9 key concepts to remember when applying for a mortgage

9 key concepts to remember when applying for a mortgage

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October 5, 2021

One of the most significant financial decisions a person will make in his lifetime is to mortgage a house. You need to give it the attention it deserves and take the time to evaluate all options. It is helpful to be familiar with the following concepts to help you make the right decision.

9 key concepts to remember when applying for a mortgage

We must distinguish between a mortgage and a mortgage loan

A mortgage is required by some banks when you apply for a loan. The mortgage loan is what we are referring to. A mortgage is a right that guarantees the fulfillment of an obligation and is subject to some good being fulfilled. The creditor can sell the property to satisfy the debt if the obligation is not met. It acts as a guarantee to the creditor.

It is important to know that no mortgage loans can exist. If the bank has sufficient guarantees, a bank may grant you a loan. Not all mortgages need to guarantee home loans. With a mortgage, you can guarantee the payment of any type of debt.

Your bank may not be able to offer mortgage loans but can also provide mortgage credit


While credit is often used in colloquial language to refer to a loan, a loan isn’t the same as a loan.

A mortgage loan comes with certain terms and conditions. A mortgage loan can be granted for a limited amount, but you won’t have to repay the entire amount immediately. Mortgage credit provides greater flexibility but will often be associated with a slightly higher cost.

The term of the mortgage

It is common to hear the phrase “a lifetime mortgaged” when talking about mortgages. The first year is what’s important in a mortgage. The mortgage calculator will help you to see the results. The bank will give us more money if we extend the term of our mortgage. The bank will not grant us an additional amount, but it will get smaller. We would not be able to get an infinite loan if we didn’t apply for a mortgage that has a perpetual term.

It’s simple. The money you will soon return is more valuable than the one that takes longer to return. interest is a requirement for loans. We are more likely to value today’s money than money from a long ago. If you’re told you can choose to make a fortune over 500 years, or just a little today, then you will most likely choose the small amount.

It is important to consider the first year, but how much? It all depends on the interest rate. Higher interest rates mean that they will loan you less today than you can afford to pay over many years. In times of low interest rates, can extend the terms. Don’t forget to include inflation as well as economic growth in your efforts to reduce mortgage payments.

  • Inflation will lead to less consumption and the need to pay more for the last years.
  • Economic growth means that if the world improves materially, your material life chances and those of your heirs will be better. It will also take less effort to pay.

Subrogation of the Mortgage


It is possible to reach an agreement with your bank, and later you can evaluate whether another bank might offer better terms.  It considers the bank change by the customer who took out the loan. Your old bank has 15 days to meet or improve the conditions set by the bank that wants to subrogate in your case

Novation of the mortgage

A novation is a modification to any conditions of your mortgage. It is done with your bank. It is made through mutual agreement between the creditor and the debtor. The advantage Novation has is that it can be modified in a minor way. It is also a modification to an existing agreement. To do this, you must reach an agreement with the bank.

The purpose of the mortgage

Any type of property can have its mortgaged and certain rights attached to it. Other types of buildings, such as commercial premises, can also be mortgaged. Commercial premises, for instance, can be mortgaged. You can also mortgage properties that are not buildings, such, or rustic. There is also a real-estate mortgage. Only commercial establishments, airplanes, automobiles, and other motor vehicles can be eligible for the real estate mortgage. Privately owned trams and railroad cars as well as industrial machinery and intellectual property are exempt from this requirement.

The subject of the mortgage

When we think about a mortgage, we usually think of someone who has taken out a loan to pay it. It is not uncommon, but it is not the only cause. The debtor and the owner may have different personalities. This is, for example, when someone mortgages an asset (let’s say your home) to grant a mortgage loan to a relative.

Reverse mortgage: When you are paid each month for having a mortgage

It is not in a trap. Another type of mortgage is the reverse mortgage. It is intended for seniors over 65, as well as large dependents. They can have an income and not leave their house. In exchange for mortgaging their house, the client receives every month. If you are alive, the bank will not take your debt. His heirs will decide what to do with the debt after he dies.

Variable-rate protection against price changes

This might seem strange to you. A fixed-rate mortgage seems to assume that everything is predetermined and known in advance. There are no risks.

The interest rates will determine how much a fee you pay today and what it is worth in 10 years. We will be able, within 10 years, to get the same amount as what you pay if interest rates are extremely high today with very small amounts. They would lend you very little money today in return for a 10-year commitment with high interest rates.

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