10 Games Like Batman Arkham Knight

10 Games Like Batman Arkham Knight

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November 16, 2023

Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham Series has been a revolution in the superhero genre of games in recent years and its latest instalment Arkham Knight is nothing short of breathtaking. It has the biggest and most detailed open world in the series so far and has the Batmobile as a fan-demanded commute which gives Strolling the Nights of Gotham a brand new perspective. This great-looking finale brings together all of Batman’s closest family and supervillains for an amazing, great-looking endgame.


  1. Vast and immersive open-world
  2. Gameplay Variety
  3. Tons of side missions
  4. Gripping story and amazing performances
  5. Batmobile addition
  6. Jaw-dropping visuals
  7. Genre defining combat


  1. Batmobile Tank battles become tedious
  2. Underwhelming boss battles
  3. Less variety in side quests

10 games like Batman Arkham Knight

Mad Max

Mad Max, made by the renowned Avalanche Studios which is based on the Mad Max Movie franchise shares many similarities with Arkham Knight with its free-flowing combat, vehicular demolition, and a rich open world. Even though the combat was quite similar but lacked the sheer variety, that is where the vehicular combat took over and won the fans. Although it largely underperformed after launch the game was still enjoyed by a number of Mad Max and Action-adventure lovers.

Middle Earth Shadow of War

Middle Earth Shadow of War is everything Shadow of Mordor was but better. The sequel continues the story of Talion with an improved nemesis system and a much wider scale of combat with fortress captures being a standout. Like its predecessor, Shadow of War’s combat is clearly inspired by the Arkham series, with button-mashing combos and counter mechanics like the Batman titles, making a wide variety of skills available to players with the drawback of making subduing enemies too easy at times.

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs made by Square Enix is one of the most underrated games of recent years. It has one of the best-looking Hong Kong seen in games as well as a gripping story from start to end. It has the same combat mechanics as the Batman games as is great hand-to-hand and environmental combat, with a lot of learnable attacks and skills as the game progresses.

Ghost of Tsushima

After the incredible gameplay reveal, people had no idea what to expect from this title. But everything changed after the release as Sucker Punch Productions presented gamers with a samurai game the gaming world had never seen before. The Artistic and serene open world of feudal Japan was one of the best-looking graphical presentations among AAA titles. The combat shared features with the Arkham Games but had a variety of its own in timely attacks, parries, and additional samurai-inspired stealth.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Not as much for the combat as for the performances and open world, Horizon Zero Dawn is somewhat considered the better game even though the sequel was an upgrade in every possible way. The AI was the strongest point of the title with every enemy encounter being different but the character designs and side characters to forget held it back at times.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Syndicate is the ninth installment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise and was acclaimed for its fast-paced combat and beautifully detailed London of the 19th Century. Syndicate allowed players to chain together attacks and blocks like the Arkham games with the parry mechanics also prevalent from the last franchise.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Considered a spinoff to the Marvel’s Spider-Man series, Miles Morales takes the story of Miles forward as a build-up to the newly released Marvel’s Spiderman 2. The combat is definitely inspired by the Arkham series as it has identical mechanics to that of Marvel’s Spiderman.

Marvel’s Spiderman

Insomniac definitely answered the critics by making it not one of the best Spiderman games but probably one of the greatest superhero games ever made. With a varied open world and combat mechanics of attack, dodge, parry, and even stealth sequences, it is definitely visible where Insomniac got its inspiration from.

Red Dead Redemption

One of the Greatest Games ever made, Rockstar might not have had inspiration regarding their living breathing open world from Arkham Knight but have definitely taken a piece of their combat mechanics as the inclusion of dodge, parry, and grapple clearly speaks for the same and also the vastly reimagined combat based on the same.

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3

The Greatest and Most awarded game of this generation, the Witcher 3, just like Red Dead Redemption 2 has definitely improved its combat is inspired by the Arkham games since it has been completely revamped and remade since Witcher 2 with the inclusion of skill-based level-up system and a wide variety of Witcher items to aid the free-flowing hack and slash mechanics.

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