Honest Review On Panera Bread Menu

Honest Review On Panera Bread Menu

Written by ryancooper, In Food, Published On
September 7, 2022

I chose to “live blog” my experience at Panera today as I enjoyed a late lunch there. If everything goes well, I may use it for less significant occasions in the future. We’ll see what happens.

Please take note that I arrived at Panera at approximately 2:30 p.m. Between 11:00 and 2:00, they don’t want individuals loitering inside with their laptops. I don’t do it out of respect for their wishes. By 2:20, more than half the tables were free, allowing me to set up my small command post without bothering anyone.

Smoked ham and Swiss sandwiches

I chose the smoked ham and Swiss sandwich from the Panera menu, with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers on rye. When I replied “no” to the cashier’s request for mayonnaise or mustard, she made it apparent that she didn’t like it. A little mustard wouldn’t have bothered me, but there’s always just too much of it. They apply the mustard with a ladle even when I specify “very light mustard.” I omit as a result.

When I went here, I was coerced into getting a club card from the Panera menu. I said, “Oh, absolutely!” and gave it to the woman when she inquired if I had it with me today. Additionally, I received a complimentary cookie. Excellent. It’s a sizable object. Later, I’ll be devouring it to death. My lunch still cost $8.25 after subtracting the cost of the Panera promo code. It seems substantial. But the floor pissers are kept at bay by a firewall.

The Remainder Of This Update

The remainder of this update was composed inside the eatery. I ate lunch, made use of the free WiFi, watched, and penned my reflections. I’m hoping this has some entertainment value somewhere. I walked inside Wal-Mart to buy a contact lens solution before I got to the Panera menu. I only ever visit that awful location for that reason, and I aim to do it late at night on my way home from work. However, I ran out of the substance this morning and made the decision to take the risk in broad daylight.

A View From Panera Bread

Yes, and I see a 65+-year-old man there purchasing condoms. I’m hoping I can eat my lunch without throwing it up. I can think of a number of situations in which a muddy-booted old bastard like that might buy a Trojan box the size of a cigarette carton, and each one causes me to shudder all over.

I had to use the restroom like Man of War, so I went there first before placing my order on Panera’s menu. And I realized my pen was missing when I was almost back at the cash register. My right pocket, which has a hole in it, is where I’d place it. Dammit! I went to seek it because it was an excellent pen. It lay on the floor of the restroom. Another man had been in the room peeing into the toilet, full force directly into the water, but he seemed to have missed or ignored the situation.

Goodbye to My Beloved Writing Equipment

Blech. Although I didn’t really want to, I also didn’t want to give it up. I then washed my pen with a portion of paper towels that I had removed from the Panera menu. I reasoned that Panera presumably doesn’t draw too many floor pissers. If it had been somewhere else, like Burger King, I would have had to say goodbye to my beloved writing equipment.

But I have faith in Panera’s more educated audience. Am I misinformed? In place of chips, the woman in front of me chose an apple for her lunch. I don’t believe such behavior. I think people who choose apples over chips are acting in everyone else’s interests. I believe they are deceitful and are engaging in side item fraud. the apple? Finally, am I Man o’ War? Can I use my foot to stomp on a sugar cube as well on the Panera menu?

Well-Spent Money

Just so you know, whenever I hear someone ordering a baguette, I mentally modify it to a baguette at the Panera menu. I then laughed like a sixth grader. I am 50 years old, yes. Who cares. I believe my crack is becoming visible. I wish there were chairs here with backs that extended all the way to the platform of the ass. Unfortunately, there is a gap that precisely frames the high crack zone.

I think I just felt a breeze, but I hope it’s just in my head. I’m going to sit back down after standing up to adjust my jeans. Even if everyone sees what I’m doing, it’s still preferable to the alternative. It’s finished there. No cheers, but maybe someone will quietly approach and thank me.

The backs of the chairs all the way down

If I controlled a restaurant, I would demand that the backs of the chairs be all the way down. It significantly lessens the pressure for us larger men. I know, An elastic banded shirt with a guy I just entered the Panera menu wearing it. a nice look It’s always best to wear clothing with elastic at the bottom, whether it’s shirts or pants. mother of Pat Harrington, the sweet sainted one.

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