Clevo Pa71: Everything You Need to Know

Clevo Pa71: Everything You Need to Know

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October 25, 2023

Clevo PA71 has powerful performance and an excellent display. Battery life and trackpad size should be improved. It works well for power users but not for battery life or larger trackpads. Are you looking for a robust and reliable laptop? The Clevo PA71 laptop has everything! The Clevo PA71 is an excellent choice for a dedicated, elegant computer due to its sleek design and cutting-edge Technology. This model was tested to provide an insightful overview of this formidable machine.

Clevo Pa71 Specification

Processor Intel Core i7 (8th Gen)
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
Display 17.3-inch Full HD IPS or 4K UHD
Memory 32 GB DDR4-2400 RAM
Storage Up to 2 TB NVMe SSD + 2 TB HDD
OS Windows 10
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0
Battery cell BatteryUp to 6 hours (may vary)
Dimensions 16.85″ x 11.73″ x 1.61″ (W x D x H)
Weight Starting at 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg)


  1. A powerful Intel Core i7 processor
  2. NVIDIA G-Sync Display Technology
  3. Lightweight, slim design
  4. Good, wide-angle display


  1. Battery life might improve.
  2. Small trackpad


Clevo Pa71 Specification

The black matte surface of the Clevo PA71 makes it look modern and elegant at 0.98 inches. This sleek design gives the laptop a sophisticated look that users like. An aluminium chassis makes the laptop lightweight and sturdy. Thus, the computer can resist regular use while staying portable.


With a minimum resolution of 1920×1080, the 17.3-inch Full HD 4K display provides a quality viewing experience. Sharing the screen with friends and family is easy with its 144Hz broad view angle and 72% NTSC panel. The bright colours and good contrast make watching videos or playing games immersive. You may easily explore virtual worlds on the laptop’s VR-ready display.

The powerful Clevo PA71 laptop can handle almost any task. Multitasking is smooth with its Intel Core i7 8th Gen processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU, and 32GB of DDR4-2400 RAM. Its NVIDIA G-Sync Display technology makes gaming smoother and faster. We used video editing software, and it worked smoothly. We played GTA Vice City, Pubg, Fortnite, and COD at 1080p (min 2 hours for each game) to assess its gaming capabilities. As expected, it ran all games at high settings without any issues.

Gaming laptop with 4k display

Clevo Pa71 Specification

The PA71 has a 17.3-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) screen. Its high refresh rate of 144 hertz lets it display 144 frames per second. It would help if you had it for smooth, lag-free performance. Screen tearing and stuttering are prevented using G-Sync. G-Sync standard.


The ClevoPA71 uses a 4.5GHz Intel Core i7-9750H processor with six cores. It has a powerful Nvidia GeForce 2060 graphics card that can handle the most demanding apps and games. The laptop’s NVMe SSD 512GB and 16GB DDR4 RAM offer rapid loading and long-term storage. Despite having multiple open apps, Clevo PA71 effortlessly switches between them. It’s ideal for gamers and busy professionals.


Clevo Pa71 Specification

A Kaby Lake Intel quad-core processor was rumoured. Even though hexa- or Octa-core CPUs will dominate notebooks by 2018, quad-core processors are sufficient for today’s and future games. With Intel Turbo Enhance Technology, the Core i7 can enhance its clock speed by 3.8% in single-core work and 3.4 GHz in multi-core jobs under stress. This XMG Pro 17 can run at 3.4 GHz for several hours until stressed when it drops to 2.8 GHz. Our Cinebench results were consistent throughout 30 minutes.

Ports, Connectivity

The Clevo PA71 has many ports and connectors. Headphone jack, HDMI, micro DisplayPort, and three USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports. Along with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, it offers an Ethernet connector. In usual use, the PA71’s 62Wh battery lasts four hours. Programmes with significant resource use can drastically limit battery life. Be sure it’s connected when playing games or using other resource-intensive applications on gaming laptops.

Air conditioning and noise issues

Clevo Pa71 Specification

This computer has three fans to manage temperature, which is thrilling. It reduces background noise and simplifies work. The public address system has top gaming equipment: 16 GB RAM and a fast Intel Core i7 processor. Even the most demanding games are played smoothly and uninterrupted


Users like the Clevo PA71 laptop’s touchpad and keyboard. Large, smooth touchpads with high-quality tracking and multi-touch functionality, including zooming with two fingers and pinching to scroll, are typical. Specific models of the Microsoft Precision touchpad improve mouse control accuracy and speed.

Gaming and other resource-intensive activities benefit from the unconventional design. The Clevo pa71’s suitability depends on your budget. Everyone needs laptops today—artists, students, and professionals. If you need a powerful laptop for business or play and wish to operate differently, the Clevo pa71 is an excellent option for the Clevo nh70. It would help to remember that the Clevo pa.71 laptop is pricey. Consider the investment’s worth.


The powerful Clevo PA71 laptop can handle almost any task. Its sleek design, superb build quality, and appealing display. Additionally, it has good gaming performance and battery life. The trackpad is little, but if you don’t mind, go for it.


Clevo PA71 gaming performance?

Most games operate well at high settings thanks to its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card and 32GB of DDR4 RAM.

Is the Clevo PA71 keyboard backlit?

A full-size macro-per-key illuminated keyboard with configurable illumination is included.

How nice is Clevo PA71?

It is a fantastic laptop with good performance, an excellent design, and many functions. Anyone who needs a reliable laptop should consider it. It can handle most tasks.

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