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February 18, 2022

Why is a Supportive relationship important?

We might be having wonderful parents, lovely friends, caring siblings, and a host of other people in our lives. Yet, we always desire that special someone who is by our side in the highest and lowest of phases in life and loves us unconditionally. A relationship grows only when both the partners are supportive of each other. Two people in love need to be truthful to each other and understand their emotions.

Relationships don’t flourish based on lies, hidden truths, conspiracy, blurry facts, etc. Two people need to be emotionally fulfilling, else any relationship becomes robotic and dutiful. You don’t spend your life with your partner just as a responsibility; there needs to be immense love and emotions filled in it.

Supportive relationships are very important for them to bloom, according to research. You and your partner might be too emotional or too practical. There is nothing wrong with carrying a set of wavelengths, but it needs to match between the partners to make it fulfilling.  The vibrations need to match completely for two partners to be supportive of each other. A relation where either of the partners isn’t supportive and not ready to understand what the other’s heart says is a stagnated one. The partners feel stuck and hung in such a relationship since it doesn’t grow or bloom. Thus, a supportive relationship is highly important for both of the lovers to prosper in their individual lives and in the joint sphere.

Traits of a supportive partner

A supportive partner always fills your cups emotionally, spiritually, and physically. So, a relationship thrives only when both fill each other’s cups of needs, be it emotional or practical.  Support doesn’t necessarily mean financial support! Support means standing strong and holding hands in every single circumstance of life. In that strength of oneness, every responsibility and support for each other comes naturally – be it a career, finances, passions, family responsibilities, health, etc.

A supportive partner will also be patient enough to hear you, show consideration towards you, and give you the attention you deserve.

A caring partner will see bigger dreams with you, be blessed for having you in life, reconnect with you anytime and be always eager to be with you. There has to be enough honesty and no hiding of truths in a supportive relationship.

A supportive partner will always encourage you in your endeavors and will never shy away from being beside you in every necessity of life. A supportive partner will always value you above all with all respect, love, care, affection, and responsibility. Even amidst hundreds of other adversities in life, the relationship will always be given the PRIORITY it deserves.

8 Steps to be a supportive partner

  • Be emotionally supportive

It doesn’t matter how practical you are in life, to be a supportive partner, you need to be emotionally available and fulfilling to the other person. Your partner should never be hesitant in talking her/his heart out without fearing that you might not reciprocate or reject any feelings.

  • Be physically around

Even if you are in a long-distance relationship, both of you should be yearning to be around each other. There will be multiple scenarios where your partner will need you to be physically around. You need to be supportive enough to provide that comfort. True love knows the value of a hug more than anything else at the end of the day.

  • Be a listener

A supportive partner is always patient in hearing the other person. Oftentimes, partners do not spend quality time with each other, instead stay hooked to social media. It is important to look into each other’s eyes, hold hands, and spend quality time listening to each other. To be a supportive partner, emphasise on having meaningful talks instead of just updating each other about routines.

  • Be the biggest supporter

Be a supportive partner by being the biggest supporter of whatever he/she tries in life. When your partner has accomplished something, say “I am so proud of you.” When your partner is going through tough times, make sure to hold her/his hands no matter what.

  • Do not be insecure

Do not jump to conclusions or judgment with your own loads of insecurities. If your partner has made a decision in his/her personal life, be understanding enough. You might not agree with the choice, but do not land up into fights. Instead, talk to her/him in a polite way and make her/him understand why you do not agree with the decision. Make sure you offer a solution to the problem where you can walk alongside your partner instead of just colliding on the fact that you don’t agree with him/her.

  • Do not ever pinch your partner for the responsibilities

Be it financial or any family matters, always remember that responsibilities are a natural component of a beautiful relationship. You can’t be a supportive partner if you always be selfish about your needs. Your partner might be struggling with his/her career at the moment while you are better off. Do not make your partner feel that he/she is a burden on you. Do not ever make him/her feel helpless and that it’s not your responsibility to look after him. If you truly love your partner and are supportive, you will not feel it be a burden to take care of. It will occur to you naturally to walk the journey together.

  • Share the load

You might have problems doing household chores, while your partner might not be good at car wash. Always make sure that you are supportive enough as a partner to share the loads together. Both of you should be accommodating to share the materialistic responsibilities and you will love doing that if you are supportive enough.

  • Apologize if needed

Ego doesn’t feature in true relationships. If you have hurt your partner, then do not be hesitant in walking up and apologizing. If you haven’t made any mistakes and most of it is your partner’s fault, you can still apologize to bring the situation under control. However, if your partner has completely failed to understand you and has hurt you to the core, be silent. If you are supportive, do not fight, wait for your partner to realize his/her karma.

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