7 Ways To Spot The Difference Between Real And Fake Leather

7 Ways To Spot The Difference Between Real And Fake Leather

Written by Alison Lurie, In Fashion, Published On
October 25, 2021

Leather products are always in demand and genuine leather jackets have long been preferred by humans. The class and beauty offered by genuine leather jackets is second to none. Are you also looking for natural leather jackets with premium quality but have no idea how to distinguish between genuine leather jackets and biker leather jackets?

We’ve compiled this guide to help you stay away from synthetic leather jacket sellers. Just follow these 7 tips and you will be able to tell the difference between genuine leather and real leather very easily.

7 Ways To Spot The Difference Between Real And Fake Leather

Ready? Let’s dive!


When it comes to leather jackets, it’s worth the price. Just like real leather, genuine leather is not cheap, so always keep this in mind when buying genuine leather jackets. People who have a real sense of authenticity know the difference between the wrong and genuine leather jackets.

Genuine leather jackets are 2x more expensive because leather is a natural product. Anything that comes with a cheap price is synthetic leather and not real no matter what the company claims. Instead of buying cheap synthetic leather jackets, you should choose genuine leather jackets which are their own class.


Another quick and easy way to find genuine leather jackets is to do a liquid test. In this test, drop a drop of water on the surface and wait and see. If moisture is absorbed into the skin and a black patch appears – the leather is genuine. If water is not absorbed and settles on the surface, you have been deceived in the name of genuine leather. The principle of this test is that the leather is made of innumerable small holes. These holes absorb moisture like wood. This is why genuine leather jackets will absorb the liquid while synthetic leather jackets will repel it. Although some cafe biker jacket can absorb water to some extent. In this case, it is always a priority to follow the precautions and run the other tests below.


Ah, the smell of real leather is something unique. It has a more natural odor, especially like wood chips. cafe biker jacket, on the other hand, is made using harsh chemicals that come from chemicals and plastics. This test is in a hurry and you can easily do it while purchasing genuine leather jackets. Take a sip and feel what it smells like. Does it smell of nature and the earth? If so, you’ve got one.


Another distinguishing factor between genuine and genuine leather is the surface texture. Forged leather is synthesized so the surface grain or texture is uniform and harmonious while real leather has an incomplete grain structure with a variety of uneven patterns. So when buying genuine leather jackets, take a good look at the grain and if you see that the texture is smooth and even, it is not the real thing. The texture of natural leather is somewhat incomplete and that is what makes it natural and authentic.


Go. Twist it well. And will it help you determine if you actually got the deal? When shopping for genuine leather jackets, twist the material and observe carefully. If you notice a change in color and wrinkles, voila, you’ve got the real thing. But if there are no wrinkles or discoloration and the leather retains its texture, it is chemically altered. For example, if you bought a red leather jacket and it doesn’t change color when you change, you may have bought the wrong leather jacket. Genuine leather is much more flexible and bends more easily than synthetic leather, which is stiffer.


The heavier it is, the more real it is! Yes, we are talking about leather here. If you are buying a genuine leather jacket for the first time, take some time to weigh the jackets while in the store. Genuine leather weighs a lot because it is made of natural skin such as cow dung or sheepskin. Synthetic leather is machine-made which makes it lightweight as it is not a natural thing. So keep the weight in mind when buying genuine leather jackets.


Borders and edges speak louder, whether the leather is real or false. The obvious difference between genuine and cafe biker jacket is that genuine leather has thick and uneven edges. On the other hand, there is the smooth edge of the wrong leather and the patterned finish that makes it look cool, no doubt about it. But a genuine leather jacket is something else with all its natural flaws and grandeur. Always look for the edge whether you are buying a leather bag, genuine leather jacket or wallet.


Because synthetic leather is made of plastic that is derived from petroleum, it is flammable. Don’t go now and set your jacket on fire like this! But genuine leather has a higher fire resistance because it is made from natural animal leather and not from chemical products. If you plan to try this method, just pick the edge of the male bomber leather jacket and bring it closer to the fire. If it smells like plastic then the leather is wrong!


If you are initially buying genuine leather jackets, these simple and easy tips will help you find the difference between cafe biker jacket and natural leather. The market these days is full of biker leather products and manufacturers are looking for different ways to make biker leather products closely resembling natural leather products. In this case, it is important to know how to distinguish between biker and genuine leather.

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