockchain gaming launchpad carefully to see if it offers guaranteed allocation. This could cost more than IGO launchpads that are paid for by a lottery. Even though in that case, distribution is not guaranteed.
  • Look at the ROIs (return on investments) of the active IGOs on the platform. A platform for NFT games that has a portfolio of promising projects. Most of its upcoming projects will likely make a lot of money from them.
  • Check the holder’s value on the NFT gaming launchpad, which can be used to judge any IGO launchpad. If the parameter’s value is high, the token’s value is also high. This means that investing in that IGO could be a good idea.
  • Check the IGO launchpad to see how many token generation events have happened. If there are more events, it’s clear that the platform works hard to host good ideas for gaming projects so that its value in the crypto world goes up.

Wrapping Note

At this point, if you had planned to invest in an IGO, that’s great! Or, if you think it would be fun to own an IGO launchpad, now is the time to start working on the idea and make money. It can help you make an IGO launchpad that works well and give sound investment advice if needed.

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