Benefits of the Digital Flow Controller

Benefits of the Digital Flow Controller

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October 6, 2021

Sometimes, it becomes daunting to select the most suitable option for application when there are various electronic flow control valves. This article mentioned the features, differences, and advantages of the digital water flow regulator. When choosing the water flow meter, it is helpful to know the basics of the product that you will select. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits and types of flow measuring devices in detail.

Benefits of Electronic Water Flow Control Valve:

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  • High Turndown Ratio:

The thermal electronic flow control valve has a high ratio of turndown from 100 to 1. It means the water pressure controller precisely & repeatably measure the range of water flow rates as compared to the other digital flow controller technologies.

  • Unaffected by the Pressure Variation:

The pressure variation affects the digital flow controlling devices because the thermal meter counts the molecules.

  • Low-Pressure Drop:

The sensor & prob of the electronic flow control valve device has minimal obstruction physically in the pipe. This is the main reason that why the water flow meter has extremely low-pressure drop. In addition to this, it measures in inches of water.

  • Low Sensitivity for Waterflow:

most of the digital water flow control valves are extremely low and sensitive, making them capable of detecting a pilot of light in the natural gas line.

  • No Moving Parts:

The electronic flow control valve has no moving parts. But the device working depends on the heat transfer passing from a pair of the resistance temperature detector. The temperature detector consists of a stable platinum wound sensor, which is protected by a stainless-steel sheath.

  • Easy Installation:

The electronic flow control valve is easy to install, especially the sage metering insertion models. These models require the weldolet for accepting the sage isolation valve assembly. It also doesn’t require any cutting into the pipe for inserting the spool sections.

  • Repeatability:

The electronic flow controller provides repeatability along with negligible maintenance over the broader water flow range.

  • Calibiration Verification:

Some of the electronic water flow regulator offer simple calibration verification. Paramount and prime water controllers are examples of calibration verification. It assures the user that the water flow valves are working finely without the flow meter from the installation.

  • Economical:

There are economical because they eliminate the expense and installation of pressure transmitters and ancillary temperature.

Main Difference of Flow Switches & Flow Meters:

The difference between water flow switches and flow meters is their functionality. The water flow meters take care of the water flow rates, and users have to check the flow rate manually. While water flow switches automatically detect the presence of water flow and alert the user when the pressure is too high.


The main topic of the discussion for this post is to mention the benefits of using digital flow controllers. Electronic flow control valves are usually used to regulate the pressure of the liquid that passes from the pipe. Usually, the water controlling valves respond to the signals generated by independent devices like temperature gauges and flow meters. The mentioned benefits can help you a lot in finding the best one for you.

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