Tech Innovations That Can Prevent Car Crashes in St. Louis 

Tech Innovations That Can Prevent Car Crashes in St. Louis 

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
November 17, 2023

St. Louis is the second-largest city in Missouri and has over 308,000 residents. But this city reports very little traffic congestion among the 20 largest metro areas in America. Therefore, one assumes that the limited congestion results in fewer accidents. However, the city witnesses more than 15,000 traffic crashes annually, which lead to severe injuries and even death.

In recent times, the frequency of car accidents has gone up in St. Louis. In 2020, the city had 73 fatal accidents, and 22 of these crashes included pedestrians. Additionally, the Missouri Highway Patrol reported 929 traffic deaths statewide during the first ten months of 2020. In 2019, the number was 819.

While it is possible to get legal representation for a car accident and obtain compensation for the damages the victim has endured, it is always essential to ensure that the rate of accidents is reduced.

One of the best ways to ensure that is for the residents of St. Louis, to start embracing the latest tech innovations and tools in cars. In this article, we will discuss innovations that can help to drive safely and bring down the rate of accidents.

Advanced Tech Tools for Car Owners in St. Louis

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You can always reach out to a car accident lawyer in St. Louis if you have faced a car crash and are a resident of this city. The lawyers will help you sort out your legal case and obtain the compensation you deserve.

However, it is a smart idea to opt for innovative car tools that might help you steer clear of vehicle crashes. The innovations in the latest car technology to help you accomplish this include:

Automatic Emergency Braking Systems (AEB)

Typically, there are two types of technologies available in brake assistance that fall under AEB. Both technologies are designed so that drivers can avert injuries owing to accidents at the rear end of a car. Generally, rear-end accidents contribute to about one-third of car crashes annually.

The Crash Imminent Brakes can detect exactly when another crash with a vehicle might take place. It will pause or slow the car even when the driver fails to take action. Additionally, the Dynamic Brake Support will come into action when the driver uses the brakes but fails to work well enough to avert any accidents.

Blind-Spot Detection

Today, drivers are trained to keep a tab on their mirrors when they are changing lanes. However, that doesn’t work every time for the blind spots. Blind-spot detection technology works by giving out a warning when the car is about to crash with another vehicle, just in case they are on course.

Backup Cameras

It is also called the rearview video system and is designed especially to avert crashes while a driver backs up. This kind of accident usually includes a pedestrian or bicyclist who might get stuck by a car trying to pull out from a parking spot or driveway.

The camera works by turning on when the car goes into reverse, enabling the driver to have a look at the spot behind the car directly. This technology is highly regarded and has been effective in preventing car accidents. Hence, today it is considered a compulsory feature in most cars manufactured after May 2018.

Lane Departure Technology

This technology works by producing a sound warning when the driver veers off course. It ‌occurs when the driver is asleep. Therefore, the warning needs to be loud to wake up the person or alert other drivers who are near the car.

Adaptive Headlights

This is a new technology that has been instrumental in bringing down the rate of road accidents. The adaptive headlights turn on the moment the steering wheel gets turned. Are you thinking about how this can help avert a car accident?

Let’s explain this with an example. When you are turning down a dark path and any animal jumps out suddenly on the road or there is another car in your path, you can make use of this technology. These headlights will enable you to see everything present or moving on the road and prevent an accident from occurring.

Electronic Stability Control (ECS)

Electronic Stability Control is considered a technological breakthrough that does a great job of ensuring that vehicles don’t go out of your control. It is effective when the climate is slightly risky.

ECS works by minimizing the engine power of the car by applying breaks to the wheels whenever there is a run-off-road accident. It is a useful technology and helps prevent close to 50% of the overall car crashes or rollovers.

These are some of the advanced car technological innovations that St. Louis residents can use to ensure they stay away from car crashes. But‌ collisions happen despite a driver adhering to all safety rules and exercising caution. In such a situation, it is essential to get legal representation to obtain the compensation that they deserve.

TorHoerman Law states victims must know whether they are eligible to file a car accident lawsuit in St. Louis. This is possible when they get in touch with an experienced lawyer who can determine the victim’s eligibility based on the nature of the car crash. The lawyer answers all the questions victims have. They also ask them a set of questions to find out vital details that they can use as evidence for the case and ensure fair compensation.


No one drives their car thinking that they might encounter an accident. Whilst the streets of St. Louis are notorious for their crashes, people must ensure that they don’t encounter one. There is no guarantee that you will never face a car crash. One can only take the necessary measures and embrace tools to avert collisions.

The best technological innovations discussed above can help to bring down the rate of car crashes to a huge extent. But despite maintaining all caution, if you still face an accident, you should seek legal recourse.

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