How to Host a Virtual New Year Party?

How to Host a Virtual New Year Party?

Written by Mayra Shaikh, In Technology, Published On
November 24, 2021

We are breathing the last quarter of 2021, and we’ll be soon welcoming 2022. Having said this, at this point, everyone is super excited for the Christmas party and virtual new year celebration. A new year brings in new hopes, expectations, and the desire to perform better in every aspect of our life. New year parties are great moments of everyone coming together at a time to dive into a celebratory and joyful mood. So, how about making your new year’s eve virtual party super engaging and bizarre?

If you are looking to host a virtual new year event, then let us help you with some vital steps;

How to Host a Virtual New Year Party?

Select your new year party time

To host a successful new year virtual party, you need to choose the time very wisely. There’ll be multiple events happening on the same day, so make sure to consider your attendee’s plan to expect maximum participation. We understand that planning virtual parties are a little tricky and complicated, so take time and consider the attendee’s viewpoint to make your online new year party super memorable.

Decide your budget

Budget is an important factor that helps you set a priority for the features you’ll be including. Your event budget will help you learn whom to invite, what to include, how to promote, and more. So, before you begin with effective planning, create a fully approved budget. Later, understanding the budget, you’ll be able to welcome performers, send goodie bags, or create a feature-rich platform that best suits your business needs.

Keep a creative theme

Keeping a theme for your new year’s eve virtual party is an excellent way to make your event super exciting. Based on this theme, you can ask your platform provider to design the virtual stage that will add more spark to the online celebration. Also, you can keep a thematic dress-up activity for your virtual attendees to make the event super fun and entertaining.

Send attractive invites

For any virtual celebrations, you need to invite people and make them feel special. To do this, you can send interesting goodie bags or surprise gift boxes with personalized notes to tell potential attendees about the event happening. It is an excellent way to arouse suspense and excitement among everyone. Besides this, you can mention the names of some notable guests or exciting activities that will lure more participation.

Keep your attendees engaged

It’s party time, and people will be joining the event with a bright and joyful spirit. So, you must try to spread it through live streaming services.  Here are some virtual new years eve games and ideas that can add a fun factor to your online celebrations;

  • Virtual Dinner Party:

It is an amazing activity to recreate the environment of a physical or in-person party. People will feel united even after residing in different remote locations. And, at times, team dinner parties are occasions where individuals bond the most.

  • Plan a Virtual Game Night:

Games are everyone’s all-time favorite, so do not miss them. They play a significant role in elevating the level of virtual event experiences. You can include online trivia, a scavenger hunt, virtual bingo, virtual Pictionary, and more to promote attendee engagement.

  • Virtual Talent Show:

With everyone ready to welcome the new year, how about including performances from the top musicians, dancers, or stand-up comedians to let your attendees show their moves and sing along with them to spice up the virtual party.

  • Virtual Photobooth:

Down the lane, it’s only the memories that everyone cherishes. So, you can add a virtual photo booth that will enable attendees to capture multiple photos with their friends, families, pets, and colleagues. Later, they can consider posting them on their social media handles. It will boost the social presence of the brand and enhance its value.

  • Theme Dress-up Party:

Keeping a theme at your online Christmas party or new year occasion will keep people excited even before the event starts. The theme could be based on a fictional character, movie characters, 80’s, Disco, and more. Later, based on the common theme, you can give an exciting prize for the best-dressed attendee.

Promote your virtual new year party

You need to make the most of social media channels to generate buzz among everyone regarding the new year celebration or virtual Christmas party. Leverage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram to create trending event-related hashtags. Also, make sure to post attention-grabbing images, videos, boomerangs, and GIFs to will draw more people. Another way to market your event is by writing SEO-optimized guest posts and blogs that appear when people search content related to the virtual new year party.

Send periodic reminders

Now that you have sent invites to your potential attendees, it’s time to ensure that the event does not slip off their minds. So, you need to send periodic emails or drop-in reminders with a short, catchy line. Also, do not forget to mention the time and registration link of the event.

Check the technical aspect

With virtual festivals and celebrations, you need to ensure that you employ strong and reliable technical standards. Hence, the virtual event platform you choose should be backed by a splendid customer support team. This team is designated to make sure that online participants have a seamless joining and platform navigating experience. Besides this, make sure that your platform is 100% secure and trustworthy, so the private attendee details remain intact.

Perform a dry-run

With all your planning in place, make sure to perform multiple dry runs to keep blunders and glitches away. Check the technical feature, system compatibility, and Internet connection to avoid any hindrances on the main day.

Wrapping Up

For event planners and brands looking to host a memorable virtual new year party, it’s time to pull up the socks and begin with strategic planning. Everyone’s motive is to keep the attendees involved and create a unique virtual party experience. So, make sure to study the latest industry trends and learn the vital steps that will help you plan and execute even more memorable events.

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