Top 7 Family Movies to Watch in 2022 with Kids

Top 7 Family Movies to Watch in 2022 with Kids

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December 10, 2021

It’s a Saturday night, and the entire family has decided to have a movie night by popping some popcorn in the microwave. Sure, there are a lot of possibilities, but when children are involved, the choices can get a little problematic. Is it appropriate for my child’s age? Will the kids enjoy it? Will I be able to? Is it possible that the music may get stuck in your head? There’s a lot to think about—and all the criteria have already given us a headache. Also, the already released movies are so exciting and worth seeing. Similarly, the new upcoming movies are coming with a new hype.

Things are about to get very hectic this year when an avalanche of high-profile mainstream blockbusters and award-seeking dramas swarm the marketplace. It will be tough for most to keep up with the onslaught, but it is encouraging for cinephiles and the business, whose health has been a constant concern throughout the pandemic.

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Top 7 Family Movies to Watch in 2022 with Kids

Here are some best movies that you must not miss. Also, you should in 2022.

Honey Dew(Best family to watch with kids)

In Honeydew, Riley (Malin Barr) and Sam (Sawyer Spielberg, son of Steven) ignore the caution not to eat anything with an unknown origin. The pair has a run-in with an unpleasant landowner on a New England camping trip, who evicts them from their resting place, forcing them to embark on a nocturnal trek through the woods to Karen’s house (Barbara Kingsley). Even though Riley and Sam are vegans, they feel forced to eat some of Karen’s home-cooked steak and bread, the latter of which is especially risky given the region’s history of crop and cow losses due to a toxic spore.

That’s only the start of what writer/director Devereux Milburn has in store for his heroes, who are joined at their dinner table by a dazed-looking man with a bandaged head, and who soon realize Karen has nefarious intentions for them, some of which involve her kid. The subsequent mayhem is spectacular, horrifying, and considerably disgusting and announces the birth of a uniquely out-there horror voice, with abrupt edits and split screens for maximum disorientation.

Matilda(Sci-Fci movie to watch with kids)

It would be Matilda if Carrie had a happy ending in a parallel universe. Matilda Wormwood is an intellectually curious little girl who is shunned and ignored by her overworked parents and school officials. That is until Matilda realizes she has telekinetic abilities. It’s as entertaining as a Danny Devito-directed version of a British children’s novel sounds.

School of rock(Most Funny Movie To Watch with family)

Dewey Finn (Jack Black), an overly exuberant guitarist, is fired from his bar band and finds himself devoid of work. He acts as a substitute music teacher at an affluent private elementary school, exposing his kids to the hard rock gods he idolizes and emulates, much to the dismay of the school’s strict administration (Joan Cusack). He imagines redemption at a local Battle of the Bands as he gets his affluent and precocious kids in touch with their inner rock ‘n’ roll animals.

Finding Nimo(Best Cartoon movie to watch with family)

It’s the Disney film that launched a generation and a whole new way to see Sydney. Following an anxious clownfish in his search for his lost son, the film takes you on a journey filled with love, interesting personalities (hello, Dory! ), and an overpowering sensation of, well, I believe I need to call my father more.

Jumanji(Adventurous Movie To Watch With kids)

What are those thudding drums? After only reading this statement, the game comes to life. This ’90s blockbuster about a bunch of kids trapped inside the all-encompassing board game Jumanji has become a classic. To say the least, the fact that their newfound mentor in this tale world is none other than the multi-generational Great Communicator: Robin Williams, is a highlight.

The Parent’s Trap(Best Teen Movie To Watch With Teens)

It’s Lindsay Lohan’s cinematic debut, portraying long-lost twins who reconnect at summer camp and decide to bring the family back together. Yes, it may have been a recreation of 1961 original, but after seeing this, you might just want to take up fencing, or maybe you’ll just perfect the ultimate camp trick featured here.

Spirited Away(High Rated Cartoon Movie To Watch With Family)

There is no upper age limit for seeing a Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli masterpiece. Spirited Away is a beautifully animated film about a young girl who discovers herself in the spirit world of Japanese folklore and sets out on a journey to return to the human world. This one is best for kids aged 10 and over, or whenever they can handle the protagonist’s parents being turned into pigs. (It’s all up to you.)

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