Roland VMH-D-1: The Ideal Headphones To Elevate Your Drumming Experience 

Roland VMH-D-1: The Ideal Headphones To Elevate Your Drumming Experience 

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Headset, Published On
December 4, 2023

The Roland VMH-D1 headphones, tailored for electronic drummers; reveal your drumming talent within you. The VMH-D1 is a state-of-the-art headphone product that was co-created by the V-Drums of Roland and V-MODA, a globally recognized headphone manufacturer, offering the best music performance possible. The VMH-D1 comes with its own 3-meter-long detachable audio cable that makes it possible to move about freely without the hindrance of entangled cables. The 45-degree, angled plug makes sure that the cable drops behind your back leaving the drumming area clean.

Specifications for Roland VMH-D1

Specifications Details
Product Type Earbuds
Product Name Roland VMH-D1
Earphone Type Over the ear
Cable Detachable
Frequency 5Hz-40KHz
Sensitivity 100dB +/-3dB
Audio Drivers 50 mm
Impedance 32Ω
Microphone 3 microphones
Colors Glacier white, Charcoal black
Active Noise Cancellation Yes
Transparency Mode Yes
Waterproof Yes
Weight 5.7×2
Battery 5 hours

Custom-tuned drivers for exceptional sound clarity:

Roland VMH-D1

They incorporate specially designed and tunned 50 mm drivers which provide ultra-wide frequency response combined with unrivalled clarity. The drivers are specially tailored for electronic drums that faithfully reproduce each element of the sound of your playing.

Isolated sound for immersive drumming:

Having excellent noise isolation, the user can listen exclusively to their drumming with the help of VMH-D1 headphones. It’s important because of home practice and studio recording; it avoids distraction thus letting you focus on what your drum sounds like.

Comfortable design for extended wear:

Roland VMH-D1

To accommodate long service on them, the design of VMH-D1 headphones features large and soft memory leather ear pads fitted to comfortably stay in place. The soft, yet breathable as well as durable synthetic leather covers the earpads. A well-padded headband equally distributes the weight.

Tangle-free cable for freedom of movement:

Roland VMH-D1

The VMH-D1 headphones have a 45-degree angle plug and a removable 3m audio cable. This is an angled plug and keeps the cabling away so it won’t get messed up no matter how many times you move around with your Kit.

Rugged construction for long-lasting durability:

These headphones of VMH-D1 were designed to take up daily pressure. These are made of quality materials, which have reinforced cables able to stand constant use and shifting.

Roland VMH-D1

Pros & Cons of Roland VMH-D1

Pros Cons
The Roland VMH-D1 provides brilliant music quality Premium price may not be suitable for all budgets
The Roland VMH-D1 provides Immersive isolation for focused drumming Some users may find the headphones to be slightly bulky
Comfortable design for extended wear
Tangle-free cable for freedom of movement
Rugged construction for long-lasting durability

Verdict of Roland VMH-D1

These e-drummer headphones known as Roland VMH-D1 offer extraordinary sound quality, good design, and knot-free cable with superior features. All in all, the Roland VMH-D1 headphones rank high among high-end choices of e-drummers who seek a great listening experience. Roland’s VMH-D1 headphones have a realistic sound and useful cable management accessories, which should appeal to drummers and other studio musicians even though they cost more than some competing models. Editors at PCMag choose and evaluate products on their own


Do Roland headphones work well with drums?

 Roland VMH-D1 is a high-end headphone built exclusively for electronic drummers.

Who do the Roland VMH-D1 headphones target?

 Serious electronic drummers need quality sound and a comfortable hearing experience – such as provided by the Roland VMH-D1 headphones. They can be used for home practice, studio recordings, and live performances.

Are there noise cancellation features in the Roland VMH-D1 headphones?

Indeed, Roland VML-D1 headphones are highly isolative making it possible for you to concentrate on the beats only. This comes in handy during the home practice and studio recording when you may be distracted and this may not result in a good sounding performance.

Are the Roland VMH-D1 headphones bulky and heavy?

 Though the Roland VMH-D1 headphones are a bit bulky, they are perfectly balanced making it possible to use them for long hours. They are carefully distributed to give excellent weight balance that ensures the least pressure in the plush earpads.

Do all electronic drums work with Roland VMH-D1 headphones?

Yes, the Roland VMU-D1 headphones can work with any e-drum with a traditional 3.5 mm jack input. The Roland E-series is specially designed for Roland V-drums but it works well with any Electronic drum.

Does Roland VMH-D1 have a water-resistant feature?

 Yes, Roland VMH-D1 has an IPX4 water-resistant feature.

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