Are you Depends Upon the Number of Puffs?

Are you Depends Upon the Number of Puffs?

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July 5, 2022
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How Much Should You Vape a Day?

The quantity one should vape is not fixed for anyone. The amount that one should vape a day depends on the person and how much their body can take. If one can use a single vape a day that should define that much for itself. It is seen that many people use a vape daily while other uses more than a vape within 24 hours ( disposable vapes, as well as reusable ones, includes).

Although it depends on the individual how much it likes to vape, it also counts what amount the user is used to consuming. For instance, if a user were an ex-smoker and used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, obviously it would tend to take the same amount of signature e-liquid. However, this includes several factors, such as the type of content used in vapes is different from the cigarettes. There are several other factors that matter are listed below.

Nicotine Content Matters:

The nicotine content matters very much when counting the amount of vape content one should have. Since nicotine is one of the most significant ingredients in a vape and it is also the item that causes addiction. So as much the amount of nicotine a smoker used to have that much it would take in a vape too.

If that is the case here the question arises of how much that would be. If a user were having the amount of nicotine from a pack of 20 cigarettes a day, it would have the same amount of nicotine from vapes accordingly. A cigarette normally contains 8mg to 20mg of nicotine but notably, a smoker does intake 1mg to 2mg per cigarette.

Therefore if a smoker takes 20 cigarettes means it would take around 20mg of nicotine and that would be a vape as a single vapouriser that carries the same amount of nic-salt. However, the nicotine found in vapes is very different than in traditional cigarettes, including both types of vapes, cola e-liquid as well reusable vapes.

Amount of E-liquid Counts:

As the vapes are different from cigarettes, they are comprised of various elements, including e-liquid. Unlike cigarettes, they use e-liquid as the substance that is heated to make the vape work. So when looking at the amount of vaping a user should have in a day, it is necessary to see the amount of Heisenberg e-liquid it takes.

For example, if one is taking 20mg of nicotine as a replacement for cigarettes, it would be taking 2ml of e-liquid. This is because that much e-liquid contains 2% of nicotine content. It is also important to know that according to TPD no one can exceed the capacity of the tank from 2ml, which applies to both disposable vapes and reusable vapes. So a vaper can have that much e-liquid in a vape at a time.

Depends Upon the Number of Puffs A User Has:

It is the most prominent thing that determines the quantity of a vape. The number of puffs a vape device provides means that much longer the vape will last. Especially the number of disposable vapes is usually counted by the number of puffs that the device comes with.

If a chain smoker used to have a dozen of cigarettes a day, after turning to vapes, it expects the same number of puffs from the vape it uses. Hence a vape is sufficient to provide that number of puffs is equivalent to the number of blows in a cigarette.


How much should you vape a day is a tricky question. This is because it depends upon the individual what quantity of nicotine their body needs. As if it used to have a pack of cigarettes as a smoker, it should take the same amount in vape to satisfy his needs after turning to vape.

In this case, nicotine plays the foremost role along with the other factors mentioned above. Therefore whether you use disposable vapes or reusable ones, to know how much should you vape in a day, you have to consider the things that matter, listed above in this blog.

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