Kids Headphones: Wireless Earfun K2 Review

Kids Headphones: Wireless Earfun K2 Review

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Gadgets, Published On
December 2, 2023

Earfun K2 are headphones made specifically keeping in mind the kids and their needs. In this digital world where kids are expected to attend Zoom classes and have the option of learning through digital platforms, it becomes a necessity for kids to have headphones that they can easily use. Earfun K2 provides just that need. Kids can wear these headphones for long periods and carry them safely themselves. They can be used via Bluetooth or with a wire that puts them under an investment category instantly.

Specifications for Earfun K2 Headphones

Specifications  Description 
Brand EarFun
Model Name EarFun K2 Kids Bluetooth Headphones
Included Components EarFun K2 Kids Bluetooth Headphones, User Manual, Charging Cable, 3.5mm Audio Cable
Age Range (Description) Kids&Teens
Model Number EarFun K2
Target Gender Unisex
Unit Count 40 None
Number of Items 1
Charging Time 2.5 Hours
Battery Life 40 Hours
International Protection Rating IPX5
Item Weight 175 Grams
Color Blue
Special Feature 85/94dB volume limit for kids’ hearing protection, 40mm driver for stereo sound, Bluetooth 5.4 connection & Built-in HD microphones, 40Hrs ultra-long battery life & Foldable design, Kid-friendly material, CPC-certified
Control Type Media Control
Cable Feature Without Cable


Earfun K2 Kids Review

The special and rare feature of the Earfun K2 headphones is that they are foldable. Providing the comfort of storage for parents and a fun element for kids they are designed to withstand all the extra energy kids have. Now when your kid is curious and tries to know if the headphones fold you do not need to worry about them breaking the headphones as the Earfun K2 are made specifically around the kids, their habits, and curiosity. This feature also enables the kids to carry them easily in their backpacks without worrying about breakage or space.


Earfun K2 Kids Review

The battery life of Earfun K2 is amazing. They provide a continuous, uninterrupted playtime of up to 40 hours. This playtime is recorded after just one charge. This is an average playtime which means it may extend more than 40 hours. This playtime largely depends upon the use pattern of the consumer. For some this playtime may extend up to weeks without charging. All this at an affordable price will keep both the kids and the parents happy.


The Earfun K2 headphones have Bluetooth features but also come with a connecting cable for use when the headphones are not charged for wireless use. The Earfun K2 is really big on convenience for kids and parents as this feature will take away the problem of kids’ tantrums when they want to use headphones but refuse to let them charge. It makes the use of headphones easier and more promising as it provides the consumers with options for use.

Adjustable Headband

Earfun K2 Kids Review

Keeping in mind the kids Earfun K2 is designed with adjustable headbands. As the kids start growing, their head size also starts changing so Earfun K2 has been designed with an eight-level adjustable headband for kids to be able to continue using the headphones as they grow. This is a one-time investment for parents as the headphones will be as comfortable as when the kids are young even when they use them through their growing years.

Pros and Cons of Earfun K2 Headphones

Pros  Cons 
The headphones are foldable which saves space while travelling The listening mode is 94dB which is too loud
An adjustable headband makes the headphones easy to use for kids as they grow which turns this piece into an investment The mic signal in headphones is weak which puts them at a disadvantage when calling
The earpads are soft and comfortable for kids
The battery life of the headphones is 40 hours after a charge
The headphones have impressive bass

Verdict for Earfun K2 Headphones

The Earfun K2 for kids are amazing headphones to use when traveling or working. They are an aid during the learning process for kids. Keeping in mind the kid’s developmental years and bodily changes Earfun K2 has been given the feature of adjustable headbands and comfortable earpads. These headphones are affordable and fun for kids to use. They are also safe for kids to use as they are tested by concerned authorities.


  • What colors are Earfun K2 available in?

The Earfun K2 kids model is available in two colors- blue and baby pink.

  • What is the battery life of Earfun K2?

The headphones Earfun K2 take about two to two and a half hours to charge and have a playtime of 40 hours per charge. The battery life of the headphones majorly depends on the volume when used.

  • Are Earfun K2 kids friendly?

Yes, the Earfun K2 headphones are designed keeping the kids in mind. They have comfortable earpads that can be folded. They also have an adjustable headband that accommodates every kid’s size.

  • Who can use Earfun K2?

Earfun K2 are kids headphones made for kids every need be it Zoom lectures, video games, or travel fun. They have been designed around a kid’s need in this digital world.

  • What is the price of Earfun K2?

Earfun K2 is available at a price range of INR 1,332 to 1,773 depending on the color on Amazon in India.

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