Why Should You Buy a Dedicated Server France From Hostbillo?

Why Should You Buy a Dedicated Server France From Hostbillo?

Written by Jessica Adison, In Technology, Published On
August 2, 2022

As your website grow and increases the volume of traffic you need a Dedicated Server for your website. When your website is in a growing Phase or you cannot buy a Dedicated Server then this will affect your website performance.

In the growing stage of the website, you need more resources, High bandwidth, and more storage space. These all Conditions are fulfilled by only a Dedicated Server France. Also, this server handles a lot of traffic Volume easily. Here in this article, we give reasons why you buy a Dedicated Server France where to buy it.

Brief Discussion About a France Dedicated Server

In Simple words, we can say that a Dedicated Servers France is that type of server which is given to a single client only. Thare is no sharing of the server between the website just like a Shared Server. In a single server, only a single website is hosted.

Reasons Why you Need a Dedicated Server Hosting in France

A Dedicated Server is More Efficient

With Dedicated Server France you do not want to share the server resources you get complete server resources to your website. Due to this, your dedicated server will deliver faster application response times than a cloud server.  The best way to set up a high-performance hosting solution for your website is to use a dedicated server.

Software Configuration of Dedicated Server

With Dedicated Servers France, you will get complete control over the software and Hardware configuration. You can configure the hardware of a dedicated server to suit your specific needs. You will get a Harddisk space, RAM and Faster CPU along with many other features.

Also if you want additional resources in the growing stage of the business, you can ask your service provider to upgrade your server.

Dedicated Server France Offers a High Level of Security

In the other servers like a shared server thare are chances that your confidential and sensitive are leaked but in the Dedicated Server, there are zero percent chances that the information is shared with any other.

This server gives 100 % assurance. Also, your site is protected from malware, Viruses, and DDOS Attacks. Additionally, you can install other security features also.

A Dedicated Server France Handles High Traffic Volume

In the growing stage, your website receives more traffic. And there is too difficult for shared and VPS servers to handle the traffic. This is possible for only a Dedicated server to handle a lot of traffic volume.

To attract customers when you give various discounts and offers then your website receives additional traffic. At this time also this server easily handles the traffic that your website receives.

Reasons to Buy a Dedicated Server in France From Hostbillo

Reasons to Buy a Dedicated Server in France From Hostbillo

Hostbillo is a reputed and trusted web Hosting provider. Hostbillo gives the best and most satisfactory services to its customers. Hostbillo has extensive knowledge and experience in the web hosting industry. In order to serve dynamic tech solutions, he readily accepts every challenge in the industry. Hostbillo not only gives one Dedicated plan and packages they give 9 plans.

According to your budget and website requirements, you can choose any of them. With the Dedicated Server France Hostbillo offers 24*7 Technical Support. If any customer faces any technical-related problem then Hostbillo’s Technical team is always ready to solve the issue. Within a minimum time, they try to solve the technical issue.

Reasons Why Hostbillo is Best Among Other Companies

1. Hostbillo gives a 99.90% Uptime guarantee with its Best Dedicated Server Hosting in France. With Hostbillo’s service level agreement, you’ll experience nearly zero downtime and the highest level of uptime.

2. Hostbillo offers a 7 Days Credit Back Guarantee with its Cheap Dedicated Server France. In this case, if any customers are not happy with Hostbillo’s Services then they took advantage of this feature.

3. Hostbillo gives SSH Root Acess with its Dedicated Server plans and packages. According to your need, you can operate the server.

4. Hostbillo gives a Zero Downtime Free migration with every Dedicated Server plan and package.

Hostbillo’s Best Dedicated Server Hosting Package in France Includes

Free SSL Certificate

Hostbillo gives a Free SSL Certificate with dedicated hosting plans. That certificate is really an impotant certificate. You cannot pay any cost for this certificate.

DDOS Protection

Hostbillo gives DDOS Protection to protect your website from DDOS Attacks. Also, Hostbillo’s progressive algorithms are allowed to only legitimate traffic.

No Setup Cost

Hostbillo cannot charge any Setup cost. You cannot wait for more for your server setup.

Extendable SSDs and RAM

Hostbillo gives extendable SSDs and RAM to store high-quality Data and boost your website performance.


If your website is struggling to handle traffic then you definitely buy a Dedicated Server France. This server is ideal for high-traffic websites and also this server gives Hardware RAID, Robust Network, Private VLAN Subnets, Server Secure Advanced security, IPMI Access, IPV4, and IPV6 addresses.

Furthermore, you can buy a Dedicated Server From Hostbillo Hosting Solution at an affordable price. With Hostbillo’s Dedicated hosting plans you can get the following Features Robust Bandwidth, Customizable, and Data Encryption.

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