Great Western Buildings Lawsuit: A Deep Dive into the Metal Construction Industry

Great Western Buildings Lawsuit: A Deep Dive into the Metal Construction Industry

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November 17, 2023

The Great Western Buildings lawsuit has sent shockwaves through the construction industry, particularly within the realm of metal buildings. This legal battle, arising from alleged breaches by Great Western Building Systems, has become a precedent-setting case, illuminating issues of product delivery, construction quality, and customer satisfaction. This article will go into depth regarding the case, where it came from, who was involved, the claims, the court procedure, and the implications for Great Western Buildings and the construction sector.

Brief on the Great Western Building Lawsuits

Great Western Building Lawsuits
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The case primarily revolves around claims that Great Western Building Systems neglected to deliver orders and broke contracts. Several dissatisfied property owners have established a consumer association and are suing the corporation over issues like product quality, refunds, and water damage. Great Western Buildings’ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, for example, stands out as a tangible indication of consumer discontent.

Parties in the Great Western Buildings lawsuit

The lawsuit involves two primary entities: One of the main Colorado-based companies, Great Western Building System, the plaintiffs who made their claims through the construction service of that company mostly from property owners. Based on these considerations, one may readily assume that the legality debate in this market is highly complicated.


​​Customers have filed a variety of claims against Great Western Buildings. Among these are allegations that the business breached contractual responsibilities, inflicting financial harm to the property owners. Some clients say that despite receiving big sums, they did not deliver any services. In addition, the firm is accused of misrepresenting the quality and durability of its steel constructions, which resulted in a breach of trust between the parties.

Events Leading to the Storied Lawsuit

The genesis of the lawsuit can be traced back to a series of events marked by concerns about construction quality, refund issues, water damage, and a growing number of complaints from homeowners. Great Western Buildings allegedly neglected to address these issues promptly, exacerbating the discontent among its customer base. The failure to provide refunds or rectify damages, despite mounting evidence, fueled the legal dispute.

Legal Issues Raised

The action has raised several legal concerns, including carelessness, substantial misrepresentation, bonds, and mechanic’s liens. The heart of the issue is whether Great Western Buildings met its contractual commitments and if the business appropriately advertised the quality and longevity of its steel buildings.

Court Proceedings

As the legal proceedings unfold, both parties are actively presenting their cases in court. The case initially started as a Breach of Contract – (Commercial) case in the Maricopa County Superior Courts in Arizona. Key rulings have already been made, addressing the non-refundability of deposits and the defendant’s failure to meet agreed-upon repayment terms for associated construction loans.

Significant Rulings and Outcomes

While the final decision is still pending, previous decisions have already influenced the case’s outcome. The rulings of the court on non-refundable payments and loan repayment terms reflect the intricacies of the legal issues at stake.

Related Lawsuits and Disputes

Great Western Buildings has not been immune to legal challenges, facing additional lawsuits and disputes in various locations, including Aurora and Reno. These legal entanglements span a range of issues, from lease disputes to unpaid work, further complicating the company’s legal standing.

Impact on Great Western Buildings and Industry

The lawsuit has left an indelible mark on Great Western Buildings, tarnishing its reputation and standing within the metal building industry. Customer trust and satisfaction, crucial components of any construction business, have taken a severe blow. While the company remains operational, the legal battle has undoubtedly affected its operations and overall market perception.

The Path Forward

Following the Great Western Buildings lawsuit, the construction industry goes for a retrospective. This legal battle reveals that one needs to be forthright in their communications, work with the owner in transparency, and always stick to industry standards. The story provides an example that acts like a light leading companies towards a more focused business practice aimed at restoring consumer confidence.


An instance in point is the Great Western Buildings 2023 lawsuit over construction integrity and ethical behavior. In short, however, this legal saga teaches each sector member resiliency that assures a future where trust is fundamental to all construction projects. Whether pro or con the litigation poses broader concerns surrounding safety, justice, and stability within the field which beg the examination of city planning decisions and their widespread ramifications. Informed by the wisdom gained from this lawsuit, the construction industry should move towards a future that is fundamentally grounded in quality, transparency, and trust.


What is the Great Western Buildings lawsuit all about?

The lawsuit alleges that Great Western Building Systems breached its responsibility for quality design and construction of its goods. Customers’ allegations of non-delivery of orders, construction quality issues, and contract breaches result in lawsuits.

Which party is the plaintiff and who is the other party in this case?

Great Western Building Systems, a Colorado enterprise, and a collection of plaintiffs, largely Colorado property owners who had contracted the company for particular service, were the original parties involved. This legal dispute has been fought between these parties in response to concerns over construction and transportation difficulties.

What are Great Western Buildings being charged with?

There are numerous complaints by customers such as service non-delivery despite payment, steel building misrepresentation on the quality endurance, no address to the constructing quality, water damages, and refunds.

Which court will the suit be filed in and what are the contested matters involved?

A commercial breach of contract complaint was filed in the Maricopa County superior courts in Arizona. It is about whether a contract was completed successfully or if the corporation honestly promoted its products in legal concerns such as carelessness, substantial misrepresentation, and bond, among others.

What effect has the lawsuit had on Great Western and the building industry as a whole?

These incidents have all led to the Great Western Building becoming damaged to the point that it may no longer be trusted by its clients. The wider building community is reexamining its intercommunication approach and compliance with the regulations in a bid not to experience such issues again.

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