How is IoT impacting web design & development?

How is IoT impacting web design & development?

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October 26, 2021

The Internet of Things, commonly called IoT, is like a gold mine. It is the backbone of several latest technologies. It has created a significant impact in almost every industry currently – manufacturing to healthcare. A lot is still to be researched and developed.

No wonder it has started creating its impact in website design & development. Hence, if you are running a website development company in India, you must read this till the end.

IoT has started creating its role in web design & development. It has changed the way a user interacts with websites and web applications.

Businesses, enterprises, web developers, etc., have a lot to look at with this ever-growing technology. McKinsey projected the economic value of IoT to reach $4 to $11 trillion by 2025.

How is IoT impacting web design & development?

Key takeaways from here

  • The journey ahead for IoT

  • What is an IoT web app?

  • Impact of IoT on web design & development.

Let us start jotting some of the critical aspects of IoT and its future.

The Road ahead for IoT

  • Statista records that IoT-connected devices will reach 75 billion by 2025.

  • Approximately 3.5 billion IoT-connected cellular devices are expected by 2023. (Credit –

  • Companies will invest up to $15 trillion in IoT by 2025. (Credit –

It is pretty evident from the research that IoT is expanding its global market. It leads to the growth of new opportunities, new ideas, new marketing strategies, etc.

Hence, it has become necessary for website development companies in India to add IoT to their top priority while developing any website. It has become inevitable for them.

Finally, the only question that remains unanswered is how it will affect web design & development. However, before jumping on to the topic, let us understand what an IoT web app is.

What do you mean by IoT Web App?

A web application is software that uses web technologies and web browsers to perform specific actions as required. These tasks are performed over the internet.

Now let us talk from an IoT perspective. The user-facing component for IoT is the application. The application runs either on IoT-based devices like smartphones or tablets, allowing the users to connect to the web application.

Hence, in short, we can say that the Internet of Things helps users to connect with devices using innovation.

Let us now directly jump to our primary topic to understand how IoT impacts web design & development.

What are the impacts of IoT on web design & development?

IoT – the latest technology is raising the bar of web development currently. Hence, let us understand its impacts.

  • It is increasing the bar to entry –

It is quite easy to understand that the upcoming web development future will be competitive. Coders and programmers need to invest their time learning this new technology to survive the competition.

  • It increases the complexity –

By now, you might have realized that the complexity of IoT devices is multi-fold. It transcends into frontend UI design, database handling, duty allocation, project management, and more. The complexity of the technology may affect the development cycle.

  • It would be best if you had hybrid development teams –

When you are planning for an IoT development, you must plan for a hybrid approach. A hybrid approach to the development of software applications. It might lead to the partnership of big agencies & big companies for more significant projects.

  • You might need dynamic UI design/development –

Multiple users are using the same web environment at a time. IoT devices require dynamic UIs, which can accommodate multiple user profiles. As a result, the role of the web developer in the dynamic UI & UX design will necessarily raise the development standards.

  • You need to collect data continuously –

If you are a web developer, you know that web development is full of challenges. The biggest challenge is to get live feedback on the website. IoT devices gather such actionable information from the users. Hence, a website development company in India has the immense responsibility of collecting this information, sending it to servers, and fixing the necessary bug fixes.

  • It enhances the security features of the website –

You may have heard several concerns regarding digital security so far. With the introduction of IoT, it will be mandatory to have user identification, identity verification, and access management.

If you wish to stay at the forefront of this competitive high-tech industry, you need to be optimistic about this new cutting-edge commercial IoT technology. It is inevitable to develop your website using this new technology. Understanding the technology and its impacts will keep you necessarily updated with the next-generation IoT Technology.

But you might wonder, how are we so confident about the cutting edge?

A simple answer to your question is – innovation. If you keep innovation in the priority, backed by the strategic implementation of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning, then you have a chance to reach new heights.

To take your business to new heights, streamline various processes, and develop a robust web application, you need a website development company in India. They help in developing new web applications for businesses of varied sizes, depending on the requirement.

It’s time to build an IoT-based web application for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (IoT as a technology & IoT-Based Web Applications)

  • What are the various design & development challenges in IoT?

There are four unique challenges in design & development using IoT.

  • Battery Life is always a limitation.

  • Catching ‘everything’ while managing your data is not the required answer.

  • The website development standards are changing drastically.

  • It would be best if you designed it for everyone.

  • How IoT Development affects the future of web development?

Today, almost every business enterprise wants to provide their customers with more personalized and customized services. The primary goal of IoT is to satisfy users and take their businesses to the next great heights.

With the advancement and evolvement of IoT development, companies can use a combination of wireless technologies & sensors to serve their users better. Currently, by understanding the customer’s demographics with the help of sensors, the enterprise can help people manage their appliances and health.

Indeed, millennials are fortunate as they’ll have to spend a little less effort performing activities, thereby saving massive amounts of time. This can help in shaping the future effectively and efficiently.

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