Top 7 Benefits of Swimming During Winter Time

Top 7 Benefits of Swimming During Winter Time

Written by Alison Lurie, In Health, Published On
January 28, 2022


Winter is still in full swing, with very cold weather and wet gray days. The weather we have right now in the northern hemisphere is far from sunny days filled with lounging in the sun and swimming in the refreshing water. When you look outside, you probably shudder at the thought of swimming in these temperatures.

However, with heated pools and many amazing indoor swim centers, you will forget all about winter and continue to swim and enjoy the water. Your winter swimming habit will not only break the monotony of your days, but also bless you with many benefits for your physical and mental health, so let’s see why you should grab your swimsuit and jump in the pool in winter.

Top 7 Benefits of Swimming During Winter Time

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  • Staying in form

No matter if you’re a casual sports enthusiast or do any sport competitively, swimming in winter will provide you with many benefits. Swimming laps throughout winter will ensure your overall fitness levels stay high. If you’re swimming regularly in the summer, winter swims will keep your technique crisp as well. When the warmer months roll in (and they will be here sooner than you think), you will simply keep breaking records and meeting your goals, instead of having to pick up where you left off.

  • Break for your joints

If you’re an active person during the warmer parts of the year and usually choose running as your cardio, it’s a great idea to switch to swimming in winter. When the weather is too cold to run outside, you can replace it with a nice pool and get your weekly dose of cardio. However, since swimming is extremely low impact, you will provide your joints with a much-needed break and allow them to heal and recover. Also, if you have any injuries that still need healing, swimming will be a perfect activity to give these injuries a healthy amount of exercise without causing further damage.

  • Maintain healthy body weight

Swimming is a unique activity that is ideal in many cases for weight maintenance and shedding those extra few pounds we all gain during winter. It’s a total body workout that employs all muscle groups in your body, as well as exercises your cardiovascular systems. If you want to look at the numbers, an average person swimming for an hour can not only give their muscles a serious challenge but also burn around 600 calories. There are other activities like tennis training that also exercise the entire body and can be done indoors in winter, so you can easily combine them with swimming for an even better result. And if you want to push your calorie-burning to the max, choose a swimming pool with colder water that will demand your body to work harder.

  • Increased circulation

In winter, getting cold is a big problem, but good circulation can fix it. Swimming is a great activity to improve blood flow since it keeps your heart rate elevated, forcing the heart to pump more blood and oxygen through your body.

  • Better mental health

To many, winter brings the blues and seasonal depression, so you might need to make a conscious effort to relax and clear your head. Luckily, swimming is a great activity that will reduce your anxiety and boost happy hormones. The steady breathing, rhythmic movements of the arms and legs, and relaxing sounds of water can all ban stress from your life and fill you with endorphins that will bring the relaxation of both body and mind.

According to some studies, swimming can even help the creation of new brain cells, especially in the part of the brain that is under the most stress. So after the kind of two years we’ve had, having a winter full of fun and happiness is a good bargain.

  • Learning to swim

If your kids are planning to go swimming in the upcoming summer, it’s a great idea to sign them up for classes in winter. Winter classes are just as effective as summer classes (they are held indoors in heated pools) and the crowds are smaller. And by the time summer comes, you can confidently let your kids enjoy swimming knowing they have all the necessary skills and knowledge. If you want to teach your kids how to swim, it’s a great activity for the entire family when the weather outside is not suitable for outdoor activities.

  • Zero crowds

And finally, if you hate crowded pools, just hit them in winter and you’ll have all the space and quiet you need. Expect to have the entire lane for yourself in many cases so you can focus on your technique, but also take your time to enjoy your swim,

If you were considering going to your nearest pool in the winter, the benefits above will definitely motivate you to go searching for your swimsuit and hit the water.

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