Vizio M70Q7-J03: The Next Generation Smart TV

Vizio M70Q7-J03: The Next Generation Smart TV

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In TV, Published On
December 6, 2023

Fascinated by Cinematic 4K but on a budget? The Vizio M70Q7-J03 delivers. Vivid colors, deep blacks, and Dolby Vision in this massive 70-inch QLED TV. Active full array backlight eliminates shadows while refreshing takes place at a rate of 240 times per second ensuring that actions are clear for gamers and movie lovers as well. You can stream different media applications endlessly via smart cast and control them using either Google or Alexa. You can cast seamlessly from your phone on Chromecast. Your setup is designed for the present and future with multiple HDMI 2.1 ports. The M70Q7-J03 is a very good champion option for an affordable experience of high definition with 4k.

Launched in 2022, the Vizio M70Q7-J03 is a 70-inch 4K QLED smart TV. It has a quantum color display that peaks at 1,700 nits. The TV further boasts of 30 zones Local Dimming using Active Ful Array (AFA) that works alongside 1536 backlight dimming and Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG HDR supported by p-Series Quantum Processor for image

Specifications of Vizio M70Q7-J03

Specifications Details
Product Type LED TV
Product Name Vizio M70Q7
Screen Size 70 inches
Panel Technology QLED
Refresh rate 240 Hz
Smart TV Vizio Smartcast
Voice Assistant Google voice control
Dolby Vision Yes
Resolution 4K UHD
Apps Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney Plus

Special Array Dimming

Another important aspect of the Vizio M70Q7-J03 includes active Full-Array local dimming. The backlight of a TV can be divided into up to 30 separate zones and the television can set a different level of brightness for each zone. As a result, the TV becomes able to selectively make certain parts of the screen more/less bright, which improves contrast and black levels. It goes a long way in ensuring that viewers have an experience that feels more cinematic.

Dolby vision

Vizio M70Q7-J03

It offers support for Dolby Vision, HDR10+, as well as HLG HDR format types. There is a technology called HDR which improves the image’s contrast and brightness. Hence, this implies that HDR content can have more color variations, brighter lights, and deeper shadows. Being an HDR format-supporting device, the Vizio M70Q7-J03 is capable of viewing any HDR input from streaming services, Blu-ray players, and other entertainment options.

Smart TV

It also has a smart television operating system called “SmartCast” by Vizio. The user enjoys access to different streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, and YouTube among others through this platform. It is also possible to operate SmartCAST using voice commands in conjunction with such an Amazon Echo (e.g.).

Exceptional Color Display

One of the best features of the Vizio M70Q7-J03 is the Quantum Color display. Using Quantum Dot Technology, it can generate up to one billion different colors hence making it wider colour volume than a traditional LED display. Therefore, the TV can reproduce colors more accurately and exactly leading to more alive and natural images.

Vizio M70Q7-J03

Pros & Cons of Vizio M70Q7-J03

Pros Cons
This optimizes TV settings for gaming, lowering latency and improving responsiveness. SmartCast platform may not be as intuitive as some competing platforms
This also helps to reduce screen tearing and stutterings – which are common when playing games. Some of the competing TVs have brighter panels
This Vizio TV has Streaming services and voice control Sound quality could be improved
Provides more than a billion colors for lifelike true-to-life pictures
The processing of images, scaling, and gaming enhancement.
Improved contrast and enhanced brightness through enhancements such as Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and HLG.
Improved contrast and black levels with a maximum of 30 zones.
It has four HDMI inputs, including an HDMI 2.1 input capable of 4k 120Hz.

Verdict for Vizio M70Q7-J03 Review

For the money, the Vizio M70Q7-J03 punches well. Watch in incredible 4K visuals with Dolby Vision and high-definition resolution (HDR). Movies and games run smoothly due to active full-array backlighting with a 240Hz refresh rate. Smartcast with voice control will grant you access to unlimited online streaming while Chromecast built-in allows casting from your phone seamlessly. M70Q7-J03 is an excellent alternative model if you have a low budget and desire huge-screen 4K pleasure.


Does Vizio M70Q7 have voice control?

 Yes, Vizio M70Q7 has a Google voice assistant feature which enhances your watching experience.

Does Vizio M70Q7-J03 come with Dolby Vision?

 Yes, the Vizio TV comes with Dolby Vision and has a 4K Ulta HD Display resolution

Can you cast Vizio M70Q7-J03 from my phone?

 Yes, the TV has Vizio Smartcast.

Does Vizio M70Q7-J03 have Streaming services?

Yes, Vizio M70Q7-J03 provides Hulu, Disney Plus, Netflix, Prime & many such streaming platforms

 What is the refresh rate of Vizio M70Q7-J03?

 The refresh rate of Vizio M70Q7-J03 is 240 Hz.

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