Why is ReactJS Becoming More Popular Than Angular?

Why is ReactJS Becoming More Popular Than Angular?

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November 22, 2021

Most web developers would agree that both React and Angular are open-source JavaScript frameworks. Since Angular came way before React, it became the most used programming language. However, after React came to the limelight, the paradigm changed significantly, and developers started shifting towards React rather than Angular. ReactJS has much better speed, view library, efficiency, simple API, and many lightweight components compared to the Angular one. Moreover, the rising popularity surges the demand to hire ReactJS developers as more developers preferred React over others.

Angular also had several drawbacks that cause irritation and problems for the developers. Therefore, they began searching for other alternatives. Certain drawbacks have made it less likely to be used, and some of these are described below.

Some of The Limitations of Angular

  1. A major factor for people being disinterested in Angular is its high learning curve. In addition, it offers multiple ways to get the same work, which confuses developers from taking the ideal approach.
  2. To use Angular, JavaScript is mandatory. Also, developers need to have proper knowledge about MVC architectural patterns, which is also very time-consuming. This drawback made those who used to hire AngularJS developers opt for other developers.
  3. Even though the two-way data binding proves beneficial, it also creates larger complexity and affects the overall performance.
  4. The DOM dependency for execution flow further makes it harder for testing and debug the order of execution.
  5. There are over 2000 watchers present, which slows down the user interface or UI a lot.

Top Reasons Why Everyone is Opting for ReactJS over Angular

  • Better Performance

React is mostly like a library than just a framework. Therefore, one does not have to work upfront with DOM or Data Object Model. Instead of that, it goes for a Virtual DOM layer. It updates only those parts of the actual DOM which is needed to update. This escalates the development speed in React instead of Angular. Moreover, the Virtual DOM is one of the best features to have as it resolves the issues associated with cross-browser.

The developers also get access to a unified API of cross-browser that runs even on old browser versions. Such excellent performance of React has made everyone not hire AngularJS developers and opt for ReactJS developers as it is becoming more and more popular than Angular.

  • JSX Benefits

Using React, one gets the advantage of JSX with its syntax, which helps develop the components. Here the developers can blend both JavaScript elements and HTML elements apart from the implementation of inline styles. JavaScript generally supports the manipulation and development of the DOM. However, it is in line with HTML. JSX also enables multiple JavaScript functionalities like maps and filters displaying the nodes of DOM.

  • Building Blocks Flexibility

ReactJS is an ecosystem created around the blocks, and it offers the flexibility to select the building block for resolving issues. The convenience and simplicity of exchanging the blocks ease the work of developers. For example, one can carry away MobX or Redux for state management. Also, the core block can be exchanged. People can also use other libraries like Preact or Inferno for substituting React, but it is not possible in Angular as the JavaScript framework has its solutions.

  • Data Binding

In Angular, the two-way binding provision helps in automatically changing the model state whenever the changes are made in UI or vice-versa. This makes the two-way approach seem easier, but the single data binding approach of React is way more effective for projects that have a lot of coding.

  • Large Community Support

An essential aspect that is compelling the developers to shift towards ReactJS instead of Angular is expanding community members across the globe. Due to its popularity, everyone wants to hire ReactJS developers in comparison to any other developers. Many people are opting for React with every passing day and looking for better innovative ideas and experiments. The ecosystem is propelled in this new direction. Also, the developers can learn new things from experienced campaigners that are in the global community group. The developers can also ask for help from other members if they ever get stuck at any point.

  • Works Well with Component-Based UI

In component-based UI or user interface, React works well. It helps for modularizing the application and separates the concerns for every application. One can create and test all the components separately. React is also a library focusing on solving the issues while offering tools for developing the component.

  • Ease of Learning

React is simple JavaScript having additional functions and is quite easy to understand compared to Angular, in which you need to learn the entire framework.


ReactJS has been a top choice among developers as it has an easy learning curve compared to Angular, which contains many functionalities. React is also used almost everywhere for its higher performance, flexibility, efficiency, and many more things which are way better than others. In present times, the larger advantages of ReactJS are making everyone prefer it.

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