Everything About Paramountplus.com/xfinity

Everything About Paramountplus.com/xfinity

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November 11, 2023

The subscription streaming service Paramount Plus is popular. The service is owned and operated by Viacom and CBS Streaming. Paramount Plus’s content catalogue from Paramount Pictures, Viacom, CBS Domestic Media Networks, and CBS Entertainment makes it great. Every audience category has something to watch.

Paramount Plus is free on Xfinity

Xfinity Paramount Plus is not free. You must subscribe to watch it. Xfinity X1 and Flex have renamed the app Paramount+. Those with a CBS All Access membership will immediately be registered in Paramount, but they’ll need to use the same username and password.

To add Paramount Plus to Xfinity?


Xfinity requires the following to add and access Paramount Plus:

  1. A streaming box compatible with Xfinity Flex (excluding Xi5 boxes) or Xfinity X1 with X1 TV, including Xfinity Flex (Xi6 and XiOne streaming boxes) or Xfinity X1.
  2. Any level of Xfinity Internet is required.
  3. A Paramount Plus subscription lasts

How do I join Paramount Plus?

Signing up for Paramount Plus as an Xfinity member is easy. The steps are below:

  1. Press Xfinity on your remote.
  2. Click Apps.
  3. Select Paramount+ from the drop-down.
  4. Choose Try It Free when you first start the app.
  5. You must enter your activation number at paramountplus.com/xfinity.
  6. You can open on a computer or mobile device.
  7. Start enjoying Paramount on your Flex or X1!

How do I watch Paramount Plus on Xfinity?

  1. After joining Paramount Plus, sign in and watch on Xfinity.
  2. Turn on your smart TV, Xfinity TV streaming box, and a good internet connection.
  3. Use your Xfinity TV remote to press Xfinity.
  4. Find Paramount Plus in applications.
  5. Connect to the app with your credentials.
  6. Now you must choose between web and TV logins.
  7. Your smart TV only needs your email ID and password. The web option redirects you to CBS’s website, where you must enter the login code.

How can I get Paramount Plus on Xfinity TV in India?


Follow these instructions to access Paramount Plus on Xfinity TV in India:

  1. Press Xfinity on your remote.
  2. Select apps, then Paramount Plus. Additionally, Paramount Plus allows voice searches.
  3. The software launches with two options: on my TV and on the Web.
  4. Select On My TV to enter credentials on your TV. Enter your Paramount Plus Xfinity login credentials.
  5. If you choose On the Web, an activation code will appear. Write down the activation code when it appears on screen.
  6. Launch a browser and visit Paramount Plus.
  7. Enter your Xfinity activation code.
  8. After entering the Paramount Plus Xfinity code, press Activate.
  9. After successful activation, Xfinity streams Paramount Plus.

Price Of Paramount Plus on Xfinity in India?

Paramount Plus costs $4.99/month (with minimal ads). How much is Paramount Plus on Xfinity in India? Users can choose from two plans. Essential and premium plans. The NFL on CBS and the UEFA Champions League will have separate live feeds, even though the Essential package does not include your local CBS station. Essential has advertising while streaming, whereas Premium is ad-free. The Supreme Plus or Xfinity subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Paramount Plus not working on Xfinity in India? Try these steps!


If Paramount Plus not working on Xfinity in India problem appears, perform these steps:

  1. Check device compatibility: even new Xfinity TV boxes are incompatible with Paramount+. If your equipment is the problem, you should receive a notification to upgrade or replace it. Xfinity must be contacted to request a Paramount Plus-compatible TV streaming device.
  2. Clear Cookies and Local Storage Data: Clearing app data can fix streaming issues, Paramount Plus being sluggish on Xfinity, and other error codes. Clear cookies and local storage in Settings > Privacy. Select “OK” to confirm your message.
  3. Restart Your Equipment: Restart your TV, Xfinity TV box, and router. Unplug those appliances from their power sources. Plug them back in after 30 seconds. After your router boots up (which may take several minutes), try streaming again.
  4. Contact Xfinity and Paramount+ for help: If you’re unsure what’s causing the technical difficulty, contact both firms and provide as much information as possible.


Paramount Plus is on Xfinity India. Our guide makes accessing Paramount content on Xfinity easy. Please report any issues in the comments below. Paramount Plus is worth viewing for its great content. This collection includes contributions from huge titans, giving you many possibilities. Use ExpressVPN to access Paramount Plus in India.


How long is Paramount Plus free?

Paramount Plus has a 30-day trial. Thus, you have a month to determine whether to buy a subscription.

Anything free on Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus costs. Only the subscription gives you access to all the content.

How do I watch Paramount Plus?

The Paramount Plus app is on all major devices. It’s on the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Android TV. The Apple TV App Store has it too.

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