How to pick an online meeting tool that’s best for your team

How to pick an online meeting tool that’s best for your team

Written by Jessica Adison, In Technology, Published On
September 4, 2022

Are you finding it difficult to choose the best online meeting tool for your remote team?

Start by considering what kind of remote meeting and collaboration experience you and your team want to have.

Does your remote team need a kind of online group meeting where your remote team can share their presentations, video, and audio? What kind of online meeting tools will replicate your in-person experience of a meeting?

All virtual meeting tools are not similar and offer different features. So before selecting an online meeting platform for your team, you should consider the following features given below in the blog. So let us dive into the blog.

Online meeting tools should offer these features

 It Should Suit Your Pocket:

Most of the time the budget is the biggest constraint. So while selecting the Online Conference Platform for your remote team, you should have a clear idea about your budget. You should know how much your budget allows you. Research the online platforms, their features, and prices. Many online meeting tools provide free trials, you can use these free trials of different platforms and can explore their features before sticking to that platform. Once you are satisfied with the features and price of an online meeting tool, then you can go for that software.

 It should be Accessible Easily:

Today when remote and hybrid work culture has become an integral part of our new normal, we prefer only those meeting tools that are easily accessible. Browser-based software has gained huge popularity. It is so because to access these, it does not require any extra software download and you get most features at a modest subscription. By just clicking on a simple URL you can join the online meeting.

The online meeting tool you are looking for must be multi-device compatible. So that attendees can become a part of the meeting from anywhere in the world from their desired devices like mobile, laptops, desktops, and MacBooks

It Should be Easy to Use:

Select only that online meeting tool that is convenient to use for all the attendees of your remote team. For your less tech-savvy attendees, a platform should be free from complicated technological hurdles. A remote meeting tool should be easily navigable for the attendees and the meeting can be run without any technical glitches. In case of any problem, you won’t be there to guide your colleague in person. In that case, a complicated platform can lead to frustration, miscommunication, and time waste. So to avoid these types of problems select a meeting tool that has all the modern features. And at the same time it should offer an easy-to-use and easily navigable setup.

It Should offer High-Quality HD Video and Audio Calls:

HD video and audio calls are those crucial aspects that you need to consider while selecting an Online Conference Platform for your remote team. Select software that provides you with the best quality of uninterrupted video calls and crystal-clear audio calls. Moreover, a platform should allow you to run live sessions and online meetings in the highest resolution. So that attendees can see and hear everything. This capacity of the platform can help you in engaging your attendees, as poor quality videos or audio may result in attendees’ dropouts

It Should offer all the Features to Meet your Business Requirement:

Before selecting an online meeting tool, make sure it has all the crucial features that are required for your online meeting. If your meetings often involve presentations, ensure your online meeting tool has screen-sharing capabilities. Also, if your team often needs face-to-face interaction, then you will require a platform that offers good quality audio and video. If you have a large global team and want to gather all the team members together at a time on one platform, then make sure the meeting tool you are eyeing on must be scalable enough. Moreover, the platform should have features for one on call or group calls.

It Should Offer You Recording Feature:

An online event platform should also allow attendees to record the meeting so that they can keep it for future reference. Moreover, a recorded session of an online meeting is beneficial for those team members who did not join the meeting. The host of the online meeting can also send the recorded session to every team member as a meeting minute.

It Should Offer Live Chat and Group Chat:

The best online meeting tool offers you features for live chats and group chats during the meeting or post-meeting. It will help attendees to have more personalized interaction with their other fellow attendees and presenter.

Administrator Controls:

It is another feature that you should look for while selecting an online meeting tool. The administrator control feature of the online meeting platform allows the host to have complete control over the whole meeting. A host can allow only those attendees to join the meeting whom he considers valuable for the meeting. A host can also mute and unmute the attendees to maintain the decorum in the meeting hall. Along with this host can also expel the unwanted attendee from the meeting.

It should provide Robust Security:

Security of data is one of the most prominent features that you should have in your mind when selecting an online meeting tool for your remote team. Many companies do not pay attention to this aspect and often become victims of cyber security breaches. So to keep your vulnerable data away from digital threats, you should invest in a platform that provides you powerful security. So that you can only host a safe and secure online conference or meeting without worrying about digital threats.

Though each online meeting tool offers different features, the basic features various online meeting tools offer are nearly similar. So to understand which meeting tool will be the best option for you, you will have to explore their features and services. You may also try their free plans to understand the quality of their services.

And don’t forget to consider the above-stated features while selecting the right online meeting tool for your team.

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