Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m- A Solution For Compact Spaces And Budget

Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m- A Solution For Compact Spaces And Budget

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Printer, Published On
December 3, 2023

Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m is an updated version of Canon Image Prograf Tc-20  printer by Canon. It is specifically designed to fit into small spaces. With its compact design, Canon has still managed to give advanced features and kept in mind the easy frontal access for daily use. This printer is easy to use as it has a built-in flatbed scanner. It is a good fit for the hospitality industry, small businesses, restaurants, etc. In this article, we will look at Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m in detail.

Specification for Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m

Specifications Description
Product Dimensions 16 x 38.1 x 21.4 inches
Item Weight 72.6 pounds
Item model number 5816C002
Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank #52,529 in Office Products

#5 in Wide Format & Plotter Printers

Date First Available April 7, 2023
Manufacturer Canon
Item Weight 33 Kilograms
Sheet Size 8.5 x 11


Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m

The printer is made specifically to save space with its compact design. It is small enough to be installed in a compact space like a desk or a shelf with a flat top. Small businesses that do not have space to spare for printing will love the Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m as it can fit into tight spaces like a cabinet. It can print on papers in sizes ranging from A4 to A1. The printer is designed without compromising on image quality. It is a wonder that the Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m has so many features like printing posters when it is made to be a space-saving desktop model.


The printing quality of the Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m is top–notch. The pigment ink for all colors makes fine text on prints. The detailing of images and lines on posters is vivid. The print quality is so good that it would not smudge with accidents like water or soda spilling. Even if you use highlighter on the prints it will not smudge the ink and remain visible as it was.

Ink Capacity

Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m

The Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m has a high ink capacity. This enables the printer to continue printing without multiple breaks. With a total of 280ml of ink, it reduces the amount of times the ink needs to be refilled. This saves a lot of time and effort. The high capacity for ink also helps with the printing of posters, flyers, and the like seamlessly. Without having to refill the ink continuously one can print more detailed images with the Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m

Auto Sheet Feeder

Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m

The Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m has an auto sheet feeder installed to the front to reduce the time to reload paper and continue seamless printing. It supports up to a hundred A4 sheets for printing. Also, the operations have front access like auto sheet feeder, cartridges replacement space, etc. All the maintenance access is frontal for ease of use in daily life.

Step-by-step guide on how to set up Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m

Setting up of Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m is a pretty simple process:

  • Unpack and setup: Unpack the printer and place it on a flat surface near a power supply socket. Unwrap the packaging material such as tape and cover.
  • Power Connection: Turn on your printer and plug it into the power cable. Give it a few seconds to boot up.
  • Ink Unbottling: Empty four 70ml ink bottles into the ink tank system on the side.
  • Paper Loading: Use some roll paper to align print heads and start with the printing.
  • Connect Printer: Connect the printer to a Wifi or USB to print now. The Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m will also guide you through the process on its display.

Pros and Cons of Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m

Pros Cons
It has excellent print quality with 2400 by 1200 dots per inch The ink is costly which makes for an expensive ink replacement
It prints posters up to 24 by 36 inches and banners up to 13 feet long which means printing at your convenience It does not allow sheet paper to be used for initial setup
It has a USB port and supports ethernet, and wifi as well
The printer supports roll paper 24 inches wide and sheet paper 11 by 17 inches so printing on any paper is now easier to do at home
The print command can be given through a phone or tablet along with a laptop
It can load roll and sheet paper simultaneously to save time
The printer has a built-in flatbed scanner

Verdict for Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m

Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m is value-for-money with its compact design and high print quality. It supports multiple types of papers and can print even posters, and flyers. The printer is ideal for small businesses, graphic designers, restaurants, and the like who are looking for a return on investment in their businesses.


  • Can I print from my phone or tablet with Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m?

Yes, the Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m supports mobile printing both Android and iOS alongside laptop and tablet printing.

  • How much does Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m cost?

The Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m is priced at INR 74,127 on Flipkart in India.

  • Does Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m has a warranty?

Yes, the Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the purchase. You also have the option to extend this warranty with CarePak Canon.

  • Who can use Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m?

The Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m can be used by anyone who requires high-quality printing. It is best suited for businesses, the hospitality industry, and the graphics industry considering the budget of ink the printer uses.

  • Is Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m easy to use?

Yes, Canon Image Prograf Tc-20m has been made keeping in mind the ease of use of Canon’s customers. It has full frontal access for maintenance and USB ports. Along with Wifi connectivity.

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