Everything You Need To Know About Critical Writing to Complete Your Assignment

Everything You Need To Know About Critical Writing to Complete Your Assignment

Written by Alison Lurie, In Education, Published On
September 24, 2021

In an academic career, students are often advised to focus on making their assignments more critical. You might also receive comments from tutors such as “too descriptive’, “make more critical,” etc. In this article, we will guide you on how to improve your critical analysis and reflect the same in your assignments.

In critical writing, the student does a proper evaluation of perspective that any other author presented earlier. Each and every argument is presented with detailed analysis, context evaluation, possible drawbacks, and most importantly counter-arguments. The primary focus of critical writing is not only informing readers about the topic but also convince and persuade them with proper arguments.

Everything You Need To Know About Critical Writing to Complete Your Assignment

From a distance, critical writings may appear very complicated, but it is not. Anyone with basic comprehension skills can easily prepare critical writings if they follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Create Outline

Before starting the assignment, you must get properly acquainted with the requirements. If needed, you must cross-check with the tutor; otherwise, you may miss out on some key parts which would fail the purpose. After that, you must make an outline of your writings. During that, you must contemplate for structure and important parts of your assignment. This would help you later, as you won’t have to spend time thinking about what to write next.

  • Understand the Source Material

Critical writing requires you to analyze the source material. It can either be on paper, book, or in any other media form. You must thoroughly read your source material correctly and consider each thing that may enhance the quality of your writings. Every source material must have relevance to your topic and justify your conclusion. Otherwise, from the reader’s perspective, this might weaken your arguments.

  • Change Writing Style

Language is an important part of writing, and it varies between discourse and context. As the language one uses on social media has to be different from academic. Critical Writing also demands a higher caliber from the writer. Therefore, you should avoid making a sweeping statement in your writing. You must show evidence to support the argument. You can rephrase sentences like “it can be argued” or “it is suggested” to sound more cautious.

  • Arrange Quotes

To present or refute an argument, you might require quotes. Quotations make the arguments stronger. Hence, you have to write down all the relevant quotes you are coming across during source material evaluation.

  • Structure Your Writings

Structuring is one of the most crucial parts of critical writings. Other than introductory paragraphs, you must have paragraphs that are full of critical analysis. While writing down these, you have to present supporting and challenging views of the general notion. Each paragraph should have abundant supporting and contrasting evidence and viewpoints. It has to be short and brief.

The break-in paragraphs will give time to the reader to understand what points you’re trying to make. Brief paragraphs in a prolonged argument also help the reader to keep up with your perspective. Long paragraphs will make it hard for readers to comprehend too much information at once. Therefore, they might have to re-read to get your point.

  • Conclude Study

You must plan for the concluding part carefully as well. The conclusion must include your perspective, and it should be relevant in parallel to the whole writing. Your concluding statement should have evidence from the earlier parts. Any new points in this part should be avoided. The only focus should be on summarizing the writing and presenting a final argument from your side.

  • Proofread Before Submit

As you finished your draft, you must revise what you have written. In this session, you must identify what you have missed out on and what does seem to be irrelevant in regards to the topic. During the final revision, you must ensure that you have correctly represented the views and backed them with proper evidence. Grammar mistakes and sentence restructurings have to be rectified in this session as well.

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