What are the Different Types of Solid Body Electric Guitars Available Today?

What are the Different Types of Solid Body Electric Guitars Available Today?

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November 25, 2021

The electric guitar is a unique instrument that primarily comes in three types of body styles – hollow, semi-hollow, and solid. Solid guitars, also referred to as solid-body guitars, are composed of solid wood pieces. These electric guitars for sale typically come with more sustain and happen to be more feedback resistant as compared to fully hollow or semi-hollow guitars. Due to this reason, it is a perfect fit for or metal and rock, the musical genres that involve more distortion. From the below information, you will come to know more about the subsections of solid body guitars.

What are the Different Types of Solid Body Electric Guitars Available Today?


This is a widely recognized electric guitar model that came out first in the year 1954. It is often simply referred to as a start, and the band implemented a lot in various musical genres, such as blues, solve, folk, pop, rock, and country.

Generally, these kinds of electric guitars for sale have a tremolo, a type of device which lets you manage the guitar pitch by raising or lowering it. The guitar has been popularised by names like.

  • David Gilmour

  • Eric Clapton

  • Stevie Ray Vaughn

  • Buddy Holly

  • Jimi Hendrix

  • Super Strat

Stratocaster is its inspiration, but the super start stands out on its own steam. It is like Stratocaster in terms of body style. These come with Floyd Rose tremolos, which can help in a higher range of movement as compared to a regular fender Stratocaster tremolo.

It is most appropriate for heavy metal and rock music genres, given that high output pickups characterize its body style.

  • Telecaster:

Fender Telecaster, have you ever heard this name? If not yet, then here is a piece of information for you all, it was the precursor amongst the electric guitars. This versatile piece of musical instrument was used by both professionals and normal audiences after its premiere and is known for its high-end response. It has a bold-cutting voice, and although it is appropriate for country music, the Telecaster can be excellent for any music style apart from hard rock varieties.

Some of the well-known musical stars who have popularized these types of electric guitars for sale are:

  • Merle Haggard

  • Jonny Greenwood

  • Vince Gill

  • Danny Gatton

  • James Burton

  • Jack White

  • Keith Richards

  • Offset:

This body style consists of mainly three instruments, the jazz master, the Mustang, and the Jaguar. These types of guitars are known for their jangly music, which means producing clear, low-end, bright, and subtle mid responses. Besides, a few adjustments in the tone or knobs can produce rhythmic music out of this guitar.

These guitars come with excellent clarity, which makes them appropriate for the various musical genres. Naturally, this can be seen in used in various alternative musical genres such as shoegaze. Musical genres such as shoegaze, grunge or alternative that need plenty of fuzz or effects require offset guitars.

Some notable guitarists using these electric guitars for sale include names like:

  • Kurt Cobain

  • Kevin Shields

  • J Mascis

  • Thurston Moore

  • Johnny Marr

Les Paul:

It is often associated with Classic Rock, but this guitar can be used for many more musical genres. It was used extensively by its inventor Gibson Les Paul and was also used by the deceased singer Bob Marley in his heydays.

These electric guitars for sale do not have a single defining tone and are, rather, marked by a clear and balanced response. These features make it ideal for a few styles of jazz and rock music genre. When compared to the other guitars, sustain is more here. Other than country music, the Les Paul guitar can be used in almost any music genre. It has been used mini-Rock varieties, R&B, metal, jazz as well as punk.

Its body style is a mix of various designs solid-chambered, solid arched, and solid. The solid ones are composed of a solid wood piece, whereas the solid arched ones have a very arched top with a metal cap at times. The chambered ones have a chamber inside.

Some of the famous users of this type of electric guitars for sale are Joe Walsh, Bob Marley, Ace Frehley, Eric Clapton, Buckethead, Jimmy Page, and of course Les Paul himself.

So, if you are a music enthusiast, the above information will help you understand which guitars suit your choice.

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