3 Ways to Utilize Technology to Improve Business Processes

3 Ways to Utilize Technology to Improve Business Processes

Written by Alison Lurie, In Business, Published On
December 5, 2023

Businesses worldwide need to find ways to improve their operations’ efficiency and benefit from higher levels of productivity. Every year, the business world becomes more competitive with new companies starting to trade who may be in direct competition with your organization. These companies may do their business online, which means that they can be based in different countries while still posing a threat to your existing customer base.

Every business owner, manager, and leader must take a thorough and impartial look at their organization’s processes. There should be a discussion of how these processes can be improved to gain a competitive edge and ensure the longevity of the firm. In many cases, technology can provide the solution to fostering long-term improvement work. This article will describe three key ways in which the latest technology can be harnessed to improve business processes.

3 Ways to Utilize Technology to Improve Business Processes

Improve Business Processes

Software as a service platform

Software as a service (SaaS) is the term used to describe business applications and platforms that can be run and accessed from online locations. Typically, the company pays a subscription fee for each service that is rented from an external provider. Software Platforms such as this provide Full life-cycle software designed for renewable energy and a wide range of other business types.

The benefit of SaaS is that it can help your company scale its operations in a manageable and efficient way. Software is licensed when businesses need to use it and they can take on new applications and stop using older systems depending on their level of development and specific requirements. Such platforms can also support agile methods of working along with helping a remote workforce undertake their tasks efficiently from any location with reliable internet connections.

Improve remote working with technology

It is estimated that approximately 27% of all employees work remotely in America and this proportion is broadly similar in other developed countries. Many staff enjoy this new way of working as it allows them to effectively balance their working and personal lives and saves time in the working week by not needing to commute to a shared physical workspace. However, businesses must ensure that they have the technology to support remote working practices and achieve high levels of quality and output in the workforce. Video conferencing software can be vital when holding remote meetings and presentations as it ensures effective communication. In addition, collaborative platforms such as Slack and Asana can be deployed to help undertake effective project work remotely.

Safety inspections and monitoring

As a final key example, many industries are now harnessing the latest technology to assist with safety inspections and plant monitoring. In the last decade, drone technology has begun to be rolled out across business sectors as the benefits of this equipment begin to be understood. Put simply, drones can be used to inspect commercial and manufacturing premises quickly and efficiently. They remove the need for human staff to work at height or be exposed to potentially hazardous environments which can dramatically improve worker safety and accident records. In addition, the technology can be used to monitor large areas (such as in agriculture or large factories) far quicker and more efficiently than could be achieved with human means.

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