JLab JBud Mini Earbuds Review 

JLab JBud Mini Earbuds Review 

Written by Alison Lurie, In Headset, Published On
November 5, 2023

The JBud Mini Earbuds manufactured by JLab Audio are known for their sleek design and small structure. They are available in multiple shades and at affordable prices. They feature decent sound quality, and Bluetooth connectivity, and are the most used earbuds because of their fully wireless experience. They come with three different earbuds of different sizes in order to cater to your ear shape and are portable.

JBuds Mini Earbuds Specifications

Specifications Details
Weight 25.1g (Earbuds & case), 3.3g per Earbud, 18.5g charging case
Color Black/Green Aqua/Mint Green/Magenta Pink/Sage Grey
IP Rating IPX 5.5 (earbuds only)
Bluetooth Version 5.3
Range 30+ft
Speaker 6mm dynamic driver
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Output 103+/-3dB
Microphone MEMS-38dB+/-1dB
Impedance 16 Ω
Battery life 5.5+ hours in each bud
Total playtime 20+ hours total
Earbud Battery 35mAh lithium polymer
Charge Plug USB-C
Waterproofing IP55 (earbuds only)
Codecs SBC
Warranty 2 years

Design and Built Quality

JLab JBud Mini Earbuds

The JBud Mini Earbuds have a compact design and are smaller than most of the other earbuds available on the market. It has almost 50% smaller cases and 30% smaller earbuds than the average GO Air POP. Available in Aqua teal, mint green, and many unique colors, the JBuds Mini are the smallest true wireless earphones ever-present. It is designed in a manner that will allow your ears to fully accommodate itself with the plastic body and you can hear uninterrupted music on your go time.

The box includes three pairs of silicone ear tips to help you get the most proper seal for your ears. The Earbuds are compatible with Bluetooth 5.3 and Google Fast Pairing. The outer panel has touch controls in which a single tap on the left earbuds results in lowering volume, a double tap opens voice assistant, a triple tap cycles through a low EQ preset, and a long press switch between the Music (audio quality) and movie (lower latency) playback mode. On the right earpiece, a single tap raises volume, a double tap controls playback, and a triple tap enables the be Aware (transparency) mode. You can answer and receive calls with a single tap on both earbuds.

JBud Mini Earbuds Sound Quality

JLab JBud Mini Earbuds

The most important part of any audio device is its sound quality and although the JBud Mini Earbuds are cheap in price, they offer quite a tremendous amount of sound features like they have Adjustable EQ, strong noise isolation, and vibrant beats. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have background noises while wearing the earbuds, but you can still enjoy a good amount of music with its long battery life.

There is an in-app EQ that you can personalize to your taste. It also uses standard codecs, and it makes it good for streaming, but there is no aptX or LDAC support. Still, we can say there is crispiness and a rejuvenating feel in the sound.

JBud Mini Earbuds Battery life

JLab JBud Mini Earbuds

JBud Mini offers a quite tremendous amount of battery life for their mini size. They offer up to 5.5 hours of battery life through the earbuds and up to 20 hours including the case when you charge it for one time. There is also a feature of quick charge support. This means that in a 15-minute charge, an hour’s worth of battery life will be sustained. For a cheap price, this battery life is relatively good. The earbuds normally take an hour and a half to charge, and the case takes two hours.

Although the charging case’s footprint is about the size of two American quarters and can make a good keychain, this doesn’t affect the battery life. When the charging reaches below 25%, the LED turns red, letting you know that now you have to charge it. The microphone is embedded in such a manner that it will make a clear connection in terms of voice calls and sound will get through easily.

Pros and Cons of JBud Mini Earbuds

Pros Cons
Affordable The tiny charging case is difficult to open
Rich quality sound Limited quick charge
In-app EQ adjustment Only supports the SBC codecs
Water and dust-resistant design Touch-sensitive earbuds are not easy to handle
Be Aware (Transparency) mode No active noise cancelling
Customizable sound Not for strong bass
Features like multipoint Can lose them easily
Good noise isolation

Final thoughts

Overall, the JBud Mini Earbuds offer a range of features and a slim design at such a good price. It should be noted that there are still some features that need improvement, but according to its price, the product is worth giving a shot. It has a sleek design and perfect battery life. They can suit every budget and have no issue of storage. While the Codecs support is limited, along with the Bluetooth Multipoint connectivity, the JLab apps and Be Aware mode can make up for the lack of true ANC.

A quick charge can make you use it for an hour and along with that you have touch-sensitive earbuds which makes it a modern yet easy handling case. In this day, we can see products that take a huge amount of time to charge and have low battery life, but this product offers a wide range of features that support a good battery percentage. We can say that this product is worth trying and it caters to the needs of every ear.


Q: What is JBud Mini Earbuds?

JBud Mini Earbuds offer a wide range of audio setups for your experience and allows you to have crisp and relaxing sound quality. It has a 6mm dynamic driver speaker along with replaceable ear tips for your ear shape that enable you to forget your surroundings and vibe with the music you are hearing.

Q: What is in the JBud Mini box?

Along with the earbuds and user manual, it comes with a wireless charging case which has three pairs of ear tips which are of different sizes in order to accommodate to your ears.

Q: Is the JBud Mini Earbuds compatible with other JLab apps?

Yes, the product is compatible with other JLab apps and allows the connectivity feature.

Q: Does this product allow multiconnected features?

Yes, this product allows the multiconnected feature and you can connect it with both YouTube and Spotify at the same time.

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