Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) With MagSafe Charging Case (USB‑C): The New Generation’s AirPods

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) With MagSafe Charging Case (USB‑C): The New Generation’s AirPods

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Earbuds, Published On
December 6, 2023

Adaptive Transparency informs you constantly and adapts you to the sounds that surround you as if it were your sound engineer. Immerse yourself in feel movies and games with custom spatial audio that follows the direction of your movements. H2 chips offer a higher quality and clearer audio, and there is the MagSafe Charging Case now with a USB-C!

Specifications of Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) With MagSafe Charging Case (USB‑C):

Specification Details
Product Type AirPods
Product Name Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)
Connectivity Bluetooth
Bluetooth Version 5.3
Active Noise Cancellation Yes
Battery Life 6 hours
Charge MagSafe Charging Case (USB-C Type)
Waterproof Yes
IPX4 rating Yes
Fast Charging 5 Minutes
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac
Transparency Yes

Noise Cancellation

Apple AirPods Pro

Say goodbye to noisy distractions! The H2 chip of the 2nd Gen AirPods Pro with enhanced algorithms doubles the performance of their predecessors by providing 2X ANC improvement. You will then completely forget that you are listening to music, a podcast, or making a call in a noisy environment such as an airplane or coffee shop.

Transparency Mode

Do you want to know what’s happening around you while still wearing your ear buddings”. Transparency adapts by allowing you to hear ambiance naturally and simultaneously reduces background noise. It is akin to carrying a personal sound engineer, who will be adjusting the volume in which your environment speaks to you constantly.

Personalized Spatial Audio with Dynamic Head Tracking

Apple AirPods Pro

Make feel that you are right at the center of an action through personalized spatial audio. A unique feature, which allows this device to truly feel like you are in the game world by tracking your head movement using gyroscopes and accelerometers and changing the sound of the corresponding side as a result of that, making it feel very realistic. Currently, people can feel as if they are in a cinema or a game.

Enhanced Audio Quality:

The new H2 chip goes beyond the ANC to supply deeper bass, crisper treble, and more balanced mid-tones on all fronts. Deeper bass sounds, clear high tones, and a bigger listening area will make you enjoy every song and podcast. Additionally, the enhanced customization features allow one to personalize his or her sound of choice.

Longer Battery Life and Faster Charging

Apple AirPods Pro

All day music, and calls all night? No problem! 2nd Gen AirPods Pro will deliver up to six hours of playback or talk-time, with ANC enabled (approximately 30 percent improvement over prior generation). Also, it takes only 5 minutes to supply you with 1 hour of listening power. Also, the inclusion of a USB-C charging port is quite helpful in enhancing the compatibility with the wider models.

Pros & Cons of Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) With MagSafe Charging Case (USB‑C)

Pros Cons
More than twice as strong as the first generation, efficiently isolating the majority of noise to provide a rich auditory experience. These are among the priciest wireless earphones available.
The Apple AirPods dynamically modifies ambient sound levels so you can listen to your audio and remain aware of your surroundings. In comparison to other earbuds, some users might find the design to be a little bulky.
The Apple AirPods produce a 3D auditory experience by precisely placing sound around your head movements. Though not as much as with some other high-end earbuds, the sound can be adjusted.
With ANC turned on, you can listen for up to six hours, and the MagSafe Charging Case can get you one hour of listening time in just five minutes. Featuring a USB-C port now for increased compatibility. There are minor variations in backlighting across the screen, according to some users.
For a more lively listening experience, the H2 chip offers a wider soundstage, crisper highs, and deeper bass. When viewed from extreme angles, the quality of the picture may not be at its best.
They’re ideal for Apple users because of their effortless pairing, automated device switching, and audio-sharing capabilities with other AirPods.
Most users still find the MagSafe Charging Case to be comfortably fitted, and it now has a convenient USB-C port.

Verdict of Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) With MagSafe Charging Case (USB‑C)

For Apple users looking for premium ANC, immersive spatial audio, and seamless ecosystem integration, the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) is a compelling option. They have great sound quality, and I like that they have USB-C MagSafe charging and a longer battery life. But some people might be put off by the price tag, and the design might be a little more compact. The choice ultimately boils down to your personal requirements and financial situation.


Does Apple AirPods Pro 2nd generation have active transparency mode?

 Yes, Apple AirPods Pro 2nd generation has active transparency mode

 Can the EQ settings be customized as per my wish?

 Yes, you can adjust the EQ settings through your AirPods

What is the battery life span of Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)?

The battery life of Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) is 6 hours

Is the MagSafe Charging Case effective for charging your AirPods?

 The MagSafe Charging Case offers a Type C charging cable that can effectively charge your AirPods easily.

Does the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) work with Android?

Yes, the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) can be paired with Android using Bluetooth connectivity.

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