Snapchat Best Friends List Planets of New Galaxy-Themed Feature

Snapchat Best Friends List Planets of New Galaxy-Themed Feature

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October 13, 2023

Snapchat is one such social media platform that is evolving and continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity and user engagement in the social media landscape? With its commitment to innovation, Snapchat introduced a unique and imaginative feature. The new Galaxy feature of Snapchat is something people love. The best friend list of Snapchat plus planets brings a cosmic twist to the way users interact with their best friends. Consequently, this is making Snapchat even more exciting and visually stunning.

Understanding The Concept

Snapchat Best Friends List
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Someone who has subscribed to Snapchat Premium can enjoy this feature to the fullest. Snapchat’s best friends list planets of the New Galaxy-Themed feature is all around the concept of a galaxy teeming with planets. These planets represent one of the best friends. People often have a difficult time understanding what planet-like shapes are. Thus, they are not just a common emoji or something, they are simply the closest friends in Snapchat’s galaxy theme.

How It Works

Planet Creation: To begin the cosmic journey users can find out that their existing best friends are transformed into colorful planets automatically upon updating the app. The snapchat planets are created and assigned based on the user’s interaction history. It defines the unique aspects of their friendship. Moreover, the planetary profiles also feature colors, landscapes, and atmosphere which precisely mirrors the personality of the friend.

Planet Interactions:

Now, users are eligible to explore this celestial landscape by tapping on each planet. It allows users to view their friend’s latest posts, stories, and shared messages. Basically, it depends on interactions, the more one interacts with their planet the more their planet will evolve. Therefore, it reflects the dynamics of friendship.

Cosmic Gifting:

This feature lets users send cosmic gifts to their best friends. These cosmic gifts include shooting stars and meteor showers to interstellar pets. It strengthens the bond between friends in Snapchat’s universe.

Cosmic Challenges:

In order to maintain a level of engagement, the platform introduced cosmic challenges. It is based on activities within the app. For instance, sending snaps, engaging in chats, or sharing stories. With this, users can earn coins, customize their planets, and unlock new features.

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Snapchat Planet Order

Snapchat Best Friends List
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  • Mercury: Closest friend

Mercury is someone with whom users have interacted a lot. It is a pink-colored planet with red hearts around it.

  • Venus: Second-closest friend

Venus is a beige-colored planet with yellow hearts. This planet demonstrates the individual who lies second in the top best friends list.

  • Earth: Third-closest friend

Earth is the third-best friend. Earth is blue and green in color with red hearts. Even the planet Earth in Snapchat comes with its natural satellite “The Moon”.

  • Mars: Fourth-closest friend

Mars is a red planet that includes blue and purple hearts around it.

  • Jupiter: Fifth-closest friend

Jupiter ranked 5th, and it is an orange-colored planet with pink, blue, and yellow stars.

  • Saturn: Sixth-closest friend

The “Ringed Planet” i.e. Saturn in Snapchat Planet Order is yellow in color with a golden ring around it. In addition, this planet includes colorful stars.

  • Uranus: Seventh-closest friend

Uranus is the second least close friend. It is a green planet with stars around it.

  • Neptune: Eighth-closest friend

The last closest planet in Snapchat’s universe is Neptune. Neptune is a blue planet and also includes some stars around it.


The Snapchat Best Friends List Planets of the New Galaxy-Themed Feature portrays a bold leap forward in the realm of social media. This is based on its innovative design and interactive elements. Due to the continuous journey of Snapchat towards innovation, users can expect more exceptional features. Till then, Snapchat Planet Order is keeping users engaged and entertained. So prepare yourself to embark on this cosmic journey with friends through Snapchat’s galaxy.

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