5 Best Electric Bikes For Tall Riders

5 Best Electric Bikes For Tall Riders

Written by Jessica Adison, In Technology, Published On
November 9, 2022

E-bikes are the best way to travel. E-bikes are a blast because they can be ridden up and down hills at 25 mph. What fun is it to ride to work or the gym on a bike that can get you there quickly and allows you to choose how much assistance you need?

At 6’2″, I am a tall man. A bike that is comfortable for me is crucial. The struggle for taller men is real. After doing some research and looking through reviews, these are the top e-bikes that tall riders can use.

We would love to hear from tall men who have other suggestions for our readers. Please leave a comment below.

Editor’s Choices: Top e-bikes for tall riders

These bikes have been handpicked by me and are thoroughly vetted. These bikes are for riders who can reach 6 feet.

  • Ride1Up LMT’D e-bike

Ride1Up LMT'D e-bike

Ride1Up offers great bikes at very affordable prices. This bike is ideal for tall riders with a maximum seat height of 40 inches and a handle height of 42 inches. The handlebars are also well-placed for those who need to train their back muscles in the gym. Although it is advertised as an all-terrain cruiser, the hybrid cruiser can also be used for mild off-roading.

The LMT’D is a type 3 e-bike that features an electric-only throttle with power-assisted pedaling. It can reach speeds up to 28 mph. This bike weighs in at only 53 lbs and can travel between 30-50 mph.

Taller men also weigh more. This bike’s 275 lb payload capacity allows it to easily transport many people. The bike’s 750W brushless motor propels the bike easily.

Depending on the Shimano 7-speed Shimano gearing, pedal assist can sometimes feel like you are barely pedaling. The 180mm hydraulic brakes ensure a quick stop. This e-bike is a great choice for men up to 6’4″‘

The XR frame is compatible with all Ride1Up bikes. The 500 series and Core-5 are also available. These are outstanding values.

Bike Features

  • For persons up to 6’4”
  • Motor 750W
  • Distances between 30-50 miles
  • Class 3
  • Shimano 8-speed Rapidfire Plus
  • Rad Power RadMission

Rad Power RadMission

Rad Power Bikes is a trusted and well-respected name in the e-bike market. They have produced some amazing bikes that are suitable for tall people bikes. RadMission is the perfect commuter bike for men up to 6’4″ and 275 lbs. The 500W hub motor can take you up to 45+ miles per charge.

With its 27.5’x1.95′ tire size and 48 lbs weight, it is designed to make commuter life easy. You can haul it with great accessories such as a rear rack and front basket. This bike is a great choice for most people who want to get around in high-step or step-through configurations.

You can easily reach the 20 MPH class 2 motor-assisted speed limit with four levels of pedal assistance. This means that the bike is legally allowed to be used on city bike trails and lanes. With the amazing Tektro Aries brakes, you can return to 0

Rad Power Bikes is a quality bike that can be used as a commuter bicycle. It costs less than $1500.

Bike Features

  • For persons up to 6’4″‘
  • 500W motor
  • Distances between 24-45 miles
  • Class 2
  • Single-speed gearing
  • Aventon Soltera eBike

Aventon Soltera eBike

Aventon Soltera electric bikes are affordable and great for tall men. It has a maximum seat height of 44 inches for tall riders (6’4”), who want to get a lot for their money. This bike is available in three colors: black, blue, and citrine. This type 2 ebike can go up to 20mph and will take you 41 miles on a 350W hub motor.

This bike comes with some cool features, such as a large LCD display with full color and the ability to connect with your bike via a smartphone app. The wider and more comfortable seat allows for comfortable riding over the entire 41-mile distance.

This bike is available in single or seven-speed options for tall riders. The lightweight frame and 27.5″ x1.4″ tires make it possible to purchase the bike for 41 lbs or 43 lbs.

This bike is slimmer than most e-bikes and priced right for all you get.

Bike Features

  • For persons up to 6’4”
  • 350W motor
  • 41-mile average range
  • Class 2
  • Single-speed gearing (7-speed option)
  • 27.5’’ x1.4’’ tires
  • Eahora AM200 Multipurpose eBike

Eahora AM200 Multipurpose eBike

E-bikes with fat tires are very popular because of their versatility. The Eashora is a great all-terrain ebike that can handle some tough trails. Riders up to 44 inches tall can ride the Eashora with 26″ x4″ tires. For rides of up to 60 miles, riders can carry up to 280 pounds.

The color LCD screen will show you all details about your ride. You can travel up hills at speeds of up to 28 mph with the Shimano Altus 9-speed gearing, 750W motor, and three levels of peddle assist. You can go from high speed to cruising speed with the 180mm hydraulic disc brakes.

It’s a great mountain bike for rough trails and its full suspension makes it even more so. The cruise control is also a great feature. It is bolder and more mountain-bike-like. It is lightweight at 66 lbs, making it easy to maneuver.

Bike Features

  • For persons up to 6’7″‘
  • Motor 750W
  • 41-mile average range
  • Class 3
  • 9-speed Shimano gearing
  • 26” x4″ tires
  • Wing Freedom X Electric Bike

Wing Freedom X Electric Bike

The wing produces some really cool commuter bikes. For men up to 6’4″, the Freedom X is a dream commuter bike. With the larger battery option of 14ah, its 550W hub motor and five levels of pedal assistance can take you up to 60 miles on a single charge. The smaller 8.8 will give you 35 miles while the larger 10.4ah will go up to 45.

With its 26”x1.75′” tires and a weight of only 39 lbs, this commuter will get you to your destination quickly. You will be able to go from 25 mph to a very slow pace with 180mm stainless steel wheels.

The Wing bike’s most unique feature is the remote lock and alarm system. This allows you to protect your bike from being tampered with. A color LCD display is also hidden within the frame.

For just $1500, you can expect exceptional Wing quality and a beautiful commuter bike.

Bike Features

  • For persons up to 6’4″
  • Motor 550W
  • 35-60 mile range depending on battery
  • Class 3
  • 7-speed Shimano gearing
  • 26” x1.75″‘ tires

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