Amazon Echo Sub: Review 

Amazon Echo Sub: Review 

Written by Alison Lurie, In Speaker, Published On
October 27, 2023

If you want to elevate your audio setup with a sleek and modern design Alexa ecosystem, then the new Amazon Echo Sub should be your choice. It is a new contender in the home audio landscape providing a deep bass sound with a deeply immersive experience. It is designed to work alongside the previous existing audio devices, but with some specifications that are upgraded for a better purpose.

Amazon Echo Sub Specs

Specifications Details
Manufacturer Amazon
Dimension Height x Diameter: 202 x 210mm
Weight 4.2 kg (may vary)
Audio  4L sealed chamber
Woofer 6“ downward firing
Amplifier 100W Class D
Low-frequency response 30 Hz (-6 dB)
Power supply Auto-switching 100-240V, 50-60 Hz AC
Wi-Fi Dual-band Wi-Fi supports 802.11 (2.4 and 5 GHz) network
Warranty 1 year limited

Design and Build Quality

amazon echo

When you look at the product, you can see that the design is quite similar to the Large Echo Plus (2nd Gen), but one contrasting feature is the not availability of any buttons that make it an add-on feature. With its straight base, you can place it anywhere and it has a material finish that makes it a modern product and you can put it in your living or in any display area without any shame.

In the back, there is a power input and an Action button. The action button doesn’t enable Alexa on its own, rather you have to say the wake word in order to make it work, so it doesn’t perform that action in comparison to other products.

Sound Quality

amazon echo

The Echo Sub delivers an outrageously powerful 100W deep bass sound enabling it to fill the room with rich and immersive sound. You can enjoy it more if you pair two of the same Echo devices for rich left/right stereo sound.

One point worth noticing is that the Echo Sub must be paired with a compatible device and right now the required devices are Echo Studio, Echo Dot 4th Gen and 3rd Gen, Echo 4th Gen, 3rd Gen, and 2nd Gen, Echo Show 15, Echo Show 10 3rd Gen, Echo Show 2nd Gen, Echo Show 8 2nd Gen and 1st Gen, Echo Show 5 2nd Gen and 1st Gen, and Echo Plus 2nd Gen. These devices are available to relate to the new Echo Sub to provide a home theatrical sound system.

Audio Setup

amazon echo

One of the most alluring features is the easy audio setup experience of this device. You can basically control the audio setup by using simple voice commands, offering a truly hands-free experience. Once you add the Sub in the app, then you can pair it with a speaker. After creating a stereo pair, you can enjoy your music. One thing that sounds a bit absurd is after creating a stereo pair, you cannot make a new one till you break the previous one, it means that you can’t add the Echo Sub into the mix. It is a bit frustrating, and I believe that it should be more flexible.

Music Performance

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The Sub has a 6-inch, 100W driver that puts out appreciable bass, surpassing the level of Echo Plus and smaller Echo speakers. It successfully rounds out low-frequency responses when used with an Echo or Echo Plus. So, it pretty much put out solid sound for its price and size.

Pros and Cons table for the Amazon Echo Sub

Pros Cons
Powerful bass enhances audio quality Not particularly powerful
Affordable price Only works with Echo speakers
Easy setup Doesn’t work with Bluetooth connections to Echo speakers
Powerful sleek design Not many controls are available
Stereo pairing for immersive sound Confusing action button
Adds sorely missing bass
Successfully round out low-frequency response

Final thoughts

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The Amazon Echo Sub is a smart addition to any home audio setup. It has an impressive bass output and seamless audio quality. Although it works efficiently still some points need to be considered, that as the incompatibility of connecting with any other device except for the Echo. Along with that, the purely one-button operation makes it hard to grasp in your first attempt, so it clearly requires some understanding.

Its competitive pricing and full functionality make it a good investment for audio enthusiasts. Its small sleek body makes it a device that you can carry around without any problem. If you want loud and thumping audio for a decent price, then you should give this product a chance. You can buy a pair or two additional Echo Plus devices as well so that you can have a powerful wireless music system that doesn’t cost much but sounds huge.


Q: What is Amazon Echo Sub?

A: Amazon Echo Sub is a down-firing, 100W deep bass sound, 6inch smart Woofer that provides a good audio setup for your home and creates a loud atmosphere in order to experience a theatrical feel at home.

Q: Can Echo Sub connect with a non-Amazon Echo Speaker?

A: No, the Echo Sub is designed to work with only other Amazon products for compatible stereo pairing.

Q: What music streaming services are supported by the Echo Sub?

A: The Echo Sub primarily supports Amazon music and Spotify for music streaming.

Q: Is the sound quality of Echo Sub good for bass music?

A: Yes, it is one of the best affordable stereo products if you are looking for something loud and that has a good bass because of its downward 6-inch, 100W deep bass sound that makes it a good product.

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