Is It Important To Focus On Lower Body Workout Before Work On Upper Body?

Is It Important To Focus On Lower Body Workout Before Work On Upper Body?

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November 8, 2021

In life, we are often confronted by this dilemma of whether we should start working out to assure a healthy future.

After all, we won’t be young forever!

If you are someone who has overcome the constant debate of should I or shouldn’t and have finally gathered the zeal to wake up in the morning for that long-awaited usage on the equipment rotting at the corner of your house then congratulations!

For reaching this article.

Because in this excerpt below we will be discussing the most crucial question of Is It Important To Focus On Lower Body Workout Before I Work On My Upper Body? You have read the following write-up to get to the answer.

What Is The Simple Answer?

The simple answer to this question is no. If you just starting with your workout regime, then it is generally advised to work out on your entire body as a unit.

However, a full-body workout can be a little hectic at the start. Therefore, you should opt for strengthening your core leg mussels since they are comparatively easy from the regular upper body workout.

Additionally, it will also allow gaining strength for future workout sessions.

Starting With Your First Workout Regime?

If you are someone who has never attempted core exercises then there is nothing to be scared of. Make sure you don’t go all in, you have to open up your body muscles first and yes they will be sore the day after, However, if you don’t want to suffer from any kind of injury, opt for a few simpler lower body workout.

  • Leg Cardio

Nothing could be better than some whole-hearted cardio when you are starting with your first fitness regime. The best part is, you can start with something as simple as walking 2km a day.

However, if you want to little more pump in your routine and you have a gym membership already purchased, we are not asking you to not utilize the equipment.

These are the machines you can start for calorie-burning cardio.

  • Treadmill
  • Stair Climber
  • Rowling Machine
  • Curved Treadmill
  • Upright Bike

Cycling can help immensely in boosting your core lower body strength, same for skipping ropes more than 500 times a day. However, you should start with 200 and then increase 100 daily.

Cardio exercises are also best when losing weight is your motivation to start.

  • Squats

Squats is the very next lower body workout you can do when you are confident about your leg strength. Squatting is easy but at the same time, when done consecutively it is highly effective in tightening your calf muscle and decreasing the thigh weight.

Other than the obvious calorie-burning properties, health-wise squats can also help in preventing knee injuries or any ankle injury.

The more squats you put in your, the more ligament strength you will gain. This in turn will help you gain body fitness for upper body workouts like plank, push-ups, or weights.

If you are someone training for a run or marathon, along with running daily you can also try squats daily and it will build your athletic strength.

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  • Glute Bridge

This lower body fitness is a balance between upper body fitness and the lower body. This exercise is also confirmed heavy calorie burn hence, it is advised to not do a hardcore regime on the first day.

You lie on your back and push yourself with the strength of your pelvis. Make sure that almost half of the body is thrust upwards. The first time will look easy but as you increase the timing and the sets, you will feel the burn in the entire lower half. This only means it’s working.

This will not only increase the core strength of the legs but also your back.

  • Lunges

Easy!, and can burn your desired calories.

Like some of the above-mentioned lower body fitness exercises, this can be started on the very first day.

First, take a huge step and fold your knees forward, dipping your other knee to the floor for a few seconds before repeating the same thing again with the other leg. Continue this for a few steps before turning and repeating it on the other side.

Keep your arms at your waist to maintain balance.

  • Side Lung

This is also an easy lower body workout for fitness. Unlike the front lunges, you have to stand static at a position and fold your legs sideways to a lunge; hold for a few seconds before returning back.

This is another exercise that will help cut down your slump your laziness with simple movements, which can also burn a lot of calories.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this answers your question of is it important to focus on lower body fitness before I work on your upper body fitness. However, if you are confident of handling both the upper and lower body, then you can start with a few simple upper body exercises like, Wall push-ups, Air punches And, Floor push-ups with knees on your floor.

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