Top 5 Must Have Features In Your WhatsApp Clone Script

Top 5 Must Have Features In Your WhatsApp Clone Script

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November 1, 2021

WhatsApp is the most used application by Indians to send text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls and share images. Having multiple accounts of it is a helpful thing. It helps us to use the application whenever and wherever we want. On desktop operating systems we can easily manage different accounts because we get a separate option to log out and sign in.

However, on mobile devices, WhatsApp does not provide users with the logout option. So Android users choose to install an app cloner available on the Google Play Store. These apps help to create multiple accounts of WhatsApp by cloning it.  Some of these apps allow you to have more than one WhatsApp on one device. Some apps let you run the same WhatsApp on different screens. Even multiple accounts of WhatsApp help you to handle your personal and business work.

What Is WhatsApp Clone Script?

A Whatsapp clone script is a bunch of code. App development businesses create a conversation app synonymous with Whatsapp using the WhatsApp clone script. The agencies build the app for different devices like Android and iOS.

Software and app development companies are providing wholesome WhatsApp clone app scripts. The group of people having a clear vision to achieve a purpose gives rise to a company walking on the roads paved with gold.

We are familiar that WhatsApp is the most downloaded instant messaging app until now. There is an exchange of more than 60b messages daily with over 1bgold. These pictures may motivate you to have your instant messaging app like WhatsApp.

If you are looking for a business with high ROI, then having a WhatsApp clone script is effective for you. But, before having this, you must be aware of its significant features. So, we will share the top five must-have features in your WhatsApp clone script.

Top Five Features Of WhatsApp Clone Script:-

WhatsApp cloning script gives the benefits of connecting with people through instant messaging and voice and video calls. The top features are:-

  • Smooth Communication:-

Best WhatsApp clone source app code provides the users with a chance of smooth communication with others.

  • No Texting Limit:-

Your WhatsApp clone script will allow your users to do unlimited texting. Now, there will not be any limit to texting.

  • Share Files:-

WhatsApp Clone app users can share files with other users on the app. Few supported files are photos, videos, docs, locations and contacts. Even users can take pictures from the in-built camera of the app.

  • Voice/video calling:-

WhatsApp Clone source app code provides good app functionality for voice and video calls. You can connect with your near and dear ones within a minute. You just need a stable internet connection. App users can make calls to all around the world who are on their contact list. Users can also merge multiple video calls, cancel noise and increase the quality of the call.

  • Privacy Settings And Security:-

Privacy settings and security are crucial features of the WhatsApp clone script. Personalized chat features attract users. They can set the privacy according to their preference. They can choose whether they want others to see their account details like image, status and other sensitive information.

Today, security is another significant aspect. Users can use the instant messaging app safely. The app will contain end-to-end encryption between two window chats. The encryption prevents the leakage of information.

  • Social Networking And Forming Groups:-

Today the most popular social networks are Facebook, Twitter and so. WhatsApp Clone app allows users to connect with different social networks.

Users can create different group chats in WhatsApp Clone app for different purposes. It can be used in office, school, college and family environments. The group chat feature helps to send a single message to all the contacts included in a group. Only the users can know how many group chats they are part of. This saves a lot of time.

  • Profile Updates And Upload Status:-

WhatsApp Clone script gives a dedicated profile panel to users. Users can set their profile image, status, protection, number, user name, wallpaper etc. You can update your information in the settings from time to time.

The status feature allows users to post text, videos or images in their status. Your contacts can see the status. The status will be visible for 24 hours. Users can check who has viewed their status and can also delete the status if needed.

Other Important Features:-

WhatsApp Clone app provides a lot of significant features. Now we will share some of the other significant characteristics of the WhatsApp clone app:-

  • Push Notifications:-

Push notification helps the users to know about the new messages and calls. Users can know who has sent the message and the total number of messages they received.

  • Sharing Location:-

WhatsApp clone source app code integrates geolocation and Google Maps with the WhatsApp clone app. Users can share their locations easily. They can also find new areas conveniently.

  • Mute conversations:-

Push notifications usually notify the user about a new message. But this can be bothersome. So, the mute conversation feature allows users to mute a conversation they want for a certain period.

  • Last Seen:-

Users can hide their last seen. Then other contacts cannot know the online status of the user. The user can also disable this feature whenever he wants.

  • Blocking:-

Users can block and unblock unwanted contacts. Users can also report a particular contact number.

Now, WhatsApp has introduced some new features in their beta version like dark mode, self-destructions messages, hiding muted status and more.

We provide Best WhatsApp clone app source code. We also have talented developers who can help you to build an instant messaging app like WhatsApp.


In short, the WhatsApp clone app script gives several crucial features. You have to choose the right and cost-effective WhatsApp clone app script. You can contact us. We will help you to build the WhatsApp Clone app.

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