7 Ways to Rebuild Lost Confidence

7 Ways to Rebuild Lost Confidence

Written by Alison Lurie, In Lifestyle, Published On
November 8, 2021

“The only thing that matters in life is your own opinion.” – Osho.

Although the above quote is ingrained in our minds, we often fail to see our talent even after a minimal setback. You could have achieved 1000s of successes and then one small failure, and sometimes that one failure is enough to set your confidence back inside the guarded walls you have created around you.

Talking to a certified life coach can help you take that first step towards a happier and more confident life. You just have to take that leap of faith.

And, in this article, we will share the top ways you can rebuild your confidence back to the top after a setback in life.

7 Ways to Rebuild Lost Confidence

  • Surround yourself with good people

Love trumps and triumphs all. If you are done hiding in your cocoon of lacking self-confidence, the people around you can pull you out of the reverie. Knowing that there are people around you who love you, appreciate you, and applaud your presence every single day is enough of a push to regain that lost confidence.

Don’t get us wrong – it doesn’t happen in a day or even a month. Life and your self-confidence is always a work in progress, and sometimes, all you need is a little bit of reassurance to feel better.

  • Try positive self-affirmation

Instead of letting one failure track down your achievements, accept that failure isn’t the end of the road. Every person has failed at one point in their life, and it is one thing you need to ingrain deep within your mind.

If you want to achieve success eventually, reaffirm your dreams and goals. Reaffirm your thoughts instead of letting yourself get pulled into the haywire of “not being good enough.” Self-affirmation helps transform behavior, instill positive thoughts and reshape your attitude towards yourself.

  • Acknowledge the trigger

Lacking self-confidence is a triggered response from a situation. Maybe a toxic group of friends or an unfaithful boyfriend/girlfriend? The triggers can sometimes be small and sometimes a lot bigger than we’d anticipated.

In the journey to regain your self-confidence, you must acknowledge the problem instead of bottling it or pushing it at the back of your head. Facing a situation head-on helps you understand that the problem isn’t with you.

  • Do something you find happiness in

When you lack self-confidence, you will often question every single thing you do. It is a prevalent response. If you have faced a significant setback in your life or your career that is making you question yourself, take a step back.

Sometimes, if you aren’t in the correct headspace at the moment to face your issues head-on, you need to take some time off. Reprieve from the wrong situations and give some time to yourself to recuperate. Do things that bring you happiness. Surround yourself with people that matter.

  • Don’t discredit your past self

Just because your present self has made a big mistake, that too JUST ONCE doesn’t mean all you have done until now doesn’t hold any value. Instead, it’s the complete opposite. You can recollect and realign all your achievements and self-affirm. Tell yourself that one mistake doesn’t define or change who you are.

Ink this failure as a part of your “growing up.” This will help relocate your focus back on yourself and work towards the future with a positive stride.

  • Start forgiving yourself

Would you be surprised to know that even scientific studies show that the key to success and a comfortable life starts by forgiving yourself? Self-compassion is your building block of self-confidence. If you can show empathy to other people and forgive them for their mistakes, why not yourself?

Stop treating yourself so hard trying to be the perfect version of yourself. Stop putting yourself on a high and unreachable pedestal. Learn to love and forgive yourself for mistakes that will likely hold no value in your future anymore.

  • Turn to a mentor

If nothing is working out, seek help from a professional with life coach certification. They can help you realign your focus and understand what truly matters. If you aren’t comfortable reaching out to a therapist or coach at first, seek help and advice from friends or family.

But, talk. Don’t let your consistent self-criticism eat you away from the insides. Sometimes, you need to prioritize yourself, even if the road isn’t as linear as you thought it’d be.

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