How to Remove Cosigner Off Auto Loan?

How to Remove Cosigner Off Auto Loan?

Written by Jessica Adison, In Finance, Published On
November 13, 2022

Car loans can be a burden on your finances, regardless of how well you are doing financially. Many people apply for car loans together with cosigners to reduce risk and get loans with lower interest rates and better terms. This allows them to share the financial responsibility as well as be responsible for any consequences if they default on the loan.

Additional loan signers, called co-signers, are designated to financial responsibility with the principal borrower. The co-signer will be responsible for the payment if the principal borrower defaults. Credit scores could also be affected by negative reports about the vehicle loan.

You may need to know how to get rid of a cosigner from a car loan. This could be due to financial hardship, or for any other reason. Let’s look at how to remove a cosigner from your car loan.

Can a cosigner be removed from a car loan?

This simple question can be answered with a yes answer. However…

You can only remove a cosigner on a car loan in a few cases. This is partly because cosigners are often difficult to get out of.

Remember that cosigners are often needed by people who don’t have the credit or capital necessary to qualify for loans or if they don’t know if they can meet their monthly payments. Banks and lending institutions love cosigners, as it increases their confidence in the ability to repay loans.

Although removing a cosigner is possible, the process can be confusing and difficult. Before attempting to remove a cosigner, we strongly recommend looking into other options.

Why would you want to remove a co-signer?

There are many reasons why you might have to get rid of a cosigner on a car loan. The most common reasons are:

Domestic fallout

People who cosign for loans for houses or cars can sometimes find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Divorces and other splits can be expensive in many ways. People don’t want to have a loan hanging over them if they don’t intend to keep the item.

Let’s take an example of a husband and wife who decide to divorce and the husband decides that he wants to keep the car. To relieve herself from any financial responsibility in the future, the wife could legitimately request her name be removed from the loan.

Financial strain

The loan co-signer may simply have fallen on hard times financially. They may not be able to pay the regular monthly payments and they might be looking for relief from any negative effects on their credit scores and financial problems.

The remaining co-signer may want to get out of the loan in order to protect their credit score and that of their loan partner. They might simply want to end the financial obligations associated with the loan for their partner. Financial strain could be the main reason for removing a cosigner.

Credit hits

We have already mentioned that loans can negatively impact your credit score. If your credit score is declining, you may want to remove the cosigner from a loan for a car. You don’t want their inability to pay their monthly payments to affect your credit score.

Ways to remove a cosigner from a car loan

You can remove a cosigner from a car loan in three ways.

Get in touch with your lender to review your contract

Do a thorough investigation into your car loan contract. You can then become familiar with the contract and examine the details. To find out if there are any “cosigner releases”, you can contact your lender. Some loans allow you to release a cosigner’s financial obligation. These conditions are often limited and include

  • There have been a certain number of timely payments.
  • They are not the principal borrower of the loan.
  • Their credit score is not below the threshold.

These cosigner release options are not available for all car loans. Be sure to check before you contact your lender to ask for anything they might not be able to offer. This is something you might want to confirm before you sign any car loan.

Refinance the loan

Refinancing your car loan can be a way to remove a cosigner. Although it is a somewhat complicated way to refinance a loan, it can remove a cosigner if necessary.

This involves taking out a loan to pay off the remainder of the loan balance. You can either get a separate loan from the lender or transfer the loan amount to a loan from a different lender.

Helpful guide – Timeshare refinance loans

Refinance of a loan requires you to sign a new loan application. Let’s say you have been approved to refinance the loan. You have the option to only state your name on your loan contract. This effectively removes your cosigner from any financial or legal obligation.

Refinancing your vehicle will require you to have been approved for the loan. To be eligible for this option, you will need to have a good credit rating and a history of making regular payments.

Repay the loan

The easiest and most straightforward way to get rid of a cosigner is to repay the entire car loan in full. This will fulfill your loan obligations and remove the cosigner of the financial obligations that it represents.

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It is important to note that removing a cosigner from car loans is a complex process. You should only consider this if you have very specific circumstances. To determine if a cosigner loan is right for you, take the time to do the research and spend the necessary time. You might want to sign a loan on your own if you are unsure. This will save you from having to go through all these hoops again in the future.

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