How to find the perfect sofa set for your home

How to find the perfect sofa set for your home

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February 15, 2023

Looking for a new sofa? Well, you might be wondering where to start. If you want the perfect couch that will be completely in sync with your room, your aesthetic preferences, and the overall theme of your home, you’ll need to stick to a few guidelines.

How to find the perfect sofa set for your home

How to find the perfect sofa set for your home

A sofa set is not meant just to enhance the look of a room but also serves some utilitarian purposes. Here are a few things to consider so that you can choose the sofa set of your dreams!

  • Size of sofa:

When it comes to purchasing a sofa, there is a multitude of options to choose from in terms of size and shape. Consider the space you will be placing it in and determine the best seating arrangement for your needs. How many people will be using it, and do you require a sofa bed or a sectional? Once you have established the shape of the sofa you need, think about the size.

Sofas are available in a range of standard sizes. When choosing one for your room, make sure to leave at least 18 inches of space on either side of the couch, so the room doesn’t appear cluttered.

Here are a few examples of the standard sizes for various types of sofas:

  • A standard sofa is between 72-84 inches in length and can seat three to four people.
  • A loveseat measures 48-70 inches and is suitable for two people to sit on.
  • Sectionals come in a variety of sizes, ranging from smaller models with a chaise lounge to larger U or L-shaped models that can seat up to ten people.
  • Sleeper sofas come in different sizes too, from a 53-inch chair that folds out into a twin bed to a standard couch that converts into a queen-size bed.
  • An apartment-sized sofa is under 80 inches wide and designed for smaller spaces.
  • An oversized sofa with deep seats is over 90 inches wide and has a seat depth of 24 inches.
  • Style of sofa:

You should pick a sofa set that is compatible with your decor, thus lending your room a unified, organic look. The following are the top choices:

  • Mid-Century Modern: For a refined, vintage appearance, a mid-century modern sofa is an elegant option. Another style with simple, classic lines is the tuxedo look, featuring a back and arms of equal height that creates a geometric appearance.
  • Chesterfield: Another sofa with arms equal in height to the back is the Chesterfield. This type of sofa exudes luxury, often covered in leather, and boasts a tufted back with timeless appeal.
  • Sectional: this type of sofa not only offers ample seating space but is also flexible enough to fit into almost any room. These are available in a wide range of configurations.
  • Loveseat/settee: this is typically offering a straight back and somewhat higher arms; this is a delicate piece of furniture, seating two people.
  • Chaise lounge: found in a wide variety of styles, including modern as well as casual variations, a chaise lounge exudes romantic vibes. They are usually intended for one person to recline, but they can also seat two people.
  • Camelback: this sofa has earned its name from its back which features two rounded humps. This is more of an elegant and traditional style of sofa which is well-suited for a formal look. However, you can style it differently for a casual grouping.
  • English rolled arm: this is a style that works seamlessly with diverse decors. Equipped with soft, attached back cushions and softly rounded arms, the English rolled arm is cozy, clean-lined, and welcoming without being overstuffed.
  • Lawson: if you’re on the lookout for a sofa that blends comfort and classic styling, the Lawson is the best bet. The back cushions are not attached, while the lower back boosts the comfort quotient. Thanks to its clean lines, this sofa can fit into a more classic and relaxed decor, depending on the kind of upholstery you prefer.
  • Measuring Your Sofa:

To ensure that your sofa will be a suitable fit for your home, it is important to understand its dimensions. The following measurements can help you make sense of the size. The width refers to the distance between the outer edges of the arms. Arm height is the measurement from the floor to the top of the arms. Depth is the distance from the back of the sofa to the front, and total height is the measurement from the highest part of the sofa to the floor.

Before making a purchase, be sure to measure your entryways, interior doorways, and stairs to confirm that you will be able to bring the sofa into your home.

  • Your sofa should match your lifestyle: it goes without saying that a sofa that matches your lifestyle will not only last for years but also be cherished forever. For example, if you have children or pets, you might want to get a slipcover, which can be easily replaced or removed for cleaning. Leather is yet another good choice as far as sturdy upholstery is concerned. It can withstand considerable wear and tear and can also be easily cared for.

Now that you have an overview of the factors that should govern your sofa purchase decisions think no further and go for it!

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