Why You Need a Facial Hair Transplant?

Why You Need a Facial Hair Transplant?

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September 17, 2022

What is a beard hair transplant? This beard transplantation procedure involves restoring hair to thin or missing facial hair growth areas. It’s good to know that this kind of surgical procedure is known to be performed on some mustache areas like beard, sideburns, and many more. In addition, a facial hair transplant is done to conceal acne scars or other kinds of facial scars from an individual’s body.

Therefore, if you are interested in undergoing this procedure, this will be your best article since it will explain and give you some significant benefits you should expect from a facial hair transplant.

Why Do Most Men Often Prefer Facial Hair Transplants?

First and foremost, a facial hair transplant is known to have so many benefits, both cosmetic and psychological. Hence for men, a full thick beard is an essential part of their identity and therefore recognized for boosting their self-confidence. For some other men, it often helps them to feel more masculine or better match their gender presentation. Most of them who are known to have some facial hair growth complication often look for a beard hair transplant.

A Facial Hair Transplant Helps to Restore an Individual’s Hair

Most men are recognized to have some hair complications, which makes their conscience minimal. For this reason, they are forced to look for facial hair transplant doctors for hair restoration. This beard transplant surgery is often known to restore hair in some areas where it’s either missing or balding. This procedure works for men and also those who are transitioning from FTM. Therefore, you should seek facial hair restoration if you have any facial hair complications.

It Helps to Relieve Men from Patchy Beards or Areas Of Hair Loss

You often get a facial hair transplant with patchy or unappealing beards. Those men who record defects to have some patchy beards are known to be the best candidates for facial hair restoration. You should know that during facial transplant, hair follicles are usually taken from the area of your scalp with dense growth and transplanted to your beard area.

Therefore, this procedure is typically done using FUE or FUT methods. Remember that your doctor will always give you an anesthetic to numb the treatment areas during this procedure. This process takes about four to eight hours, depending on the number of grafts.

Enhances Individual Facial Features

You must understand that a facial transplant is beneficial in providing a permanent solution to beard hair loss. Therefore, the transplanted hair follicles will continue to grow throughout your life, maintaining your results for a long time.

In addition, if you are considering a facial hair transplant, it’s essential to consult your doctor, who is experienced in performing this process. Eventually, your surgeon will help you determine if you are the best candidate for the surgery and develop a customized treatment plan to ensure natural-looking results.

A Facial Hair Transplant Helps in The Beautification Of Men

Most men who have undergone facial hair restoration are known to be more handsome and look good compared to non-attendant ones. Therefore men often go for facial hair to make their beards look good; sometimes, those who do not have beards and are interested in having them are encouraged to go for a facial transplant.

Men who have undergone facial hair transplants are more handsome and look good when they are compared to others who haven’t. Therefore, if you are interested in good face and beard growth, visit one of the physicians for treatment. Men with beards are also known to have the confidence to walk and talk to others since beards sometimes act as their identity.

The Cons of Beard Transplant

There are minimal cons to beard hair transplant procedures. According to surgical procedures and processes recorded from beard transplants, there are some minimal risks compared to other treatment processes. Only minor side effects like redness and swelling appear and are known to disappear within the same day.

The pros of beard hair transplant are that hair is often permanent, and you choose a full beard that will last for a long time with impressive results. Therefore, that individual known to have undergone this process’s self-esteem has been boosted. In addition, if you are looking for a more mature beard appearance, then through a facial hair transplant, this will happen.


The article has explained some benefits and results that one is expecting to get from hair restoration. The beard hair transplant is known to make men look beautiful or more handsome compared to those who haven’t gone through this process.

Most men who are said to have some defects with beard growth are encouraged to seek qualified medical physicians for more appealing results. Eventually, remember that you will expect good results when you look for a qualified physician to operate on your problem.

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