7 Trust Signs to Increase Conversions

7 Trust Signs to Increase Conversions

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April 5, 2022

Trust marks are a confirmation of the reliability and authority of your brand.

Trust marks take many forms: badges, certificates, content, or symbols that online shoppers consciously or unconsciously judge your trustworthiness.

When ranking websites in search results, search engines pay more and more attention to trust marks.

Relationships with clients are built on trust. You can inspire trust in many ways: when interacting with them, protecting their data, and promoting your products and services. Ultimately, conversion and your income depend on trust.

Trust Signs to Increase Conversions

  • Information about your product and services

In B2B, buying decisions are largely based on the usefulness of the information.
You may think that a long and detailed product description on your site will be of great benefit to your audience, but you should try different methods of educating your potential buyers.

This is especially true for those who sell technical or custom products such as software. In this case, you can record training videos explaining how to customize your program for specific tasks or business models.

You can even become a thought leader in your field. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why is your product or service relevant right now?
  • How can you help potential buyers do better than your competitors?

Buyers are looking for what suits them and solve their problems.

  • Reviews and recommendations from buyers

  • Encourage your customers to write reviews about your product. Existing customers will love that you value their opinion, and potential customers will appreciate the feedback as a sign of trust.
  • Like reviews, recommendations from customers show that people are happy with your product. The recommendations are especially suitable for companies that primarily provide services and are not online stores.
  • Recommendations give your company and brand human warmth and inspire confidence in potential buyers.
  • Recommendations can be located anywhere: on your company’s home page, and on a landing page dedicated to a specific solution.

Here are our tips:

  • Highlight recommendations with detailed stories about how your service helped customers.
  • Avoid faceless recommendations with general words: they are unlikely to impress potential buyers.
  • Don’t forget to include the client’s name, job title, and company name.
  • Use photos to make your website visitors believe they are real people using your services.

With referrals, people who weren’t previously familiar with your company can become interested or even move further up the sales funnel.

User-generated content and personalized lead nurturing will captivate potential buyers, and they may eventually convert.

  • Blog

Quality content is also a signal of trust. As mentioned above, it’s good to be a thought leader.

Your blog and the content you post elsewhere reflect your industry expertise by sharing valuable insights and guidance.

When you post useful content on your blog, you are helping your customers with useful information. But your content should not be too focused on sales: then buyers, on the contrary, will decide that you are self-serving and not trustworthy.

  • Social networks

Social networks are designed for communication and information sharing and serve as an ideal platform for word of mouth and trust marketing.

An active, engaging social media profile helps you connect with your users by interacting with them, sharing content, and building relationships.

It is on social media that some well-known marketing influencers have made a name for themselves. Through social networks, you can find partners and expand your professional connections.

And here are our tips:

  • It is necessary to display links to social media profiles on the official website of the company so that visitors can learn more about the nature of your brand.
  • It is useful to post photos from your company’s events or news about its achievements in the industry from time to time.
  • You can even link to your personal Twitter or LinkedIn account with your photo to build more personal connections with potential buyers.
  • Contact information

  • Some B2B buyers prefer to speak with a representative first on the phone or receive preliminary information via email, so be sure to include your email address and phone number on your site.
  • You can also specify which of your employees should be contacted in a particular department.
  • Contact information can be placed on the About Us page. On this page, you can not only help potential buyers connect with your employees, but also tell you more about your company.
  • Contact information is trustworthy simply because buyers know where your physical office is located. This is useful for SEO as well, making it easier to find you through local searches.
  • Logos of famous client brands

Logos of well-known brands that use your product tell a potential buyer: even if such large companies trust us with their work, then an ordinary client can trust us.

Recently, in order to influence the perception of the public, the media talking about the company is often mentioned.

  • Signs of protection

Common security marks are accreditation marks and antivirus icons. They create a sense of security for users while they are browsing your site or considering your company’s offer.

Every B2B seller must convince their customers that their website and company are legal and technically safe.

Security signs reassure visitors that your site is safe: their personal and payment information will not fall into the hands of scammers.


Trust marks are essential to boost your site’s conversions because they help potential buyers perceive your site as a safe place to shop.

Don’t give your potential customers a reason to doubt the credibility of your brand. Your contact information, blog posts, and more tell them you can be trusted.

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