How to improve pronunciation for the IELTS exam?

How to improve pronunciation for the IELTS exam?

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October 21, 2021
Last modified on October 22nd, 2021

Are you also putting lots of constant effort into improving your English pronunciation? Have you struggled a lot in pronouncing the unique words? Don’t be hyper! In this blog, we have collected some vital tips that can easily help you to learn pronunciation in a magnificent manner. Pronunciation usually depends on numerous factors including stress words, long vowels, or sentence framing. You would be astonished to note that the pronunciation usually counts for 25% of the student’s total IELTS score.  However, it is one such aspect that highly works as the constructive and destructive factor in the IELTS test.

It is highly crucial for a student to learn the right pronunciation so that they don’t have to suffer in the coming time. The examiner will assess you on your lexical accuracy, grammatical accuracy, and at what speed you are framing sentences. We understand that the student will not be able to learn the vocabulary in just a few days. It requires continuous practice and great devotion towards learning English. If you truly require any guidance regarding improving your pronunciation. Then without further ado connect with the right IELTS Institute in Jalandhar.

How to improve pronunciation for the IELTS exam?

Few tips that can help you improve your pronunciation for IELTS in the right manner:

Are you tired of working on your pronunciation but still lacking in many spheres? If yes, then read the below-given tips to lead your preparation in the right direction.

  • Work on the tougher sounds

It’s extremely essential to practice the unique and tough sounds that you haven’t heard before. The best way to practice it is to search for the right pronunciation on google and then hear it in a different accent. We would advise you to use the normal English sound so that the examiner will not feel that you are changing the accent.

For example, if you are residing in Japan. Then you will notice that the people usually pronounce the R and T in the same manner. However, the P and B sound is somewhat similar in Arabic. The main essence of all this is you have to discover the missing sound in the English language and try to practice them on a regular basis. For gathering the vital information about the above-stated point you just have to raise your concerns to the reliable IELTS Institute in Ludhiana.

  • Go out for the fast preparation

Most of the students usually think that preparing for the online text material at home will be the best way to improve their pronunciation. While we recommend you to go out and improve your pronunciation on a daily basis by starting a conversation with the locals. The more you handle spontaneous conversation the more you magnify your chances of attaining a great command of the English language.

Real-life experience will give you the ability to speak English with confidence. The most important thing while speaking English in the IELTS exam is to speak it without any fear. So you can only gain this if you start talking to random and local people. Attain command over English pronunciation with the soulful guidance of the remarkable IELTS Institute in Jalandhar.

  • Repeat as much as you can

There is no denying the fact that repetition is the key to improving the entire English pronunciation. The more you focus on practicing each and every word. Then the more you move towards making your speech better. We truly understand that practicing each and every word again will sound a little bit boring to you. However, we should advise you to do it religiously so that you don’t have to face any bad consequences in the coming time. Keep in mind that a few repetitive drills might work wonders for your case.

For learning the pronunciation in a rapid manner you can also download some apps and practice the pronunciation from them. However, the best technique is to learn words and try to use them in your daily speaking routine. So that you don’t have to look for some other learning alternative. If you truly desire to learn the pronunciation from the personal trainers. Then consider booking a meticulous counselling session from the right IELTS Institute in Ludhiana.

  • Slow down your speaking pace

You might have noticed that while speaking your mentors often suggest you speak at an average pace. Have you ever noticed why they usually demand you to do so? No right! Speaking rapidly usually hinders pronunciation. So try to sit calm and be composed while speaking English. Speaking at a medium pace will help your listener to understand each and every word that you are trying to converse.

We would advise you to provide yourself ample time and try to slow down your entire speaking process so that you can leave a magnificent impression on the mind of the examiner. Try to pay full attention to what you are speaking. As this will help you cut down the occurrence of silly mistakes while pronouncing a word. Try to read all the above-mentioned points in the proper manner so that you don’t have to face any negative results regarding pronunciation in the upcoming IELTS exam.

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